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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3

May 16th, 2008 by

The openSUSE team is proud to announce the last Beta release of openSUSE 11.0! Over 700 bugs has been fixed since Beta 2. This means we’re on the home stretch for openSUSE 11.0 and ask you all to do final heavy testing with it and give feedback or even send us patches. And we’re not only asking for help we’d like to thank you all for the great contributions up to date! First bunch of screenshots here

Have a lot of fun!

Information and Download


Remember that this is a beta. It may not be safe to run for production systems, eg. in power plants ;-), and should be used by users interested in testing the next release of openSUSE for bugs.

Most Annoying Bugs


  • NVIDIA driver doesn’t compile. Workaround: check here for a patch
  • parallel driver grabs IRQ14 preventing legacy SFF ATA controller from working Bug #375836
  • T41p shutting down due to “temperature critical” Bug #378327
  • Branding not yet complete Bug #369270
  • Package selector doesn’t show any patterns (Bug #390139)


  • YaST control center does not start under GNOME (Bug #389069)
  • No window decoration, workaround run compiz-manager & or metacity –replace& Bug #387168)


  • kdm looses keyboard when detecting an unknown previous session type Bug #389098)
  • Kontact starts with sidebar splitter on right window border Bug #389141, work-around: move it to left to see components
  • opensuseupdater-kde unable to start ‘yast2 piwo’ Bug #389765

See the Bugs:Most_Annoying_Bugs_11.0_dev page on the wiki for an up-to-date list.

Call for Testing

If you want to help testing our standard test-cases, just take a look at openSUSE.org/Testing, and in particular the Testing:Features_11.0 sub-page which includes a definitive list of the features added into openSUSE 11.0. You can also coordinate with others and subscribe to the opensuse-testing@opensuse.org (subscribe) mailing list to help with our organized testing.

Media and Download

openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3 for i386, x86-64 and PPC comes as different media sets, all of which can be downloaded from http://software.opensuse.org/developer. Deltas from Beta 2 are also provided. Note that you will need the latest deltarpm from Factory, or for openSUSE 10.3 you can use the home:coolo repository to grab it.

Comments, Feedback and Helping


openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3 is a great time to start and continue testing-out openSUSE 11.0 before it is officially released. You can directly help and contribute to the openSUSE distribution by filing bug reports and giving feedback to the developers.

For other queries and ways to communicate with the openSUSE community take a look at the Communicate wiki page.

The next release is openSUSE 11.0 RC1 on May 29

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

77 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3”

  1. THX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Radon

    Thanks for another great release. It’s good enough for me as it is to use as my primary desktop!

    Just a note, I don’t know what I did wrong when installing it on another laptop, but the whole process looked dos-like (as in yast instead of yast2).

  3. hings r going great with kde 4 so far and thats good so keep up the good work. :)

    Here r my 2 requests:

    1. I don’t know whether its done but there is a kde 4 theme called bespin that I think would be great if its in the repos.


    Since this is one of the best kde 4 themes out there, so it will be great if new users can install it from repos rather than compiling.

    2. I noticed that gtk apps use their own styles rather than kde’s so I found this app that should make gtk apps in kde 4 use kde s’s style and that will lead to better integration so I really think this should be installed by default.


    Thats it! :) The way things r going opensuse 11.0 should be linux’s OS X. :)

    • Dich

      I support both ideas!

    • melanopsis

      I personally don’t want opensuse to look like lame OS X.

      • Bespin doesn’t look anything like OS X, in the screenshots the only thing that looks like OS X is the window decorations and I think its important we have the theme in the repos cause even kubuntu has it in the repos.

    • Erunno

      I’m also a bit puzzled why gtk-kde4 is not deployed by default, since it has been widely used in its KDE3 incarnation including openSUSE. Hopefully it will be added before the release candidate but I’m not too hopeful this late in the release cycle.

      • I hope they can add it cause I don’t think people will appreciate that their apps don’t integrate properly with the rest of kde 4. We already have the best kde 4 release coming out soon and these 2 things will make opensuse unbeatable.

      • Beineri

        You’re confusing things: 10.3 had no gtk-kde4 but some kcm_gtk package derived from gtk-qt-engine (a real emulating) style and a port of it is included as kde4-kcm_gtk within 11.0.

    • BESPIN looks nice! We would probably change the window decoration, though, at least to avoid the comparisons to Mac OS X. What you may want to do is file an enhancement bug against openSUSE 11.1 for changing the default theme of KDE 4 to BESPIN.

      • Can u please give me the link as to where to post my suggestions. I don’t mean make them the default themes but at least keep them in the repos like we have others such as baghira and stuff.


