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Linuxtag – Day 2

May 29th, 2008 by

Second day on the Linuxtag, i tried to post yesterday but the Network was not working that good. Anyway, we are in Berlin!

car booth ready!

On the first pic you see the car i have, the big blue bag is where we planed to have Zonker, but unfortunately the car was to stuffed .. So i drove alone to Berlin, Zonker took the train. The booth setup was chaos like usual, at 20:00 we where finished with no big issues. We already had a lot of visitors, and we wonder, and are happy, that there are a lot of new Linux users. Everybody is impressed about our new packagemanagement, and the other features we will have in openSUSE 11.0. So far the systems are working very well with Beta3, even KDE4 runs stable. Ok, back to the booth, more tomorrow …

More photos on my Flikr page.

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7 Responses to “Linuxtag – Day 2”

  1. Gabriel

    I didn’t see the gnome guys. Are the present?

  2. mlasars

    so far only Vincent is at our booth … but yes there is also a gnome booth, pictures tomorrow …

  3. Nice presentation, but where are the people…?

  4. Vinzent

    Great work on the booth guys, it looks great!

  5. Andrew

    Your booth looks great guys! Too bad I live in Canada… :D

  6. matthias

    hello everybody,

    i just want to thank you guys for great four days, for all the impressions and the discussions. ;)

    i using opensue, well actualy back than its just called SuSE, scince 9.0 and i am very happy with my working 10.3 on my