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LWE 2008

August 10th, 2008 by

Another show is over, it was a good one with some annoying stuff … But first the good stuff: We gave away a lot of openSUSE PromoDVDs, so much that we ran out quite soon. But we ordered new ones, and in total i guess we spread 1800 DVDs. This includes the nice magazines we had, a full openSUSE 11.0 (yes, with 64bit), and GNOME/KDE Live system. Thats probably the most complete DVD you can get.

openSUSE LWE hmmm … something wrong here?

The openSUSE day was not that well visited, but the presentations i attended had some good discussion/feedback at the end. I visited also some Ubuntu’s talks to see if they were doing better, but same lack of people. So not a problem of openSUSE, more of the show.

Our location in the .org area was nearly the same as last year. This year with an awefull smell from the outside trash containers, and total lack of internet at our booth. It’s not really fun to present openSUSE without it, no 1-Click, no installation of packages, no wiki etc … But we still had some interesting discussions, met a lot of openSUSE fans and had good support at the booth. As always we met some old friends (incredible how many people from other parts of the world going to every Linux show), and met some new …

San Francisco is a great city, cold as always but i even managed to get my face sunburned :-). I hope that i can attend again next year …

Now i have to get rid of the jetlag and get used to CEST again. So far i’m doing pretty good, i woke up today at 17:00 :-). I hope this will be better after my vacation on Monday …

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7 Responses to “LWE 2008”

  1. feralmonkey

    So who won the prize (was it a linux computer?) that encouraged everyone to provide feedback about the openSUSE talks? :)

  2. Alan

    What’s LWE?

  3. Chris J

    Does the opensuse team plan to come to Washington DC? I’d like to go there.

  4. gekko75

    Same question here: What is LWE?

  5. MrAnonymous

    LWE is Linuxworld Expo. I think the prize was a chumby.

    I was at openSUSE day also. Even though not many people showed, I learned a lot. I hope it doesn’t go away because many good things start smal and grow.

    • Alan

      thanks, it was a strange typing lwe into google, wikipedia etc and not getting an answer that made sense!

  6. Something really went wrong. SUSEopen? Should be more careful next time. :-)