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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Beta 2

May 3rd, 2008 by

The openSUSE team is proud to announce the second Beta release of openSUSE 11.0! New changes include countless bug fixes, as well as the import of the new openSUSE 11.0 artwork for login, splash screens and more. The live installation should work, but there are several known quirks, so be sure to check the most annoying bugs list before proceeding.

Desktop Selection Login Splash Screen
See Screenshots/openSUSE_11.0_Beta2 for more screenshots.

Information and Download


Remember that this is a beta. It may not be safe to run for production systems, and should be used by users interested in testing the next release of openSUSE for bugs.

Most Annoying Bugs

Live CD:


  • GNOME Main Menu is slow to respond (Bug #375701) Workaround: Click on volume control in the panel, Configure local sound server then check “Enable network access to local sound devices”
  • GNOME is extremly slow (Bug #383336) (logging in takes >1 minute etc) Workaround: Add your hostname to /etc/hosts (See bug)

See the Bugs:Most_Annoying_Bugs_11.0_dev page on the wiki for an up-to-date list.

Call for Testing

If you want to help testing our standard test-cases, just take a look at openSUSE.org/Testing, and in particular the Testing:Features_11.0 sub-page which includes a definitive list of the features added into openSUSE 11.0. You can also coordinate with others and subscribe to the opensuse-testing@opensuse.org (subscribe) mailing list to help with our organized testing.

Media and Download

openSUSE 11.0 Beta 2 for i386, x86-64 and PPC comes as different media sets, all of which can be downloaded from http://software.opensuse.org/developer. Deltas from Beta 1 are also provided. Note that you will need the latest deltarpm from Factory, or for openSUSE 10.3 you can use the home:coolo repository to grab it.

Comments, Feedback and Helping


openSUSE 11.0 Beta 2 is a great time to start testing-out openSUSE 11.0 before it is officially released. You can directly help and contribute to the openSUSE distribution by filing bug reports and giving feedback to the developers.

For other queries and ways to communicate with the openSUSE community take a look at the Communicate wiki page.

The next planned release is openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3 on May 13.

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

88 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Beta 2”

  1. KDE

    NICE looking ;)

  2. Grósz Dániel

    Any chance for checkboxes and screenshots for desktop selection?

    • Beineri

      I don’t think any discussion now will change something for 11.0 as we’re way past message/ui freeze.

  3. Fisiu

    Thanks for delta iso but torrents for them are still missing :)

  4. Bharat

    I just installed KDE 4 live cd and its damn good. Good job guys. Waiting eagerly for GM. I think after 9.3 this one will rock.

    Few points.
    1) The live cd installer asks for user name, password & root password. And again during the post install configuration, those things are asked.
    2) After installing the live cd to desktop, I still see an “install” icon on top of the desktop. What is it for?

    • Josh

      Check bugzilla and if you don’t see your problem listed, then make a bug report. This comment section is not the place for problems.

  5. R. J.

    bharat, there is a work around in the bugs thing for the live instal icon

    I’ve installed it, looks good, but I can’t get x server to start. I run sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia, and that gets it running, but when I reboot I am back to scratch having to type that in each time. Is there a way to make it save so I don’t have to redo it each time I reboot. I hit save and it doesn’t seem to be saving it.

    The other problem is I cannot seem to get my dsl connection to work, could that be related with my problem with x server?

    apart from that it is looking good, especially the new yast software manager

    • Ryan

      Don’t know if this helps, but how did you install the nvidia driver? I downloaded the nvidia driver that openSUSE provides on this site and it works perfectly. You may be able to type in nvidia in the search at the top of this page and install it by clicking the button. Your dsl problem may be resolved by doing an ifdown command, then ifup. Try reseting your router, the routing table may need to be refreshed. Or you may have to configure your network adapter, don’t really have enough information to determine what the problem is.

    • Hans Benker

      I just realised that the default runlevel is 3 instead of 5 (unless you changed it during installation). You need to set it to 5 in order to get X started on boot.
      yast -> systen -> runlevel editor -> expert mode -> standard runlevel after system start

      • R. J.

