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openSUSE Google Summer of Code Projects Announced

April 24th, 2008 by

Google have announced the openSUSE projects and students taking part in this year’s Google Summer of Code. The projects include:

Only 10 applications from the 67 could be chosen. Special thanks to everybody that has been involved so far: the volunteering mentors, those driving the application process, and of course — all of the students. Congratulations to all the selected students!

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4 Responses to “openSUSE Google Summer of Code Projects Announced”

  1. AlbertoP

    Great news!


  2. anon

    perhaps Novell can sponsor the 57 that weren’t chosen to be worked on privately.

  3. @anon

    You assume that the other 57 (where did you get that number?) were actually worth accepting. There were probably another 10 worthwhile projects at most.