    COMPLIMENTS to the development Team!

  5. Dennis Tuchler

    This is about the relationship of the beta development for SuSE 11 and KDE 4.n. Will the various incarnations of SuSE 11 have the version of KDE most curent at the time that incarnation of SuSE is released?



    • There is always some version freeze some time before release. For openSUSE 11.0, it will have KDE 4.0.4 while KDE 4.0.5 will be already released then.

      • jrdls

        will openSUSE 11.0 be remastered once KDE 4.1 will be released?

        • Beineri

          No. openSUSE 11.1 will contain KDE 4.1.x, or use unofficial packages from the build service.

        • Bobby

          Thanks for another Beta release. I was a bit surprised at the speed at which the beta cycle is going.
          It’s a bit unfortunate that an automatic update won’t be provided for KDE 4.1 :( I really don’t have a problem with doing the update manually but it would be much smoother and better using an auto-update.

          I like the look and feel of the present beta though. The only little visual thing that I don’t like 100% is the boot splash green. Could’t you use a darker green? The artwork is really beautiful but the green used is sort of hard on my eyes.
          Overall it’s a great job and I am looking towards the final version with eager anticipation :)

        • Erunno

          After adding the build service repository for the stable KDE 4 you’ll get the latest KDE 4.x version through the openSUSE update facilities automatically. It’s even possible that the developers might consider adding the KDE 4 repository to the community repository list, thus making it easier to discover and use for novice users.

  6. Peter

    Just a couple of points (feedback on Live Cd operation):
    a). Konqueror does not retain the “Show ‘Delete’ context menu entries which bypass the trashcan” option.
    b).Restarting X by Ctrl+Alt+Backspace causes the Start Menu (Kikoff or Kde) button to disappear and the desktop icons/widgets to realign vertically instead of the original horizontal position. Same happens on logout and relogin.
    c). When choosing Classic Kde Menu style, the options to send application launcher/or application groups to panel/desktop is missing (I hope it will be returned).


    • Peter

      Point b above happened after I booted into text mode and ran ‘sax2 -r’ to configure xorg.conf, it is OK when I boot in default mode.
      Though my display is configured correctly, Sax2 by default configures a bad xorg.conf (unhealthy frequency ranges for a notebook screen and low resolution range). I can easily correct it by running ‘sax2’ -r (init 3 mode) after default configuration boot but I will do a bug report for it soon.


  7. Piranha

    Can anyone tell me how to enable seeing patterns in the YaST installer?

  8. Thank you for this release !!

  9. Using VMware loaded in openSuSE 10.3 and version 11.0 Beta-3 will not find the Hard Disk. Previous versions have not had this problem. This is a Pre-Allocated 16GB section of my hard disk to be used by version 11. Anyone else have this trouble?? PC is an HP with a SATA drive.

  10. tim

    I have never tried opensuse before as 2 years ago i could not even install it. Now i am extremely impressed, especially as it is in beta plus kde4 is still really beta quality. Well done guys and i look forward to the final.

  11. Piranha

    When I apply the NVIDIA patch to the latest x86_64 version, it says:
    patching file usr/src/nv/Makefile.kbuild
    /usr/bin/patch: **** malformed patch at line 6: vmap \

    Failed to apply patch file “/home/piranha/Desktop/./patch”.

    Can someone help me with this?

    • Banana

      I’m still on 10.3 and may not install 11 until the NVIDIA x86_64 problem is fixed.

  12. Sebastian

    I’ve downloaded the dvd image last night. But when i put it into my dvd drive and start the installation, the first setup screen comes. I click on installation and then the pc just restarts oO
    Kubuntu is running fine so I dont know where the reason is. It just restarts my pc :(
    atm im running with a nvidia graphikcard (geforce 7300) because I always had trouble to get my Radeon 1950 Pro running properbly =/
    Has the support in this direction become better?
    And maybe sb could tell me how to overwrite the frequence of my monitor. It’s running with 73 Hz but under windows it supports 100 Hz at this resolution.

  13. M-Z

    Opensuse developers wake up. There is Vista on the market already. Opensuse is the only distribution, which screws up booting of Vista.

