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Counting Down to 11.0 – Get Your Counter Here!

April 16th, 2008 by

You can help spread the word for openSUSE 11.0 before it’s released! The openSUSE project now has countdown banners that display the number of days before the next openSUSE release.

You can display the banner on your site, and the rendering is done via the openSUSE server. You can find the code and the right language for your site on http://en.opensuse.org/Countdown. You can link the banner to http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_11.0 which has information about the 11.0 release and information on testing prior to the final 11.0 release.

The banners were inspired by a post by Pavol Rusnak, and we received fantastic code and graphics contributions from several members of the openSUSE community, including Pascal Bleser, Jakub ‘jimmac’ Steiner, Pavol Rusnak, Marek Stopka, Kevin Dupuy, and Billy Juliani. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

So, grab a banner and show your openSUSE pride. With less than 63 days until the 11.0 release date, there’s no time to lose!

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9 Responses to “Counting Down to 11.0 – Get Your Counter Here!”

  1. Wow! June 19th is my birthday. What a nice present it will be. Thanks folks!

  2. Grósz Dániel

    I hope that so many people work on every part of openSUSE itself if 6 people contribute to a signle banner. :)

  3. Anonymous

    Can’t wait

  4. Can any one help to localize this counter for Chinese(both Traditional and simplified Chinese)
    May be like this:

    text in this picture: 剩下 天即將登場
    and this

    text: 剩下 天即将登场
    and Thank you all for this cool counter.

  5. sorry about missing pictures
    see links below:

  6. Here is my counter for OpenSuse 11.0


  7. javacioc

    I’ve also created a useful Google Gadget, as my contribution, to monitor the countdown and the news from //news.opensuse.org

    Here the code to add the gadget click