Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2

8. Feb 2008 | News Team | No License

Only three weeks after Alpha1, we’re glad to announce the release of openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2. There are various exciting changes in there that we would like to have feedback on.

Installation - Location KDE 4.0.1 Desktop GNOME Desktop
For more screenshots head over to the Screenshots/openSUSE 11.0 Alpha2 wiki page

Changes since openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 1

  • KDE 4.0.1 replaced KDE 3.5.8 as default KDE

  • GNOME 2.21.90 was integrated

  • Continued work on the Installation workflow

  • Live CDs for both GNOME and KDE

  • CDs support German as an additional language

  • DVDs have only OSS software

  • Linux 2.6.24

  • 2.4 Beta

  • Alsa 1.0.16rc2

  • D-Bus 1.2rc2

For a more detailed list with links to backported packages, see the Factory/News wiki page.

Most Annoying Bugs

  • Progress dialog Loading the Package Manager… blocks the installation-update proposal (Bug #359235). Although you can accept the proposal by clicking on [Accept] you can’t see the proposed data/values.

  • KDE3 autostart applications may crash on KDE4 Startup (Bug #359800)

  • Mono apps do not work on the GNOME LiveCD (Bug #359768)

  • Missing graphical menu on Live-CD ([Bug #359486](

  • Popups during the installation behave sporadically

Media and Download

Please refer to for direct links to all the available media.

Comments, Feedback and Helping

communicate.pngPlease report all bugs you find on in our bugzilla as explained on //; discussion is most appropriate on the (subscribe) mailing list. For other queries and ways to communicate with the openSUSE community – including IRC, Mailing Lists, and Forums – take a look at the Communicate wiki page.

The next release will be openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3, on March 18.

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