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KDE in openSUSE 11.1 and Beyond

September 9th, 2008 by

After receiving a great deal of feedback on the issue of KDE 3.5 inclusion in openSUSE 11.1, the KDE team has decided to take the following course of action.

  • KDE 3.5 will be part of the DVD media for openSUSE 11.1, though we may need to slim the package selection for 3.5 sightly.
  • KDE 3.5 will not be included on the main desktop selection page, but will be included with other desktop environments and window managers like Xfce, WindowMaker, etc.
  • This will be the last release with KDE 3.5 packages maintained by the current KDE team. We are not opposed to continued development of KDE 3.5 by the community, however, and would be happy to work with contributors who are interested in packaging KDE 3.5.x for future releases of openSUSE.
  • KDE 3.5 will not be included on 11.2 “official” media or in the release repository for 11.2, but the community certainly has the option of creating KDE 3.5 packages in the build service, and creating live CDs with KDE 3.5 packages for 11.2.
  • The Novell KDE team will only be addressing P1 (high priority) bugs for KDE 3.5.x from this point forward. Again, this does not preclude community contributors from supporting KDE 3.5.x, and we encourage them to do so.

We’d like to thank all the people who helped provide constructive feedback while we evaluated the best course for the next release of openSUSE. While we know that no solution is guaranteed to make every user happy, we think that we’ve reached the best compromise for openSUSE 11.1 and beyond, to ensure a smooth transition.

Now that we have a clear path, we welcome any contributors who wish to help out. Please join the #opensuse-kde channel or speak up on the opensuse-factory list if you have any questions about how to get started with testing and packaging. It became fairly obvious pretty quickly that the creators of mobbles didn’t go into development without funds

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77 Responses to “KDE in openSUSE 11.1 and Beyond”

  1. Jk31user

    This is a major step in the wrong direction, suse 11.1 will be my last version of suse for sure.

    • Stefan Majewsky

      So which distribution will you be using after this? Do you really expect a major distro to include both KDE desktops for a reasonable amount of time.

      After all, if you want KDE 3.5, use a kdesvn-build version which is compatible with KDE 3, and build the 3.5 branch yourself.

      And, what is so bad about KDE 4? I agree with people arguing that some specific desktop features are missing in Plasma, but that is history in 4.2.

    • Bharat

      I switched to KDE4 and loving it. KDE4.0 was not good, but 4.1 is and its also quite to my liking. We need to move on and I appreciate the decision taken by openSuSE devs.

    • Just install Gnome than silly….. jeez….

    • kdeuser

      I agree that this is terrible news. I have been using SuSE since 7.2 and kde, but until now it almost always moved into the right direction. I have tried KDE 4 but I could not see anything that would make me want it more than KDE 3 (featurewise, I don’t care about the bling), quite the opposite. If there is still work on KDE 3, I would like to support it.

  2. Markus

    Great decision. While I’m a KDE 4 user, it’s good to see that people who prefer KDE 3 still have a choice.

    • Jk31user

      KDE4 is not stable, and it has problems with 2 both of my setups, with my nvidia graphics its slow as heck and with ati kde4 simply crashes the whole computer.
      KDE4 has bugs with the plasmoids getting deleted from the session which takes ~30minutes to reset up all the panels the way i had it.
      KDE4 panels dont work well with the number of programs I need to run, which is normaly 10+
      Please continue to support KDE3.

      • Markus

        So what’s your problem? KDE 3.5 will still be available in openSUSE 11.1.

        You read the article, did you?

      • Aaron Seigo

        > with my nvidia graphics its slow as heck

        this is an nVidia driver problem, and their latest beta drivers address the issues pretty well. the next driver release should be a nice relief.

        > and with ati kde4 simply crashes the whole computer.

        i don’t know about this one, unfortunately. hopefully it’s similar to the nvidia issues and will be worked out with updated drivers.

        > the plasmoids getting deleted from the session

        this certainly doesn’t happen with a proper installation; worst case scenario is you lose the last 10 seconds (yes, seconds) of configuration effort.

        > panels dont work well with the number of programs I need to run, which is normaly 10+

        i suppose you are refering to the taskbar? if so, 4.0 had a multi-row taskbar, 4.1 regressed due to changes in Qt that caused a taskbar shakeup in Plasma. 4.2 will have a multi-row taskbar again.

        seeing as the first version of OpenSUSE without a KDE 3 version available will likely include KDE 4.3 (one better than 4.2), you should be covered just fine.

        • quickshade

          > this is an nVidia driver problem, and their latest beta drivers address the issues pretty well. the next driver release should be a nice relief.

          No, I don’t think this is an nVidia driver problem. I have two computers at Work, 3 Computers at home. 3 of them using Integrated Intel card and 2 of them use nVidia. All 5 of them has serious 2D performance problem in KDE4.

          So I had a strong belief that the problem lies in QT4 or KDE4 kwin, since both intel card and nvidia card has problem

          Yes the vesa driver works without any 2D performance problem, but can you say both the intel driver and nvidia driver sucks?

        • sbattey

          Considering the fact that nVidia has FIXED the issue in their beta drivers, yes we can say that it is a driver issue.

          Please do your research before you criticize a good product. This is the same kind of stuff that has prevented Microsoft from having success with Vista.

