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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha1

January 18th, 2008 by

With the new year beginning we kick start major development into the next version of openSUSE: openSUSE 11.0 (roadmap). A very early alpha version, Alpha 1, is now available for download and testing.

openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 1 Installer
More screenshots are available at The Coding Studio

Despite many other products being developed in parallel to Factory, we have seen a heavy stream of development on it, so it is really worth a try if you have time for testing. Note, however, that it is not suitable for production systems.

Changes since openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 0

We have seen 1026 package check-ins since Alpha0 and countless bugs fixed. The main changes against Alpha0 are:

  • Sat Solver integration
    • Michael Schröder’s “sat solver” library is now the default package solver for libzypp, so make sure you doublecheck the selected packages – there might be suprises ahead. Please note that we need test cases for things that look funny to you (wiki link)
  • Heavy changes to the appearance of the Qt installation (ported to qt4)
    • Note that it’s still in draft state and your feedback is welcome
  • KDE 4.0.0
  • perl 5.10
  • glibc 2.7
  • NetworkManager 0.7
  • CUPS 1.3.5
  • Pulseaudio

Most Annoying Bugs

Due to the huge amount of changes, there are also several noticeable bugs:

  • The new solver does not yet have a “ignore this requirement” choice, i.e. it’s not possible to create a broken system. We’re still discussing if this is a bug or a feature :)
  • the CDs lack a huge amount of software. Many packages had to be taken out to make way for others. The CDs should still have a a completely working desktop, however.
  • the Qt port and its theme are early releases and create noticeably more flickering and drawing glitches, e.g. the progress bar is only visible on some installations
  • jpackage packages are broken and one package will complain during installation – just ignore
  • the installation crashes at the end when creating the x11 proposal: in this case, your desktop will still have a working X config, it just might not be the perfect one. You may need to call sax2 after it happens
  • PPC cannot be installed as the bootloader config can’t be written out. However, you can get a working PPC system when updating from alpha0

Media and Download

Please refer to software.openSUSE.org/developer for direct links to all the available media.

Have a lot of fun! In everyday language, we tend https://writemyessay4me.org/ to use irony as being synonymous with coincidentally

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55 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha1”

  1. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, did i told you before that opensuse rocks, may GOD bless you, just a question the one kde cd installation is using kde 3.5.8 or kde4.0.0

  2. Miha

    Thank you guys for your hard work on this!!!
    Did you already decide which KDE version will be used as default in public release?

    • Beineri


    • michl

      We’ll add KDE 4.0 as default for Alpha 2 and 3. If it quality wise works out KDE 4.0 will be default for goldmaster release in June

      • cheexer

        Will KDE 4.0 have a “classic” behavior as implemented in opensuse ? I rather dislike the 4.0 ways of doing business, and much prefer 3.5 functionality.

        I am a bit worried about this, as I do not want to move to Gnome (but will if I have to).

        Thanks much.

  3. KDE

    Wow, Opensuse 11 looks great (at least that installer does) the old installers not been changed a lot… basicly looks the same as in 9.1 but this semi transparent installer, WOOW :-) and KDE4, we are on a good road it seems, keep it up.

  4. kennyz

    yeah! good work, guys!

  5. Mani


    2.6.23 kernel?

  6. Richard

    If quality wise it works out kde4 will be default for goldmaster. Why not just wait until it is ready, instead of releaseing without it. I’d rather opensuse 11 is held back a bit until KDE4 is ready rather than have 11 released on 3.5 and having to upgrade when 4.1 is released.

    Also can you please include more screenshots when you announce a release.

    Also the news.opensuse.org site keeps having server troubles, but you prolly already know that.

    • Beineri

      Waiting for a certain software release is the wrong strategy anyway as you will always wait for just that other thing afterward. And openSUSE release schedule has to fit into the enterprise product schedules so cannot be moved arbitrary.