        Hans, thank you so much, that fixed the problem

        as for the internet connection not working in Global Options it was set to Traditional Method with Ifup, I changed it to User controlled with network manager and it worked

        ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I can play with openSUSE 11

        again, thanks Hans

      • Arthur Taylor

        Thank you very much Hans from me also – I’ve been ‘tearing my hair’ trying to work out why I couldn’t get it to boot straight into the desktop! I never would have thought of that, although I thought it was something to do with run levels ( a well-known saying which is very applicable to me – ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!)

  6. pragnesh

    generating Beta2 kde4 iso from delta iso is giving error.

    pragnesh@prags:/media/USB4/opensuse> applydeltaiso openSUSE-11.0-Beta1-KDE4-LiveCD-i386.iso openSUSE-11.0-Beta1_Beta2-KDE4-LiveCD-i386.delta.iso openSUSE-11.0-Beta2-KDE4-LiveCD-i386.iso
    reading 674717696 bytes from old iso…done
    indata read 8192 bytes failed

  7. frank

    черт, я жду ее уже два месяца…скорей бы релиз уже =)

  8. sisop

    frank, жжошь )))
    я вчера каждые полчаса лазил проверял, вышла бета или не вышла :)

    RadeonHD driver doesnt work with my Radeon X1950 Pro. says something like “no device found”… any ideas?

  9. anonymous

    Господа, тише, нас услышат))

  10. আষসহশর ঊঢণদতথ

    ঝগঁঝ গঊডনয়ৠড় ৰ৮ভগআঊঢৱ হঢইছ গভ ঢ়ড়ৠৡয়৶

  11. Thomas Dybdahl Ahle

    Perhaps the desktop selector should contain info other than how the desktops are developed. Who cares that Gnome is developed incrementally?

    Nice work otherwise :)

  12. Excellent work! But i don’t like the new YaST2’s color template, i prefer there of the second Alpha.
    Compliments for the work!


  13. Oh i love it

  14. Atilius

    Hi there,

    I looked at the screenshots and really I have two doubts about the design.

    First, splash screen. Really I am not sure if the grey line inside green screen is the best idea. For me it looks like glued later or something like this. Not very nice (for me)

    Second, the menu of installer. The white fonts and over this is white elipse – in these places is text very hard readable. Also light grey parts with white fonts in main screen.

    But in total, it looks consistent and I am looking forward GM release ;)


  15. Cristian

    Looked at the screenshots. It is simply superb! I love it and can’t wait for openSuse 11 to come out.
    Thank you for creating the best linux out there!


  16. Ryan

    The openSUSE 11 KDE 4 desktop appears to work very well! I’m posting this while running the live disk, so I don’t have everything installed and configured yet. Still using openSUSE Gnome desktop, so sorry I can’t file any bug reports. So far it’s very easy to use, very stable, lots of good stuff. Look forward to the final release.

  17. I’m currently testing out and filing bus against openSUSE 11.0, but I have to say, for as nice as it is, it is still incredibly buggy. Particlularly for something that’s supposed to be in beta 2, this still feels like and alpha release. Hopefully things will get better.

  18. R. J.

    I love screenshots, and for me there is never enough when a version is released to show us some of the good points in it. I’ve just uploaded some screenshots and posted them in my blog if anyone wants to see some of the improvements to Yast


  19. Kanwar

    I am unable to get connect to my wireless network … this quirk has carried on from Beta 1.

    Is there a way to get this working? The behaviour is same, both with the Live-CD as well as after installation.

    Just for record, I have 10.3 running very well on the same laptop and wireless works without any hitch. There are also plenty other distributions on the same laptop and all connect to the wireless flawlessly.

    Cannot test the install if I cannot get on the internet first.

    • Francis Giannaros

      I recommend trying one of the support mediums like IRC, the mailing list, or the forum, as the comment section of the news website isn’t the best place for support! :-) See http://opensuse.org/Communicate

    • Kanwar

      Update: Got 11.0 beta2 installed. Configured wireless card using traditional method (ifup). Everything running fine. KDE4 is awesome!

      • Kanwar

        Goodness I am really thrilled with:

        K3b, KMail from KDE4 release.

        Something that I wish worked: Nvidia 3d acceleration — which I feel is because its not the proprietory driver. Also, I am unable to install from nvidia.com. The driver refused to build.

        • andrew

          using the latest beta build from NVIDIA worked for me, but the stable release did not.