    • Banana

      It didn’t screw up my Vista, and I’ve already dual booted it several different ways. Something interesting in Vista though, my UAC was on but Windows kept telling me that it wasn’t. If I’m working on a document in Office 2007, occasionally the document will automatically change to a read-only document. When I look at the attributes, it doesn’t say that it’s read only. But if I apply read-only and then uncheck it, it saves. In Power-point if you change to a certain view screen, half you screen goes black. And it’s a consistent problem. I work with networking Windows all day at work and it’s buggy as hell. Have you ever tried calling Microsoft for support? The line will just hang up every time and you will never speak with any one. And all they need to do is release another patch to screw up the applications or hardware drivers you have installed. You must have bought a new computer, because if you upgraded an old one, Vista would slow to a crawl with older, more limited, hardware resources. Oh yah, and there’s also the fact that Windows is the most under attack OS in the world. It’s good for spyware developers that there’s only one dominant OS in the States, it’s much easier for them. You may not even know it’s running. And the idea of having an entire consumer desktop industry dependent on the efforts of one company is retarded. ISVs and hardware vendors should be able to modify the OS in a way that enables their stuff to work better on the OS and form strategic alliances with OS companies to do so. I’m glad there is variety out their – our world would be a depressing and stupid world if there wasn’t. In many ways, I like my openSUSE much better than Vista. And competition only leads to more product differentiation, and better products. Thank you very much openSUSE developers, your work is much appreciated!

    • Banana

      Yap. It’s time to usher in the new world M-Z. And don’t argue with a Banana, I’m loaded with potassium.

    • Banana

      I also want to complement SUSE on the YAST control center. I’ve studied the guts of Vista, and the fact that all the administrative settings are spread throughout the OS instead of in one administrative console (the way SUSE is) was a stupid mistake on Microsoft’s part. That’s why they designed User Account Control (UAC), you know, retarded program that keeps popping-up every time you try to do something – and I know how to disable it, it’s just entertaining because it’s so stupid. They had to do tones of compromising to get the OS to function with a Windows 3.1 style interface because Microsoft historically has had no competition to out do them. Not to say the SUSE is perfect and much more superior, but there are elements in the design of the OS that are much smarter. And Microsoft continues to steal ideas from Linux, so no doubt some of these ideas will find there way into the next version of Windows. I really wish OpenSource would finally defeat Microsoft, at the OS level.

    • আষসহশর ঊঢণদতথ

      Doesn’t Vista screw up the booting of openSUSE? :)

      • R. J.

        I can’t dual boot Opensuse and Vista, the Opensuse Grub refuses to load Vista when I select windows, I have to hit escape at boot up and select the hard drive to load. So I do agree this is a problem that doesn’t exist with other distro’s.

      • Banana

        Really!!! I know SUSE dual booted fine in the past. The only reason why I have SUSE installed on a different hard drive is because Microsoft is so picky with licensing. And so I have to press Esc to boot from the correct hdd. Well, it’s still in beta so what do you expect? I’m a published author and the priority of things for me involves organizing the material first, resolve major problems next, and resolve the minor problems last. There are people complaining about the most minor problems, like graphics. But, ya, you shouldn’t have to repair the MBR after installing SUSE. There’s still work that needs to be done on the GRUB.

        • Banana

          Actually the MBR and GRUB are not the same thing. But the GRUB may still need work.

  14. M-Z

    “It didn’t screw up my Vista, and I’ve already dual booted it several different ways”
    Well, I also had GRUB in my MBR from other Linux distribution. Opensuse just screwed Windows booting.

    “Have you ever tried calling Microsoft for support?”
    No. My experience with telephone support tells me it is a waste of time.

    “You must have bought a new computer, because if you upgraded an old one, Vista would slow to a crawl with older, more limited, hardware resources.”
    Don’t exaggerate. Vista actually runs very fine, after I expanded memory to 2,5 GB. :)

    “It’s good for spyware developers that there’s only one dominant OS in the States, it’s much easier for them”
    Well, it is dominant system in the whole world. But if you know what you are doing, you don’t get any spyware.

    “In many ways, I like my openSUSE much better than Vista.”
    I must say, Beta versions of Opensuse are much worse than, for example, Ubuntu ones. There are always some packages missing.
    And this sick “Start menu” in Gnome…

    “I’m loaded with potassium.”

    • Banana

      Lol. And sorry, I only tell the truth, if you ignore the banana bit.

    • Banana

      And by the way, I’m not exaggerating. Working with the general public on a daily basis, most commonly I encounter people with 512 MB of memory. Good luck!

    • Banana

      I would like to make an enhancement request; although, this is really not the most suitable place to do it. I notice that a notification in the lower right corner will pop up when I receive an e-mail. Very cool! But, I notice that when I have some of our customers try to copy something, they right click and click copy, but they say: “nothing happened.” Wouldn’t it be nice if you would include the clip board and all files copied in that same notification, along with any progress bars indicating a copying status, in that same notification? And provide a grace period after when the screen goes black and the computer decides to lock.

