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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2

February 8th, 2008 by

Only three weeks after Alpha1, we’re glad to announce the release of openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2. There are various exciting changes in there that we would like to have feedback on.

Installation - Location KDE 4.0.1 Desktop GNOME Desktop
For more screenshots head over to the Screenshots/openSUSE 11.0 Alpha2 wiki page

Changes since openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 1

  • KDE 4.0.1 replaced KDE 3.5.8 as default KDE
  • GNOME 2.21.90 was integrated
  • Continued work on the Installation workflow
  • Live CDs for both GNOME and KDE
  • CDs support German as an additional language
  • DVDs have only OSS software
  • Linux 2.6.24
  • OpenOffice.org 2.4 Beta
  • Alsa 1.0.16rc2
  • D-Bus 1.2rc2

For a more detailed list with links to backported packages, see the Factory/News wiki page.

Most Annoying Bugs

  • Progress dialog Loading the Package Manager… blocks the installation-update proposal (Bug #359235). Although you can accept the proposal by clicking on [Accept] you can’t see the proposed data/values.
  • KDE3 autostart applications may crash on KDE4 Startup (Bug #359800)
  • Mono apps do not work on the GNOME LiveCD (Bug #359768)
  • Missing graphical menu on Live-CD (Bug #359486)
  • Popups during the installation behave sporadically

Media and Download

Please refer to software.openSUSE.org/developer for direct links to all the available media.

Comments, Feedback and Helping

communicate.pngPlease report all bugs you find on in our bugzilla as explained on http://bugs.opensuse.org; discussion is most appropriate on the opensuse-factory@opensuse.org (subscribe) mailing list. For other queries and ways to communicate with the openSUSE community — including IRC, Mailing Lists, and Forums — take a look at the Communicate wiki page.

The next release will be openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3, on March 18.

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

103 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2”

  1. ÃœMineiro

    It would be very nice if the client for Novell Networks came as an option in this release, after all, it’s suposed to be a Novell supported distro (if they can’t support their own stuff, what use do they have?).
    We are approaching opensuse 11 and there is no client for opensuse 10.3 yet, just a half baked solution to use an older release that, at least for me, works in read-only mode.

    Another thing we would appreciate for 11.0 GM release is system way more stable than in the 10.x incarnations.

  2. mukul

    I installed alpha 2 on my pc last night. I am still having trouble configuring the display. I have NEC monitor, Model # DV17D4. This monitor is not available in the list of monitors for NEC. Trying to select the ones available, and logging in, I get the splash screen and as soon as it is done, I am logged out.

    • mukul

      Further to this, I tried to configure LG194WT with the new installation. Still no luck. I am trying HP – D8901A 17″ now.

  3. Greetings,

    At the time of the RC1 release, will it be possible to clone installations witj an XML etc, if yes is there a HowTo?


  4. Torsten Mailahn

    Any chance to get 2.6.25 into the final 11.0?
    Would be great to have VirtIO support.
    (Very happy with my KVM VMs on 10.2, but paravirtualized NICs & Drives would be the icing on the cake.)

  5. mukul

    With alpha 2, I can not add the “Main Update Repository” to the list of update sources. Is anyone else encountering the same issue.

    Also, in the widgets wizard, the “Get new widgets” button is disabled. Is it related to the above mentioned issue?

    • Beineri

      > I can not add the “Main Update Repository” to the list of update sources. Is anyone else encountering the same issue.

      Of course, as no (test) update repository exists.

      > in the widgets wizard, the “Get new widgets” button is disabled. Is it related to the above mentioned issue?

      If you’re talking about KDE 4.0: it’s not implemented and the button is now removed. So no.

  6. Guys, I love the openSuSU Distro, and I have been playing around with version 11 and I use 10….3 as my only OS on all my systems(Including my childresn). I still would love to see some administration features such as a Roaming Profile solution that doesnt require mapping the /home dir to a NFS or SMB server. Coping from and too would be much better. Also would like to see Novell setup a way to authenticate the workstations via kerberos to their SLES server. So that a un-authorized machine is not able to use services from a server on the network, even if the user thats on the workstation is authorized.

    All in all, great work. Love openSuSE 11, look forward to its final release.

  7. S1Drano

    Whenever I try to install OpenSUSE 11 on my PC, I get an error. It says that it didn’t find the repositories and asks me to add one. On Alpha 0 I just told the installer to check the CD for a repository named OpenSUSE, but on Alpha 2 the problem wouldn’t solve that way (wget error).

    Does anybody know how to bypass that error (If this goes on I’ll switch back to Ubuntu. At least I’m sure I can even install an Alpha of it)

  8. Sunny

    Hello… When came Alpha 3?

    “The next release will be openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3, on March 18.”
    That was yesterday! ;o)

    • Beineri

      And yesterday there was a blocker preventing it from installing correctly, be patient :-)

  9. Radko Kuzmanov

    About wide screen problems?

    Lots of graphic carts witch can work with wide screen resolutions (specially 1440*900 and 1680*1050) have a problem with SUSE 10.2 and 10.3. This resolution very often ware not recognize by: ATI X200 & X300 and every on board graphic cards, Intel on board graphics have a big problem, after instalation we must to enter manually linemodes but not always this finish with needed results. I must say that SuSe RandR extenion is not for a big help about this job.
    I really hope in new SuSe11 this problem is fixed.

    Radko Kuzmanov

    • Hi Again!

      It is little stupid to replay on my comments, but – i want to say BRAVO for efforts that OpenSUSE team has make for fixing this bug with Wide-screen (16:10 or 16:9) monitors. With this version all Intel based graphic cards with – X3100 and others are working great on native resolution!

      Thanks and Regards,

  10. dimasmith

    Integrated card-reader in my Asus A6 laptop is not supported by 10.x. Is there any chances that support will be included in 11.0?

  11. 7erge

    OpenOffice.org 2.4 Beta?????

  12. 7erge

    а ваще мне давно проект openSuse нравиться — МОЛОДЦЫ!!!!

  13. Buriro

    I am installing Suse11 on dell inspiron 2650 . After boot from cd it is displaying distorted desktop images.

    What could be the problem ? Is it driver problem with Dell ?



    • Radko Kuzmanov

      Hi Buriro!

      If you can check I have write about this – 3 comment before you. In old version of SUSE 10.x there was a problem with wide screen resolutions. The computer geeks witch work on OpenSUSE probably are using Full screen monitors (4:3) and have no problem with this. Your Laptop Dell Inspiron 2650 have (probably have)14.1 or 15.4 wide screen resolution, and your graphic card have a problem with resolution 1280*800. Witch kind of graphic card you have? Is it Intel based or NVidia GeForce2 Go graphics with 16MB – because this card is not supported. Same for ATI X200 and X300 models.

      Maybe there will be some kind of graphic corrector more advanced then RandR, because this one is bad.


  14. Hugo Figueroa

    I have openSuse 11, and I was trying it and it gave me a lot errors, I think cause is a trail version but I wait a stable version for used it.

    One of error was: X-Server (it doesn´t make graphic environment)

    I like suse with Gnome

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