  20. First I want to say this is all great, or probably is with the previous track record as good as it is. Just finished the download and have not installed it yet. I, like some others, find some of the comments unwarranted, but then some people like to complain. I only have a question, or two. Why, what is the halo around the icons in KDE4? I have not been able to find any explanation anywhere, only others mentioning it. Also would it, or is it a help if I leave my ktorrent running? I see there is some uploading of the code. I’m not totally familiar with this torrent stuff. Thanks in advance for any and all info.

    • R. J.

      everything on the desktop now is part of plasma, including the icons. It allows you to configure each icon.

      With regards to the torrent, just leaving it going as long as you can. So that people can share from you what you’ve downloaded. But if you are on limited bandwidth then just share what you can and then close the torrent.

      • Sorry took so long to reply. Was setting up / playing with the new Beta2. Yes I realize that this “new” desktop is part of the plasma world but I can not find anything there either. I’m either looking in the wrong places or using the wrong words. All I would like is a description / explanation of the ops for this KDE4 desktop. Like why there is a halo around the icons. Perhaps there is something somewhere. Yes I have looked on the KDE site. Seems everyone wants to mention the effect but no one wants to talk about it. :-)

  21. jan

    nice nice, keeps getting better and better. but still, nvidia won’t compile and patch throws out:
    patching file usr/src/nv/Makefile.kbuild
    /usr/bin/patch: **** malformed patch at line 5: vmap \

    if anyone could help me with the patch please contact me at skype:janmyszkier, thanks ;)

    konqueror boxes and buttons still need work, but it looks very nice so far.
    i like the new splash screens, they are a lot better than earlier.
    waiting impatiently for beta 3.

    • N0x

      With 11.0 Beta 3 I have the exact same problem and don’t know where it is from.
      Help please! ;)

  22. Thank you for the work on 11.0 looks good so far.

  23. Martin

    Great work people, one question any support for wireless USB adapters.

  24. cosmology

    After 3 hours of downloading I gleefully burned the i386 KDE version to CD and loaded up Suse 11.0 KDE4. Result, no GUI, fine if you want to use startx each time you login and worse once the GUI is present no internet connection, although I can browse folders on the other 3 machines that are part of my home LAN.

    Soooo after 26 hours of downloading I got my hands on the i386 DVD and loaded this up using KDE4, result a GUI this time, but still no internet connection. :-( !

    Come on guys you can do better than this, when do you think Joe public is going to join the Linux revolution if Novell cannot even release something that works out of the box. And before anyone suggests delving into the console, I am not a Linux fanboy, just an average user who does not believe a degree in computer science should be necessary to browse the internet, write some letters and play some music. By the way I loaded up KDE3 and everything works just fine, guess that’s progress.

    It is also a shame that Novell continue to be the pathetic voice of corporate America by crippling all of the audio/video players so that they will not play MP3s and DVDs. Perhaps Novell should recognize we are are not all Americans and do as other distributors do – offer options during the install process so that those not under the heel of corporate America can play their legitimate and legally obtained media.

    Guess its back to my – retail – copy of 10.3 then yes purchased before anyone flames me with “its free what do you expect”, I pay for software, it makes sense to support companies else they go to the wall. Disappointed, yes, surprised, guess not and yes I will no doubt be a sucker and buy 11.0 when the bugs are ironed out.


    • R. J.

      Thanks to Hans for this fix

      yast -> systen -> runlevel editor -> expert mode -> standard runlevel after system start

      that will get the boot up working with xserver again

      and for the internet connection

      I think it was in network manager in Global options change traditional Method with Ifup to User Controlled with Network Manager

    • Chlorus

      …because installing the other versions from a third party repo is so hard. Doesn’t SuSE already have out of the box support for MP3s?

      • R. J.

        The codics for certain movie formats and music formats are copyright, this means that Novell and you will have to pay for the use of them if included in OpenSUSE, it also means if they don’t they are open to massive legal fights. Which have already begun against microsoft and Apple. Installing these is as simple as using the one click install. If that is too hard for people to do that they then have to moan we are arrogant rude americans, then too bad

    • Kraemer

      Rremember, this is a BETA release and it will still contain a large number of bugs. Believe me when I say that it’s come a long way since Alpha.

      That shiny copy of 10.3 that you use is was it is because of hard work and testing.

  25. How can we update the system ?

    this is not working…

    • R. J.

