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Games in the openSUSE Build Service

April 30th, 2008 by


Hello avid gamers and game developers!

We decided to restructure and cleanup the games projects in the openSUSE Build Service. Before the change we had 8 projects for each game genre (action, adventure, arcade, board, puzzle, roleplay, strategy/realtime, strategy/turn-base) and one separate project for game libraries (so you can play games even on older distributions with obsoleted libraries).

This situation was causing more harm than good, so now we will only have one “games” repository with all game genres together. If you have already added old game repositories, please remove them and add the brand new one located at download.opensuse.org/repositories/games/ and then the directory of your distribution. The old URLs for the individual games repositories will no longer work.

If your favorite game is not yet packaged you can add it to the Games Wishlist at openSUSE wiki. Or even better, you can try to package it by yourself and when you are finished contact Pavol Rusnak and we will add the game to the repository. You can also ask on the opensuse-packaging@opensuse.org (subscribe) mailing list you have any troubles with the packaging.

Game On!

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10 Responses to “Games in the openSUSE Build Service”

  1. R. J.

    excellent. The games repositories have always been messy, having to subscribe to so many. This is a good move, thanks

  2. it’s very nice news!

    the unified game repository is other advance to easily configuration for

  3. superppl

    Love it. Unfortunately it too often becomes a vast a waste of time, especially when there’s work to be done. It ironic when there’s a LAN party to attend, but you’re too busy playing nethack. :D

  4. Bananikus

    Ohh. Very thanks.:)

  5. student

    This is a bad way of fixing it.
    If a user have installed a game trough the one-click, and then the repos is added.
    The user will now get a warning on every update, and will not know of the new repos.

    We need a one-click script for newbee-users to change the path of the repos….

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know if that will be a big problem. Speaking from experience, one of the first concepts a new Linux user learns, is that of repositories because he/she must learn that in order to install software. Heaven forbid if a newbie (including myself) had to install from source.

      • student

        I’m a novice linux users, and had problems with filling out the server in the repos setting in 10.3 for this change.
        I had to remove the http:// for the server address to be correct… That’s too hard…

        • Benjamin Weber

          You can use the “Specify URL” option when adding a repository manually, then you don’t have to split the URL up. There is also the community repositories module which contains a list of common repositories.

    • Benjamin Weber

      Yes, it is not ideal. Repository URLs in the build service change rather too frequently.

      We also need to do something about substituting repositories with their new equivalents when upgrading between major versions.

  6. Jacobus

    Good going. I don’t see battletanks on the wishlist…. will games that are not on the wishlist be removed from the distro?