      And, M-Z, I hope you’re contributing to openSUSE. Because I don’t see any other reason why you would pay any attention to these comments.

      Long live openSUSE, and SLED!

    • Grósz Dániel

      You can switch to the traditional menu in GNOME if you don’t like the openSUSE one.

    • mint

      “Don’t exaggerate. Vista actually runs very fine, after I expanded memory to 2,5 GB.”
      don’t you think a 2.5 GB RAM requirement for an OS is horrible, how much xtra RAM you need to run your favorite applications then???????

  15. M-Z

    “And, M-Z, I hope you’re contributing to openSUSE. Because I don’t see any other reason why you would pay any attention to these comments.”
    Well, it is announcement for the version I tried today. Where would be a better place to share my comments with Opensuse team.

    • Banana

      I’m not apart of the openSUSE team, but maybe there should be an easier link for Bugzilla.

    • Banana

      Yap. That’s the good thing about opensource. Hopefully our world will become more computer literate in the future! But after seeing younger people using computers, it doesn’t look like it’s headed in that direction.

  16. Anyone any ideas about these :

    1) the ‘terminal’ doesn’t remember it’s working directory over sessions, where in OpenSuse 10.3 it does
    2) anyway to have dolphin have multiple tabs like good old konqueror had
    3) how can i add shortcuts to applications to the bar at the bottom (I know how to do this with OpenSuse 10.3, but I fail to find it for 11.0)
    4) lots of issues with the updater(checker), it keeps asking if I want to check for updates, but it does NOT check and I always get an empty list, when clicking on add repositories I get asked for the pwd , I type it in, and then nothing happens …

    • Grósz Dániel

      2. AFAIK it’s implemented, I don’t know if it will be backported to openSUSE/KDE 4.0.x. Anyway, you can still use Konqueror for file management.

    • Stano

      Try to uncheck to remember the entered root password.

  17. P Delf

    I installed 11 Beta 3 under VirtualBox yesterday and it feels very polished indeed. I’m having similar issues with the updater applet which has already been logged. Very well done Novell and SuSE!

  18. mfi

    Great job :-)

  19. Jan

    Well done! Tried it just now and its great !

  20. rhorstkoetter

    I’m running Beta 3 Gnome here and it’s just awesome!

    Thanks a lot to the whole openSUSE team – Excellent work!

    Can’t wait for the Goldmaster to be released!

  21. Beta 3 sucks ultra – what kind of installation fails to install kernel, this looks more like Welocme back to 1996 linux installation

  22. rvn

    what should i do to install ati propietary drivers? i have followed all different methods on suse web page and every time i get the same:

    #### YaST2 conflicts list – generated 2008-05-19 15:54:17 ####

    There are no installable providers of kernel(drivers_char_agp) = 7c6d74d742eddb23 is needed by ati-fglrxG01-kmp-bigsmp-8.47.3_2.6.22.17_0.1-1.1.i586

    [ ] do not install x11-video-fglrxG01-8.47.3-1.1.i586

    #### YaST2 conflicts list END ###

  23. andreas

    Unfortunately, still has the support of the Terratec HT PCI MK 2 is not right. I hope that in the final 11 version of the chipset cx23880 properly implemented.

  24. KDE

    WOW the knetwork manager is NICE! but why not make a option to just have one thing in system tray rather than 4 knetworkmanagers [one for each card]
    Installing the zypper update on livecd takes about 5 seconds, and its great that it notifys users to add the update repo! great job!

  25. Andrey


    After few steps of installation appears message box with timer. Then appears suse green screen with progress bar. I pushed ESC key and saw text output. When graphical interface appeared again there was no suse decoration on graphical interface. Only text and solid colors (white, blue etc.)

  26. Mario Koezema

    I’m working with OpenSuse 11.0 Beta3 plus. It looks nice, and it works nice. The only thing is the newer settings for the personal files. The itergration of KDE4 programms in KDE3 works good.

    OpenSuse 11.0 has more drivers than 10.3. Now i can work better with my Acer laptop. The settings of the videocard and the internal monitor works good. The ony warning I have become is a virus warning. I had downloaded OpenSuse 11.0 Beta2. I had updated that system with the Bet3 dvd. Next I installed AVG free edition. There came a warning of a virus in the kernel files.

    • KDE

      You dont need antivirus in linux.

      • Kaosfury

        Uhhh.. you are foolish to run ANY system without some kind of protection. Protection through obscurity is no longer real in Linux. Much safer to just run something like AVGfree or clam.

