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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 RC 1

May 29th, 2008 by

The openSUSE Project is proud to announce the openSUSE 11.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1). The good news is that we’re closing in on the final release of 11.0, but it’s not time to relax just yet. We’re getting really close, so we need all hands on deck to help test this release candidate. Since beta 3 we’ve fixed 578 bugs and resolved 1,118 bugs! Read on to see how you can help get 11.0 into top shape.

11.0YaST Software ManagementGNOME

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Information and Download

The first step is to download the release candidate. Please remember that RC1 is not a stable release. As a release candidate, openSUSE 11.0 RC 1 is almost ready for day to day use, but may still have some interesting bugs that make it unsuitable for running a production system. Be sure to have backups of any important data before using openSUSE 11.0 RC 1 on a system.

Media and Download

You can download openSUSE 11.0 RC 1 for x86, x86_64, and PPC at http://software.opensuse.org/developer. Deltas from Beta 3 are also provided. Note that you will need the latest deltarpm from Factory, or for openSUSE 10.3 you can use the home:coolo repository to grab it.

Most Annoying Bugs

This is a list of the most annoying bugs, that we’re aware of, that still exist in the release candidate.


  • GRUB config broken for other partitions. Bug #395085
  • NVIDIA driver doesn’t compile. Workaround: check here for a patch


  • GNOME asks for the root password on first login. Bug 390658
  • GNOME has wrong icon theme by default. Bug 391865

See the Bugs:Most_Annoying_Bugs_11.0_dev page on the wiki for an up-to-date list.

Call for Testing

To help testing, take a look at opensuse.org/Testing, and the Feature Test List page. The Feature Test List page includes a definitive list of new features included in openSUSE 11.0.

We need to test these features in particular, so please look through the features on the page, pick one that has not yet had its test completed, and make sure it passes. If not, be sure to file a bug in Bugzilla and mark the test “failed.” See the full instructions on the Feature Test List page.

Comments, Feedback, and Helping

With RC1, openSUSE 11.0 is almost ready for release, but we can still use help with testing before the official release. This is a great chance to contribute to openSUSE, by filing bug reports, testing features, and giving feedback to the openSUSE developers.

Here’s a few ways to help:

  • Report bugs: If you do find a bug, be sure to report it in Bugzilla using the procedure given on bugs.openSUSE.org.
  • Provide feedback: We welcome feedback! Please join us on the opensuse-factory@opensuse.org (subscribe) mailing list. Or in the #opensuse-factory IRC channel.
  • Let the world know! Be sure to spread the word about openSUSE 11.0! Blog about it, tell your Linux User Group, start planning a Launch Party — whatever you can do to let the world know about openSUSE 11.0!

Thanks to all the developers and contributors for all the hard work that’s gone into openSUSE 11.0 so far, we’ve come a long way and only have a little more work to do before we have a final release. Fire up openSUSE 11.0 RC 1 and have a lot of fun!

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322 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 RC 1”

  1. Duke

    hi, i have found some bugs or “suspicious feature” then where to post it?

    to make OpenSuse even more bugs free than it is.

  2. Damir

    Croatia is waiting for openSuse 11.0 to, and how it say “@Nelson R V” im like “a kid for his christmas present..”, but just 8 more days to go

  3. MRx

    I await suse 11 but, give real FF3.0 (forget beta or RC) or give FF Eventually add to CD both and give an option of choice.

  4. Yersinia

    You guys really rock! And – I konow that it is going to be thr best release ever. Just love openSUSE.

    Greetings from Estonia!

  5. Maestro

    openSUSE 11.0: Brasil is waiting for you!

  6. root

    openSUSE 11.0: Russia is waiting for you!

  7. JavaWan

    openSUSE 11.0: Malaysian people is waiting for you! horrayyy!!!!!

  8. Alfonso Russo

    great!! Italy is waiting as well!! we are looking forward this new release!!

  9. benjamin

    Chile is waiting..!!!

    i’ve been using suse since 9.3. nothing makes me chanche this fantastic SO.!!!

  10. Hossein Atashi

    Tehran here, can’t wait to see final release!

  11. Alex

    And so is Nicaragua, waiting for the latest and greatest Linux distro: Suse!

  12. Alvinistic

    No one from Singapore yet? We are waiting for the final release! :D

  13. xof

    Poland is waiting too! only few more days … :)
    Lots of respect to all openSUSE crew !

  14. webquinty

    From spain, suse 11.0 , I am waiting for final release.
    In spanish,
    “…. desde España, Suse 11.0, te estamos esperando, te queremos YA!!!!…”

  15. RoaDEviL

    Russia waits it like no other ;)
    Respect to openSUSE crew!