      • Atilius

        I understand the company strategy but KDE is not “a certain software”, is it? Everyone can see tha KDE 4.0 is not really ready but I think could be very useful to watch roadmap 4.1 and if it comes later (one, two, three weeks – not half year) I think could be useful to wait and release it with KDE 4.1.

        • Grósz Dániel

          The biggest problems of KDE 4.0 (buggy, plasma is incomplete, some applications are not ported) will probably be solved in 4.0.x releases and it will probably be easy to update to 4.1 when it is out.

        • Richard

          but Berineri you have to understand kde 4.1 is not just certain software, it is the desktop environment to suse kde. Personally, as someone who is on capped broadband I would be completely pissed if I download opensuse 11 without it, then have to upgrade to it a few weeks latter. 4.1 is due out in July. I honestly think that if opensuse 11 is released with 3.5, leaving me to have to update to 4.1 I will dump opensuse for another distro. If schedules are not made to common sense but to the enterprise product, then you need to relook at that. It is plainly stupid to release a product where a major upgrade will take place within the following weeks. Guess money is more important than common sense. To me, to release 3.5 on 11, and not wait a couple of weeks for 4 shows bad management on the part of opensuse, and lack of caring to those users who will then have to upgrade to 4. Upgrading from 3.5 to 4 on 10.3 is already a nightmare.

        • Atilius

          Richard, I feel tha same like you but it is not simple decision. As you decide to wait for KDE 4.1 you are totally depend on other project, other team which you cant affect.
          But I think that openSuse team should watch the KDE very carefuly and be flexible to decide and move release date if it means to contain KDE 4.1.
          Also I think, at this moment nobody wants to use KDE4 like a final and only desktop because as Danile wrote – it is buggy and unstable. And if users openSuse prefers stable system 3.5 can be better decision.

          Good luck to openSuse team and thanks for your hard work.

        • nashwan

          I think Opensuse 11 should definitely ship with KDE 4.1!
          KDE 4.0 is not stable and complete enough and kde 3.5 is really too old when opensuse 11 will be released.
          I think updating from 3.5 to 4.1 would also be to complicated btw. would not happen in a “smooth” way.
          Come on guys its just a delay of 3 weeks or so.
          And you can’t tellme that it would be impossible. If there are any grave bugs left in juni release will also be delayed to juli.
          I really really hope that i’ll get an Opensuse 11 with KDE4.1 in juli. Everything else would be a wrong decision in my opinion.

          Putting aside that: Great work Opensuse Team. And the new installer look is really great!

        • MEO

          Well, I’d rather have a stable Release 11 than one that has the latest and most shiny desktop environment – and does a good job pestering me because it’s not quite finished.
          That’s true for commercial installations as well as for my private PC.

        • nashwan

          Who says that kde 4.1 will not be stable?
          I think it will be!

  7. WOW, this looks beautiful! I can defiantly see a future with this. Amazing how in only a few much, we can create such difference in releases. I would like to thank all those responsible, I can’t wait to use it.

  8. Antonio

    The new installer screen is amazing!!

    I just wonder how it looks on a 16:10 LCD monitor. They are more and more common nowadays, and the more the artwork is complex, the more it looks bad when it is distorted. Also the text usually is barely readable.
    Is it technically challenging to detect the monitor resolution ratio at the installer stage?

    • apokryphos

      My brother has one and it works very well for him — if you are experiencing problems you should consider filing a bug report as described on bugs.opensuse.org

  9. Ineteq

    The installer looks awesome, but it would be more beautiful with Oxygen-style icons imo.

    • Richard

      I actually can’t stand the oxygen icons, I thought there were some far better icon themes around that could of been used than those. So I doubt what icons opensuse use matter, some will like,s ome will hate, but for icons that you only see for the install, who really cares what they look like

  10. jeffffff

    Hi everybody,i have a question about the yast2.Has it ported to qt4?

    • apokryphos

      Indeed it has — that is what has enabled us to produce the great new styling in YaST.

