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Hard Disk Configuration Survey

May 6th, 2008 by

In order to optimize the YaST partitioner module for openSUSE users the user experience team decided to conduct a small survey to figure out how you deal with hard disk configuration. The survey contains some basic questions and its results will directly influence the redesign for the partitioner module.

You can access the survey here.

The survey will be online until 28th May 2008 and the results will be published on openSUSE.org as soon as possible.

Answering the questions will take less than five minutes.

Thank you for your participation and have a lot of fun!

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5 Responses to “Hard Disk Configuration Survey”

  1. superppl

    Done and done. Don’t know why, but I love taking surveys.

  2. Brian

    I gave up when survey would not accept ‘Other’ as an answer

  3. Brian

    I gave up when it would not accept ‘Other’ as an answer

  4. Fedora did no surveys, so I did this one and will every another :) .

  5. Harald Kommedal

    I just did the survey. One question that was NOT mentioned was the fact that it CAN cause confusion when:
    On SuSE 10.2 my drives are: HDA, HDC and SDA. SDA is boot-drive.
    On SuSE 10.3 my drives are: SDA, SDB and SDC. SDC is boot-drive.
    On Kubuntu 8 my drives are: SDB, SDC and SDA SDA is boot-drive.
    Note that A B C is in different order.
    The REAL order is hda, hdc, and sda. BIOS has SDA (the SATA-drive) as first.)
    All drives here are LISTED in the same device-order, but with differnt names.
    It REALLY makes for some head-scratching when it comes to get GRUB to access the different systems. A LOT of manual editing is required.
    I really would like to see HDC to be HDC !