Announcing openSUSE-Education for 10.3

18. Jun 2008 | News Team | No License

openSUSE-Education LogoGood things come to those who wait: I think we’ve waited long enough to release the first openSUSE-Education version for openSUSE 10.3.

Just use the YaST2 “Add-On Product” module to add our Online-Repository. A more detailed description can be found at the openSUSE wiki.

For those without permanent Internet connection, we’ve created a DVD ISO which can be downloaded here: (3,7GB)

To give new users a hint how to install the DVD, we’ve created PDFs in english, german and italian language containing all needed information and in addition some descriptions for LTSP, GCompris, iTalc and Tuxpaint. We want to reuse existing wiki articles for this in 11.0 and add these descriptions also to the Helpcenter. The PDFs are also available in the documentation directory of the DVD.

And what’s new?

We’ve currently 3.7GB (!) of software on the Education DVD (2,4GB for each arch) - a huge progress compared to 10.2 with ~1,2GB for each architecture. But: some applications cover nearly the same area - so we need your help by dividing the “good” from the “not so good” for the next release.

A big part is consumed by the LTSP5 stuff, which is now available completely for openSUSE using KIWI. Thanks to CyberOrg for all the effort he put in this area!

Having already some KDE 4 Applications on the 10.2 release, we now focus on the different compiler languages and Integrated Development Plattforms (like gambas2, netbeans, free pascal, …). We still have ~50 new packages on our ToDo list - but with over 800 packages on the media, there should already be a package available which is useful for everybody.

You can get a small foretaste of all the available applications in the openSUSE-Wiki. Hopefully the descriptions of all applications will grow in the next months, so we can add them to the PDFs.

I also like to give a big “Thank YOU” to all the other fighters in the Education Team (especially for this release):

  • Andrea (anubisg1) for packaging and translation into italian

  • Andreas (a_ochs) for packaging and translation into german

  • Kirill (kkirill) for his hard testing and packaging (and improving the russian language support on openSUSE ;-)

  • …and all the other “guest” entries in our bugzilla, IRC comments, Emails, packaging help, …

PS: We’ve also added some “easter eggs” to the DVD (regards to Seminarix and others ;-) - looking out for people reporting them…

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