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KDE Quickies: KDE 4.0.1, openSUSE Live CD, New KDE Repository Layout

February 5th, 2008 by

Just in time for the KDE 4.0.1 release, the openSUSE KDE team has updated the KDE 4 packages in the Build Service to the KDE 4.0.1 state, featuring several improvements over the plain KDE 4.0.1 release and including further integration fixes.

KDE Four Live 1.0.1

KDE Four Live, the openSUSE KDE4 Installable Live CD, has also been updated to contain these packages and changes.

KDE Four Live

KDE Repository Re-structuring

After a long discussion and feedback period, the openSUSE BuildService repository layout for KDE packages has finally been overhauled.

There are: latest, stable and regularly updated KDE 4.0.x packages as well as experimental KDE 4.1 packages available. The repositories are kept in a modular state so you can choose how much of your system you want to be possibly affected by selecting one of the stable or unstable Desktop, Extra or Community repositories. As a result, the current KDE:KDE4 repository has now been frozen and will be removed in the future, so please update your repositories accordingly.

Of course the Backports and KDE3 repositories, which do not update any of your system libraries, are still available and will be extended even further in the near future.

~ Dirk

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27 Responses to “KDE Quickies: KDE 4.0.1, openSUSE Live CD, New KDE Repository Layout”

  1. mxttie

    Every time I am impressed by the level of KDE4 friendliness opensuse exhibits and how fast packages are available. It makes me happy I chose openSUSE! congrats!

  2. what exactly are the integration fixes?

    • Beineri

      Maybe ‘fixes’ is confusing you? Integration bits like having YaST and software management in the start menu, handling of parallel KDE3 installation, …

  3. aopi

    It would be nice if the KDE live cd would incorporate the gfxboot fix so that it can be used with KVM. https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=307194

  4. Richard

    I really didn’t like the KDE 4.0 live cd. I installed from it, and really, so much is missing. The install installed basic YAST, very little of what I would get from a opensuse kde single cd, I had to basically download so much of YAST, and am still having conflict errors trying to get some of it. Last time I install from a live cd, argh.

    Does anyone else have a problem with kopete in 4 not connecting to msn. Never would connect in the RC’s or in these releases.

    • Beineri

      This CD is meant to show-case KDE 4.0 and its applications. Some conflicts with the KDE 4.0 Beta 2 packages included in 10.3 are unavoidable. If you want a full 700MB size CD with KDE3 apps, OOo etc. then please use the openSUSE 11.0 KDE Live-CDs (once released).

  5. Ralph Martin

    Good job guys, we should continued doing this installable CDs so you can be surfing the web while system is getting install.

    Best regards.

  6. XXX

    Would be grate to have a Windows Classic theme for the KDE 4

  7. Clésio Luiz

    I install it in OpenSuse 10.3 but flashplugin is not working in Konqueror. The tab for Plugins is not there in Configurations. Somebody have the same problem?

  8. Jeff

    Ah, I hate living on the bleeding edge some times…

    I know DragonPlayer is “officially” a KDE 4.1 app (not 4.0.1), but it’s in release candidate stage or better, and I’d been using it for the past few weeks. Now, all of the sudden, it’s dependent on packages newer than 4.0.1 provides.

    I don’t know if it was trying to install that (and not keep the UNSTABLE repo), or something else, but now 4.0 asplodes when I try to start it (gets to the desktop logo on the splash screen then X crashes and I’m back at KDM). Well, I’ll try and fix it after some sleep.

    • kde

      dragon player has a bug, u cant move possition when playing a dvd, so im back to kaffeine, found out howto update kde4 — had to change repo.

      • Jeff

        Maybe I should be a little more specific… I went through and uninstalled every package I could find having anything to do with KDE4 (while in my XFCE session), then I deleted the old KDE4 repo from my list. Just to be safe, I got rid of ~/.kde4, and did a whereis kde4 and got rid of those directories. Then I did the one click install of KDE 4.0.1 using the new repos. I did this twice – the second time I ignored DragonPlayer and stuck with just the STABLE repo.

        Same result both times. X crashes when the desktop icon appears on the KDE 4.0.1 splash screen.

        Regarding DragonPlayer, I’m not saying it was perfect, just that it was in pretty good shape. I haven’t run into any problems with MPEG, Xvid, or WMV files streaming off my server. I’m just kinda bummed that now, in order to have DragonPlayer, it appears I have to run 4.0.80 (4.1 preview) for everything, not just the app.

  9. kde

    when will kde 4.0.1 apepar on repos? :/

    • Beineri

      Did you actually bother to read the news? Section “KDE Repository Re-structuring”

    • Richard

      4.0.1 appeared, I think a few days before this announcement, I was scratching my head trying to work out the two KDE 4 repositories then reaslied that one was ewer, the other was factory, so it’s been up for a few days, you just need to change your repository because they have restructed it, and you wont get it in the previous one.

      • Franz

        Even with yuor comment, I am still scratching (my head that is) All 6 repos (STABLE, UNSTABLE x Community, Desktop, Extra-Apps) come in the flavour 10.2 10.3 and factory. I want keep my 10.3 for normal work but the newest KDE4.0.x can only be tested with an openSUSE factory installation so it seems.

  10. Ralph Martin

    I have a computer with an ATI XPRESS 200 as you know this is a video card integrated in the board, so system went to sleep mode after using this live CD, so I couldn’t use it and install the KDE 4, the one-click installation start correctly, but there dependencies missing so It will be better for Yast that instead of giving me the error message just look for the packages that are missing and install them since I’m installing the program if that is require this should be install and give the user a warning that a particular package is needed to for the application to work properly.

    • Beineri

      YaST will install missing dependencies if it has access to it, as written on the wiki page: “If you get a message that dependencies cannot be resolved, enter the “Advanced Mode” of the one-click handler and enable the “standard” online repository of your distribution.”

    • Micheal

      With this on-board ATI card in my HP/Compaq machine, I had to install the newest ATI driver to get anything but a black screen, even in KDE3. I added the repository http://www2.ati.com/suse/10.3/ and installed x11-video-fglrxG01-kmp and its dependencies (one other package). Then re-ran sax2 and everything was great. I give this info just in case you run into this problem.

  11. j

    will ktorrent rc1 be available sometime soon in the new repositories?

  12. Lapi

    Does anyone know how to activate composition with this live CD?
    It says “Compositing is not supported on your system. Required X extensions (XComposite and XDamage) are not available”.

    I have tried it on a system with nvidia 6600LE and on another system with Intel 82G965 Integrated Graphics Controller(which has open source drivers offered by Intel). Tonight I will test it on my lapton which has an nvidia 7600 for mobile(Go or smth like that), but I have a feeling that I will get the same message.

  13. Satish Srinivasan

    Looks impressive.. I’ll wait for slackware to include kde4. Thanks guys for the good work. :)

  14. caes

    Tested the openSUSE KDE LiveCD and found it quite annoying to “reconfigure” the desktop to our preference every time the computer restarts.

    It would be great if openSUSE’s LiveCD supports features like “persistent home” and “poor man install” capability like Knoppix.
    If updates (added packages) can be retained – that would be magical.

    Or maybe it already does but I’ve just missed it.

    Also, it would be easier for us to “sell” openSUSE to friends who is still running xp :-)