  11. Robert

    Any Live CDs coming out for the Alpha releases? Every other major distro now releases development Live CDs, why is openSUSE lagging in this respect? Live CDs will allow more users to easily test hardware compatibility and other OS functions without installing or wiping out their existing setup.

  12. RedDwarf

    Why the new solver is better? It’s just a “we have redone it now that we known better what we need” or has some fundamental new feature or way of doing things?

    And since there is a new solver that I suppose will require some RPM specs files to be updated… would be this a good time to migrate to RPM5? Stable version 5.0.0 was just released two weeks ago.
    Because… there is really any development being doing in the RPM branch that openSUSE uses?

    • Beineri

      > Why the new solver is better?

      How about, “it’s faster” or produces better results? :-)

      > And since there is a new solver that I suppose will require some RPM specs files to be updated…

      Wrong. And RPM5 is too unmature currently to be even considered.

      • RedDwarf

        “Better” results? Should not a dependency solver give always *the* correct answer? How the results from this solver are better than the results returned by the old one?
        Anyway I apreciate any speed improvement.

        About RPM… I just searched a little and looks like after all really there is some development in 4.4.2 branch. In 3-10-07 was announced version in rpm.org, but in Factory we still have 4.4.2… is openSUSE using the version from rpm.org or the openSUSE one is a third independent version?

  13. Tsvetan Filev


    Is it possible to enable xgl and compiz under KDE 4.0.0.
    I noticed that KDE 4 is working with xgl server
    but compiz does not start.

  14. Chris

    The new package-manager is awesome, check it out! ;-)

  15. Jeff

    Do you guys plan on implementing an “Abort” button that actually works in yast2 –install (in the initialization step, anyway)? I have 10.3 on three systems, KDE 3.5 on all, and it seems like that particular “Abort” button is just for looks.

  16. Grósz Dániel

    Are package manager speed optimalizations realized or planned for 11.0? The biggest problem for me with openSUSE is still the very slow package manager startup in 10.3.

  17. Mani


    Are you going to make ppc/ps3 11.0 Alpha 1 release?

  18. heikki

    Thank you so much for this amazing work you’re doing. openSUSE 10.3 is the best OS I’ve ever used. :)

  19. opensuse11.0 user

    Ok, its the Alpha 1 version of openSUSE11.0 but it seems really heavy and slow at the moment even if the good old KDE 3.5.8 is used.
    Im looking forward to KDE 4.0, hope its fast.

    openSUSE11.0 is really slow at startup, during X.org is initializing.

    firefox doesnt work.

    ..and it doesnt really seem a lot changed just the look of yast.
    BUT everything else seems same just slower than in 10.3, hope you fix this,-)

  20. Marc-Andre

    Well, I liked the installer, but I had a problem with a package, but when I retried, it worked…but the problem is that I can’t boot.

    Grub gives me a minimal bash command, and I manuall have to load the kernel. Once I choose the right kernel, and then type boot, I get a kernel panic. I guess I’m not lucky…

  21. Heksys

    It would be very, very nice if the windows on the desktop had the same look and feel of the installation process windows, that will really rock all those other look and feel of other distros. Great job guys, awesome!

  22. Nanang Pamuji

    Hope that opensuse 11.00 will be shipped with “out of the box” multimedia utilities, so I do not need to hack it for multimedia as I did in the previous version!

  23. Max

    Thanks for publishing the Alpha!!

    When I first switched to Linux, I used SuSE, then I waited a few years and then switched to Kubuntu 7.10, now I’m back at openSUSE. (mostly due to KDE 4.0. The implementation feels more “complete” and “thought out” in SUSE than Kubuntu) You guys do great work.

    Please delay the openSUSE 11 release until it coincides with KDE 4.1 out of the box. Even if it has to be a stable release candidate of 4.1, the next Kubuntu, won’t have it, and it will be a great point of differentiation.

    …and I’d like to stick with SUSE for a while. :)

    Please keep on top of KDE 4.X releases. Suse was always great with KDE.

