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Last Call for openSUSE Survey

August 21st, 2008 by

Don’t miss to participate at this year’s openSUSE survey and tell us how you use openSUSE, what’s good or not so good about it or what you’d like to see in future releases. In seeing how you’re using your computer we can improve openSUSE to match better your needs. The results will be published shortly after the end of the survey here – the page of our usability experts where already some other surveys and information with regards of usability are displayed.

The survey will be online till Aug 31st and we raffle under all participants some openSUSE t-shirts and caps. So, don’t miss the survey and have a lot of fun!

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3 Responses to “Last Call for openSUSE Survey”

  1. How do I check if I submitted it already?

  2. Anonymous

    Did not realize survey was about OpenSUSE 11 until commenced doing, am still OpenSUSE 10.3 oh well did anyway.

    Questions could perhaps be prepared with pathways for the technical and increasing number such as self who are non technical.

    Technically savvy people often assume non technical understand things :-O Like motorists, how many really need understand the mechanics and technical aspects of their car ?

    Switch to openSUSE my main problem was updating [STABLE?] software, like Pidgin and OpenOffice, how to learn if updating was happening or not happening because done something not right.

    Am happy to recommend making switch to Linux openSUSE.