      If you go into the repositories in Yast, there is an update server listed in there

  26. UkrMaks

    I’ve just installed openSUSE 11 Beta 2 from i 386 DVD. Everything seems to work except … MOUSE or TOUCHPAD :(

    During installation everything was OK. But after getting KDM mouse pointer disappears and after logging to the KDE4 mouse doesn’t work neither synaptic touchpaf on my laptop nor wireless Logitech mouse.

    It just crashes after starting my X-Server.

    Any ideas?


    • Thomas

      I also have something wierd going on with Synaptic touchpad, using Generic mouse until I’ll find a solution.

  27. collin

    Supersmooth installation on Acer TravelMate 7520 alongside Windows Vista.
    I’m a non-linux user with 14 years experience in professional and non-professional computer use.
    The only (real) problem was my WiFi connection which is impossible to configure using KDE4 because of lack of WPA2 support (in the GUI).
    After changing to Gnome, and 7 days of searching the internet for tips and how-to’s, and discovering that Networkmanager and Yast were somehow colliding… I managed to get WiFi working. I consider this to be a major problem for the non-technical user.
    The rest is beautiful, Gnome works smoother for me than KDE4 although I had expected the opposite after previous Linux attempts ca. 8 yrs ago.
    Can’t wait for the final release.

  28. Marcos Cesar Ribeiro

    Beautifull ,Wonderfull , Perfect , Micro$oft crash in ten years.

  29. Man…the look is just AWESOME

  30. Velocity

    I really like beta 2. I think that kde has some issues they need to deal with before full intergration into opensuse should be allowed . including waiting for the new version to come along before releasing opensuse 11. One other thought is that the live and full distro versions should be seperated on announcements. As it does get a little confusing trying to read through the differences on the page. maybe a spilt page? horizontal split one for the main distro the other for the live? or possibly an announcement page for each. Just a thought. Looks good opensuse team, keep up the awesome work.:) i hope to have a great experience in the final release of 11

  31. Thomas

    WOW! This version is going to set the bar high for all other distros and windows!
    Amazing! Great job!
    Once again WOW!

  32. Ryan

    Will the purchased version of openSUSE come with manuals? Because that’s the main reason I’m buying it.

  33. james

    Hi Beta 1 and Beaa 2 will not install on my amd6400 + M61P-S3 motherboard.

    However they will install on my 2 Itel core 2 Laptops

    • apokryphos

      Please just file a bug report as described on bugs.opensuse.org — the comment section of the news website is hardly the best place to report stuff like that if you actually want it to get fixed.

  34. Cosmology

    This is for RJ,

    I had no intention to offend you or any other Americans in making a comment about American big business, I view people and corporations quite differently. I have US friends and I find them to be some of the least arrogant or rude people that I have known, I actually wish that some in my country would learn from their example. Quite a few of my US friends share the “world” view about greedy corporations. I have also worked for (many years) for a large American corporation so I speak as I find and not as one who judges without proof.

    In any event I hope you will understand this was not personal. You may also derive some satisfaction from of knowing that so chastened was I by your post that I have re-loaded Suse 11.0 with KDE4 and using the advice in your post regarding network manager now have solved my connectivity problem. Thank you very much for your help.


  35. Mani

    I posted a procedure on suse forum how to make opensuse 11 live USB drive from windows without burning to CD media. Check it out http://www.suseforums.net/index.php?showtopic=49726

    • Ryan

      Thanks for documenting that because I don’t know anything about kiwi. I’m thinking about making a system rescue style flash drive using openSUSE and maybe save it as an ISO for safe keeping. Don’t know what capacity it will require, just want to include some version of parted, file system utilities, and enough space to make a backup.

      • Mani

        there are already many system rescue utilities there ( trinityhome.org or http://www.sysresccd.org ) – cd or usb bootable. But suse got documentation for installation in to USB drive as well, complete install to a flash drive.


    For some reason I can’t even start the LiveCD. 10.3 works fine.

  37. Patrick

    I can’t start the live cd either. I try to hit ESC to see details of boot but it hangs and then reboots after a minute it seems.


      Same story here. I wonder how do we report this bug?

      • Mani

        The installer uses standard grub utility. Press Escape to come out of the GUI to standard text based menu, enter at the debug, see what it tells on the screen.

        • ACTPOHABT

          As Patrick said, when you try to hit ESC to see details of boot but it hangs and then reboots after a minute.