  24. Max

    Also please if it’s at all possible, please ship with Amarok 2.0 for the final version.. Love that software, and I think it’ll be a “killer app”. for openSUSE 11.

  25. Don P.

    Hi guys!
    Great work!
    11 + KDE4 would be great but it would be better but what is the hurry? 11.1 +KDE4.x would be even better & stable no?
    Why not include mainly stable packages by default, even if it’s not the latest versions??? Anyone is free to install whatever they want afterwards. Many people give up on Linux OSs for this reason. I have chosen OpenSuse after trying other systems, but the presence of beta (major) packages has prevented me, so far from contributing the project by buying a box… I guezz many people feel the same. I think you should take that point into consideration if you really wont to compete seriously with MS!!!
    OOups… I forgot that Novell & MS are best mates….
    Anyway, keep going…

    • opensuse-user

      haha are you joking?
      opensuse should always have the lastest release, go to debian if you want anything else noob.
      and NO no one feels the same as you.

  26. Cool, hopefully I can get some time for testing the new release.
    Thanks a lot for all your work!

  27. k776

    Can someone point me in the direction of where to post bug re: this release? I’ve got some odd ones, and it would be a shame to have em go unfixed…..

  28. Lucky

    I remember, pepole questioning me, why suse doenst has good looks ? And I used to reply like suse is all about inner beauty rather than external ..

    Well this kind of new looks rather going to change the questions of the people and I may have to find answers to the new questions now.. :)

    Great going suse .. its really great.. :)

  29. openSuse 11 will ROCK. New installer theme looks really cool and puts Bimbows Vista to shame. Just improve the widget look&feel some more. I mean buttons and Tab pages,…

    Maybe it would be cool if you could use Oxygen style widgets in YaST (at install time)?

    Keep on the good work, I use Suse since 9.2, trying out practically all subsequent releases since than, and all openSuse releases.

    openSuse rules, I really put on every computer I can get my hands on.

  30. Ok, I haven’t seen OpenSuSE 11 yet, but am going to be looking at it as it gets closer to releas. I have one request. While I was running Windows, I had roaming profiles. My profile sat on my server, I logged on and it was copied down. Logged off, it was copied up. Go to a different pc, and the same profile would came down.

    I am now all Novell, with one TrixBox phone server. I run 4 SuSE Linux Enterprise Server’s (Dual Proc PIII 1Ghz machines) and 9 work stations. Using LDAP for my Authentication.

    I have played with trying to setup Linux Clients (openSuSE) to Auth against a SLES PDC, but it never works. When is the OpenSuSE/Novell team going to give us some form of Roaming Profiles. And NFS mount isnt an option. Constant writing to the profiles would bring my 100Mb network to its knees.

    This is my only Begging Request. Some from of Roaming Profiles. Even a command such as the following that could be saved in LDAP for the OpenSuSE clients to run…
    scp %U@server:/homedir/U% /home/%U

    I dont know how to tell the clients to look for that and execute or else I would have done it already. And getting it added to YAST2 inside the user mod would be a great Idea.

    I have used SuSE since 6.4 as a End User, and SLES since 9.0. Love the products and the work you guys put into it. Keep up the great work and continue working towards bring linux to the CORP Desktop.


  31. Franklin

    Do you think Microsoft maybe worried? Because one advantage they had was the look and feel. Now that they just lost the advantage, how will this play out?

  32. Liviu

    My experience with Suse:
    Suse 10.1: unable to connect to internet, so unable to use it; bought version from Novell.
    Suse 10.3: connection to the internet very easily, with only one setting, so installed on my computer; douwnloaded version from your site.
    Suse 11.0: tried yesterday, unable to conect to internet, so unusuable for me, so kindly please review the networking section of 11.0
    Chipset nVidia on my computer and Speedtouch DSL between the network chip and the phone line.
    I appreciate your work.

  33. The stable version is now releast