      • Ryan

        Yes, I agree with Kaosfury. Wile Linux security is very good, and isn’t under attack like certain specific OS(s), you still need to be cautious.

        • Velocity

          Linux is not known to have virus’s, however there is a different name for that. Its called exploits, which occur in different programs created, leaving security holes. ANother is called root kit, or backdoors, again a security issue with the coding of the operating system its self or in a program leaving vunerability within that program. All a serious problem as they arise, however using google you can search for those i just said. “Linux exploits” “root kits” and of course which is extremely rare now a days is a buffer overun. which will use up all recourses in computer and crash it. Very rare now adays. those you can search to but most will be old. search “buffer overrun” in google. the old programs such as cracker jack, bait jack, and the other password crackers do not work in linux now, and mostly do not work in any *nix. Hopefully no password carckers will ever be developed for current distros and other *nix’s or we would have a nitemare on our hands. Security now is generally excellent in todays *nix’s but at times there can be an opening in security. If you want a totally virus free os it would be mac osx at current no virus have ever been detected. however it is still vunerable to the same issues as linus to what i described because it uses a bsd like background running it. (FreeBsd) hope this helps .

      • Ryan

        Although, I’m still online through a firewall and don’t have antibadware installed; it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. And from what Mario Koezema was saying, and from my perspective, it would depend on what Kernel files. Is it an old version of AVG that’s misinterpreting new additions to the Kernel files as being suspect? Analyzing this from a Linux perspective is much different from Windows. You have MD5 sums that can be checked and, truly, I don’t know how AVG does it in Linux.

  27. Henry Gleason

    All of my machines are production machines at this time. I am working to free one up for 11.0. I do have one request. Please add the “old” minimum system as a selection with no games and just the minimum that can run X and Kde. I can later add any additional packages with yast as needed. To me it is a security issue. All packages that are not loaded can not have a security hole into my system. A bit like if it is not connected it cannot be hacked.

    I use linux for all my machines. I have 1 laptop with a win partition so I can vpn into a customer site on Cisco VPN. I have used all suse for the last 7 years.

    The only other comment I have is that on 10.3 I have never gotten xen to work correctly. I have 2 AMD X2 machines and neither will load the supplied xen kernel that I have tried to run with xen.

    I hope the new one is as good as the old ones.


  28. cjk

    Fixed NVIDIA rpms available in suser-jengelh.

  29. Powr Haus

    I installed Beta 3 last night. The installer looks very polished. I did have a problem in that I could not select any packages to install. The software menu is blank. This is not a unique problem. I have talked to 3 other co-workers today and all of them said that they were unable to select individual packages or package groups to install. This worked in beta 2. Because of this I could not install the kernel development packages unless individually selected. I hope this is going to get fixed. Why have a software menu at all if you cannot add or remove packages like you used to? This happens in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

  30. burpnrun

    Andrey: Many folks seem to have hit the bug where the live CD hangs very shortly after selecting the live option. It’s a reported bug:

    Unfortunately, for these people (and for you), openSuse 11b3 can’t be tested. It’s a show-stopper. Pity. Hopefully 11rc1 will give us an opportunity to see 11 and KDE4 in action.

  31. Cooler

    Could I install drivers for Nvidia (GeForce 7900GS) without problems with OpenSuse 11???
    It was a wery big problem in 10.3 (((

  32. dexter

    for opennsuse’s developers.
    Why don’t you use the oxygen style ? your kde4’s style looks same with plastik style. Plastik style looks more gnomish, and i don’t like that.

    • Benjamin Weber

      KDE apps do use the oxygen style. YaST (when run as root) does not at the moment take the kde4 style settings from the user properly.

      • amdturion

        I noticed same lack of style settings by running KDE4 desktop on my opensuse 10.3:

        Internationalization is not completely supported when logged in as root.
        The Desktop holds English localization, also by setting a different language.

        When login as root the Italian localization for Desktop is working only partially.

        This feature is working correctly only for normal user.

  33. killerbot

    The longer I use the beta, the more I unfortunately start to dislike it. I have the feeling really a lot of things are broken. I have installed for KDE4, maybe a lot of the issues are due to the latter.

    Some more issues :
    – ark is unable to unzip zip files (sometimes dolphin can step into them)
    – setting access for special user accounts seems well hidden now [use case : I copy website from another pc with konqueror as file manager super user mode to /srv/www/htdocs and then I gave the wwwrun user permission, but now I am no longer able to specify other users , in OpenSuse 10.x this was available through : properties of file/directory -> Permissions -> Advanced permissions (they used to have an add entry button)]
    – as mentioned earlier : terminal without session memory, update total crap == not working at all, …