        • Mani

          Not to press ESC while it is booting. Very first screen when you see the boot options like “OpenSuse 11.0”, “Local disk”, “memory test”, press Escape there and OK for text based boot of grub, then you can see all console messages without the GUI.

          Check tomorrow’s beta 3 version if that helps, if not, try the above.

  38. Michael

    Well, exept the trouble with nvidia-gfx for X, it works for me as a desktop.
    For my devel-machine I’ll wait for 11.0-GM, as I’m still missing my usual additional packages,
    normaly on packman and / or OSB, — the 11.0alpha and 11.0beta1 wheren’t ‘stable’ enough to get a good and solid build on them, but with beta2 it’s much better.

    Optical, its nice, real nice, Yast has a “rounder” feel at use, an even the ncurses-Yast is not as “blocky” as befor.

    All in all, I think I’ll update form 10.2 to 11.0 as soon as GM is out, 11.0bata2 is much better than 10.3 ever was.

  39. Peter

    It would be good if a previous function (ability to directly open a file being viewed in a tab, e.g. fstab or xorg.conf, with a text editor – by right-click mouse options) in Konqueror was restored.


    • Peter

      I spoke/wrote too soon, it seems that one can directly edit from the tab view.
      Old habits die hard. :-)

      Disregard previous comment.


  40. pete

    i tried the beta 2 gnome livecd yesterday , and the desktop looks very sexy so to say (but why use the old gnome icons on the desktop , when u have such wonderful icons inside ?)
    i wanted to play around with it , but it was so full of bugs . it was bearly useable . i reported all the bugs i came across .
    i will test beta 3 in a few days , and i hope all those really annoying bugs will be ironed out till final .
    remember ; as a user i want only a few things to work out of the box : network , graphics , multimedia and updates .
    otherwise the os is not worth it !

    good luck and thx for the hard work suse team :-))

  41. Powr Haus

    Real nice so far, but am disappointed that you still don’t support the NVidia 8800GTX. This card has been out for more than a year, yet 3D options are still unavailable. Any chance you’ll actually support decent video cards for 3D (Compiz)?

  42. I can’t wait for openSUSE 11.0, it looks awesome. Kde 4 + new look + fast package management is cool! :)

  43. kevin

    Will subpixel font rendering be included in this release. Will firefox fonts use it?

  44. bruno

    Sorry, urgly color combination and to dark to me.
    What are the files/file locations, so that I can change it?

  45. arbiter

    Hi everyone!

    For the first look, 11.0 is nice work, finally my 3G mobile adapter works fine.
    But as always, I have a problem: I have a Thinkpad T61 (8898-55G), did a default install with GNOME, and no sound comes from my speakers. No MP3 sound, no system sound, nothing… any ideas?

  46. weakhead

    Looks like tomorrow will be release of openSUSE 11 beta 3. I’m interested in it and I will install it on my desktop PC and try out KDE 4. But I have question to beta 2 users – is it already suitable to test in notebook? I have ASUS P5VL with Core 2 Duo T5250 (1,5GHz), 2GB RAM 667MHz, Mobility Radeon x2300 and Atheros AR5007EG card. Do you think there will be some problems?

    • gavinto

      I tried Beta1 on my Asus A7k-a1. It has a Radeon Card as well and an Atheros A7005EG card (AMD cpus though). There were problems recognizing the hard drive, but this is fixed in patch that should make it into Beta3. (Incidentally the patch was a command line option pci=nomsi; installation workd like a charm afterwards) Don’t know about audio/wifi yet (they did cause me grief in 10.3). I will be trying Beta3 as soon as its posted.

      I can say the suse team has quick response to fix the bug I found, so I’d encourage you to try Beta3. If you find something, it gives the team a chance to fix it in time for full release!

    • Dich

      on my MSI laptop (also with Radeon and Atheros AR5007EG) the wifi failed with all betas.
      On 10.3 I made it work with ndiswrapper.

    • Dich

      Funny, the beta2 download page now points to beta3 iso’s, and some mirrors had them already yesterday morning, yet the announcement is missing :) hey, folks @opensuse! what’s happened?

      • Beineri

        Exactly, “some mirrors”. Likely Coolo wants to wait until more mirrors have got the release.

  47. ramses

    how do i install a modem adsl; i have a michelangelo cx usb modem and not working on linux because i dont have a driver for that.
    please help me.