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June 24th, 2008 by

Let me share some numbers for the openSUSE 11.0 release. Do you remember the 10.3 release? Again we used akamai for distribution of the images. Again for 30 hours, and yes, we made more than 100TB this time!

Total data transfered: 163 TB!!!

That’s without considering any other mirrors, just images downloaded directly from software.opensuse.org.

Some more details:

62% openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso
28% openSUSE-11.0-DVD-x86_64.iso
3,7% openSUSE-11.0-KDE4-LiveCD-i386.iso
2,0% openSUSE-11.0-GNOME-LiveCD-i386.iso
1,2% openSUSE-11.0-KDE4-LiveCD-x86_64.iso
1,1% openSUSE-11.0-Addon-Lang-i386.iso
below 1%:

So what are the changes compared to the last release?

  • more people downloaded the 64bit DVD (+4%)
  • 63% more downloads in the first 30 hours
  • approx. 65.000 registered installations so far, for 10.3 we had 40.000 after 6 days

For the next release we should break the 200TB mark :-)

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27 Responses to “Numbers?”

  1. Jeff

    I download it before it was released……

    • Sebastian

      uhh.. :D
      The numbers may be false. There were a lot of requests on the aachen-server for parts of germany and the server did not work.
      So I had to downloaded it over torrent, too. ^^

  2. superppl

    Are the torrents included in this stastic?

    • Anonymous

      no, these are just direct downloads, maybe i can find some torrent numbers …

      • I run a torrent site for seeding openSUSE alpha/beta/release DVD images. Here are the numbers for 11.0 release until today:
        i386 – 113
        x86_64 – 168
        ppc – 107
        Numbers are for complete DVDs.

  3. RedDwarf

    62%… of downloads or of size? You know, DVDs are bigger ;-)

  4. Duke

    I installed three times (workPC, homePC and home laptop) but downloaded once, so i think the usage is lot more bigger than just about 40 000, anyway Suse rulez.
    Also i think the kde4 has it’s own affect too.

  5. AlbertoP


  6. Peter

    Install using my local mirror – Internode (Australian ISP that provides unmetered – free – Linux downloads for a good selection of distros). Installs such as these my never show up in any stats.

    • Peter

      I would like to add that Ubuntu 8.04 has a nice feature that lists a lot of servers/mirrors, including Internode, and by selecting it all the repos were setup to point to it. The easiest and best repo setup feature I have ever used to-date and I hope openSUSE developers can emulate it in the 11.1 version.


      • IAnjo

        openSUSE already does something like that: when you download things from download.opensuse.org (images, repositories, …), you are automatically redirected to a mirror that is closer to you, seamlessly — although you can also add specific mirrors, this way is better because it automatically filters servers when they’re down, etc.

  7. desu

    I am not certain Suse used to have mirrors listed somewhere,I need a dvd for the local network installed and I am on the 5th day, looking into get it finished tomorrow, on the on going process to trying to get it from the torrent. this is been the longest download time for any distro, I will be very appreciated if Suse publishs the mirrors.

  8. chris fudge

    Downloaded DVD via Bittorrent. 26 hours !!!!!!!
    Where am I going wrong ?

    • Anonymous

      I tried the dvd torrent at home, i got after a few minutes over 1MB/s. There are enough seeders with good bandwith.

  9. spiky78

    Wow, sounds good! I really love SUSE since v.7.0! Tried to konfig KDE 4.0.4 now on v. 11.0 but got back after one week to the good old (stable) KDE 3.5.9

  10. Awesome, OpenSuse 11 rocks :)

  11. FANTASTIC! I love OpenSuSE!

  12. Jens Uhlenbrock

    Opensuse 11.0 is really awesome. I use it with KDE 4.1 and it’s already quite stable. Should have been included in the official release instead of 4.0.4. When I read about all the backporting of kdepim, plasma and other features. If all this effort would have been spent on stabilizing 4.1 beta it might already be in RC quality. Of course, I’m exaggerating but it looks like a tremendous effort from the suse folks to deliver a usable KDE 4.0.4 and in one month it’s going to be for naught because 4.1 is out which will have even more features but again a few ones didn’t make the cut because of limited resources (e.g. proxy support).

  13. Xanadu

    60000 guys installed openSUSE, yay? I would be happy if it wasn’t for the fact this is so dangerous for Linux and FOSS, please, if sane openSUSE devs are listeneing, FORK it away from Novell, do it quick.

  14. Franco

    Opensuse 11.0 Rules! I have downloaded it from torret. I installed on my new Laptop Lenovo T61P and EVERYTHING works fine with Gnome environment. I guess that KDE 4 need more time to be a good and STABLE desk environment. Good Job!

  15. Prakash

    Opensuse 11.0 x86_64 is working great on MacBook4.

  16. dragonbite

    too bad you can’t count Net Installs, because my laptop doesn’t have a DVD player and it takes me long enough to download the 2GB of applications, let alone an entire DVD of applications I want *and* applications I don’t! ;)

  17. didencool

    hi, ppl
    one more comment. I download one copy of oS 11×386 but install it on 2 pc’s and will install it on 2 more, Some my friends still like opensuse 10.x

  18. Setareh sorbee3

    Anyone know when openSuse 11 will be on final build? Its in Beta at the moment and I’m not the greatest Linux user, so I’d rather wait until the final build before giving it a go. Anyone know when this will be?