openSUSE Mailinglist: Check for Accidental Unsubscribtions

4. Feb 2008 | Andreas Jaeger | No License

Last week we had a small problem at which unsubscribed a couple of mailing list members by accident. We’re really sorry about this and hope that everybody subscribes again manually.

Henne our mailadmin wrote the following email and tried to send it out to everybody that might be affected:

_there was a maintenance process hanging (undetected) for a very long time. This process continued a couple of minutes ago. Unfortunately because of the long delay some calculations went wrong (bounce times). This had the effect that the list software may have you unsubscribed._ _Please check your subscriptions. To do so you can simply subscribe again by sending a mail to In case your are still subscribed the system will tell you about it. In case you are not anymore subscription is exactly what you want :)_ _Sorry for the inconvenience. The underlying problem has been fixed._</blockquote> I noticed on the mailing lists that some people did not get Henne's text above and therefore decided to publish it here again. So, if you miss traffic in your inbox for some mailing lists, please follow the instructions above. Thanks - and sorry again for this, Andreas



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