  16. A-Dub

    Respekt to the #suse crew and the peeps that make this distro happen. NYC looking for some 11.0 love too.


  17. powrhaus

    This is coming together nicely. The installer has been cleaned up and other oddities are getting resolved. I can’t wait for the final release. Way to go everyone.

  18. Zygis

    openSUSE 11.0, Lithuania is waiting you. Big Thank YOU to SuSE team, boys well done. SuSE is the best distro :)
    Lietuva laukia nesulaukia openSUSE 11.0, Didelis Aciu SUSE komandai, vaikinai nepaprastai geras darbas. SuSE geriausia Linux distro.

  19. Sloba

    I realy can’t wait. Only logical choice…
    Serbia is waiting

  20. playero

    SuSE/Team: Thank for a great distrinbution.
    Dominican Republic waiting for 11.0…

  21. slowhand

    Been using SuSE since 6.4, have a production machine in 7.3 (well i will upgrade it…at last), 9.3 and 10.3. Personally use 10.3 in my laptop and 10.2 on pc. I cannot wait for 11.0. Thanks guys for the good work. (open)SuSE is always my favourite.

  22. Antiarchitect

    OpenSUSE 11.0 Russia is waiting 4 U!

  23. iiit-h

    OpenSUSE India is waiting tooo……

  24. sss

    OpenSUSE Canada is eagerly waiting

  25. CybeR

    Serbia is waiting for for you :-)

  26. the albanian undergr0und is waiting 4 y0u sw3ety :D

  27. Rostov-on-Don (Russia) is waiting v.11 with great interest! Preved!

  28. axanoroj

    Waiting in Guatemala.

  29. La mona Jimenez

    Los Chetos de Cordoba ” capital ” ……………. waiting for 11.0…

  30. Sara

    Only one problem in rc1, well two really. 1. Updater keeps asking to check
    online for updates even though repositories are installed. This happened
    with days before main Suse 11 public release. 2. desktop effects causes
    blank screen after restarting and logging in to user account.

    Other than that the new version is better than any other Suse version I
    have used. Wireless works well, some programs like firefox 3b5 close
    after start but in all it is great.

    I’m using KDE 4.

    Cant wait for the final release only two days to go.

    Sara Donald.

  31. Sara

    Oh by the way, I am using a Dell Inspiron 6400 with Intel wireless mini card and all runs well. I also have it running on a Dell 530s and an Acer T135.


  32. PRO111

    Russia is waiting for 11 release!!! Hello from Kazan`!!!
    Preved medved!:))

  33. asc

    Lithuania is not waiting for Suse 11. Just use Debian Gnu/Linux! ;)

  34. Carlos Gardel

    … y en Tacuarembó, Uruguay, también esperamos por openSUSE 11 !

  35. j

    i cant wait no more. aaaaaaaaaaaa! give it to me!!

  36. admin

    Ulyanovsk (Russia) is waiting SUSE v.11 with great interest!
    Preved vcem Rossiyaninam! =)

  37. montaraz

    Tenerife (Spain) is waiting for OpenSUSE v11!

  38. SI

    Russia can`t wait more!!!! GIve it for us! I want OPENSUSE 11 NOW!!!!

  39. Niko!

    Chile can’t wait anymore!! opensuse is the best distro! ;)
    In RC1 I didn’t need to use 915resolution for my Intel graphic card :P that’s good.
    Installation process was really fast! that’s too good :P
    Now going to check mobile internet with HUAWEI E226 3.5G. Hope it works! ;)

  40. Librarian

    South Africa standing by to plunder the FTP site :D

    Using 10.3 atm, and is very happy with it :)

  41. Ptomaine

    I feel a fascinating smell of one of the best distroes of all ages…

    Cann’t wait to touch it…

    City of Krasnodar (Russia) is waiting impatiently for openSUSE v.11.0…

    18 hours to go!!! OMG!!!! :)

  42. Manu

    waiting, waiting and waiting……What a painful job :(

  43. Aradesh

    Ukraine is wait for suse 11!!!
    14 hours last…

  44. jacmacph@yahoo.com

    Philippines here, heheh…i know, “waiting is the hardest part” but were almost there bro.! down to 12!

  45. jacob

    so im from the us, and also new to liux but excited for the release. when will i be able to download this? its now 2 min before midnight here in Michigan.

  46. scarman20

    openSUSE 11.0: Poland is waiting for you!

  47. Pedro

    Peru is waiting for you !!!!