          Consumers are judging products before they ACTUALLY try them.

          As for your claim that ATI causes the system to crash, I am using an ATI integrated chipset and it works very well. Perhaps you should try UPGRADING your drivers. Please do research before spreading FUD.

        • Benjamin Weber

          The issue is not fixed for me with nvidia’s beta drivers. As of 177.67, using the options recommended on techbase and nvnews rendering is still far too slow on my hardware. I get maybe one frame per second, X using 100% of a core constantly. (8800GTS, Q6600)

        • Peter Eriksson

          The NVIDIA beta 177.70 has solved a lot of the problems for me, X has never taken more than 10% for me even with the ‘bug’, only thing that is slow now is resizing of Konsole. (8600GT, Q6600).

        • Benjamin Weber

          Yes, 177.70 does indeed seem a great deal faster. Still a lot slower rendering than KDE3, but a lot more bearable.

        • omaha

          As far as I am aware of there have been identified bugs in the Nvidia driver causing underperformance. Therefore I (finally) installed the 177.70 (32bits) for my Nvidia NVS 140 and can confirm that the performance is significantly better than 173.xx.xx.

  3. Omaha

    To me this seems like a wise decision. Hopefully users with very strong feelings for KDE 3.5 will step up and contribute accordingly.

    I do not believe that abandoning OpenSuse will be the right choice for those deeply dissatisfied with this compromise. The very same issue will arise with any distribution. Even though KDE 4.1 is perceived as a negative development by many KDE 3.5 users, it cannot be all negative.

    KDE 4.1 will draw new users to Linux in general and to OpenSuse in particular. Personally I started with SuSe 8, and it was the OpenSuse 11 KDE 4.1 combo that caused my return after a long period with other alternatives. Recruiting new users have never been easier in my sphere, and that is not a contradiction as regards old dogs with established habits. With KDE 4.1 Linux has it’s own desktop environment and it’s own graphical identity. That IS important, but not the most significant advantage. The potential is.

    I’ll use Thinkpads as an example. Getting Lenovo to develop ThinkVantage in KDE 4 / QT will provide Thinkpadusers with simple Biosupdates whether Linux/BSD/Solaris/Windows is installed. No more battery management hazzle.

    The same goes for mobilephones from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and so on. Users could update their firmware and get software irrespective of OS. And all of these could easily be synced with the same application. It’s a chance to be treated on equal terms with users preferring other OS’es..

  4. greenmachine

    I am a user with strong feelings for KDE 3.5. However, I can understand this move – software must evolve. I will most likely be helping out with KDE 3.5 community effort.

    But, I will be keeping a close eye on KDE 4 because it has a lot of potential. And I may even switch over.


  5. susegebr

    This decision gives relief for this version of opensuse 11.1 and kde3 but be awere : reinstall kde3 from the repositories because not all is there

    Better even download all the kde3 rpm’s
    put them on a cdrw. (K3b)

    Install 11.1 but no software called kde4
    reinstall kde3 from cdrw

    I myself have the kernel
    I will install that one on 11.1 because there are no crippeld GSPCA webcam drivers
    and i can use the madwifi drivers they compile fine on that kernel
    The same for the NVIDIA drivers the wont instal on 2.6.27.xx xx xx cant compile a kernel modules

    But saying this i better stick to 11.0 with that kernel madwifi gspca nvidia
    the way it is now with all the tweaks its doing what I WANT.

  6. linuxoidoz

    Well, KDE4.1 has some issues because it’s newer than older KDE3.5, obviously, and much less of them than the first 4.0. I love KDE4. I found it’s just a little different to 3.5. I thought some things didn’t work until I found out that they actually do but in a slightly different way or located somewhere else. Now I use KDE4 exclusively on all my computers and am willing to put up with the few issues for the sake of running a more modern and nicer looking desktop. Well, yeah, nVidia is slow, but it’s not a KDE fault, write to nVidia to fix their driver. Or use Intel, it’s lightning fast on Intel. In fact, ha-ha, my Inspiron laptop with onboard Intel video is faster than my desktop with an nVidia GT8600 card. And I still love KDE4!

    You will have to switch to the new version anyway, just take it or leave it, now or later. If you leave it you can always take it later, no problem. But don’t force everybody else to be stuck with the old desktop. And the openSUSE team will still give you the choice. What’s the problem? The KDE3 option is hidden instead of being together with KDE4? C’mon, we’re not in a kindergarden, what’s the big deal? The version in openSUSE 11.1 will be even better than the one now.

    Yeah, go KDE4!

  7. as a practical linux user. i would like to see strong community support for kde 3.5.
    i have yet to try kde4 since it’s beta release. dont have high hope on version 4 for now but of course i wish everything would work out the way i want.
    linux sucks on the desktop. period.

  8. as a practical linux user. i would like to see strong community support for kde 3.5.
    i have yet to try kde4 since it’s beta release. dont have high hope on version 4 for now but of course i wish everything would work out the way i want.
    linux fails on the desktop. period.

  9. Jeffro

    I applaud that.

    In my opinion, KDE4 is ready for prime-time with 4.1.1. Is it perfect? No. Is it good enough? Most certainly. It’s finally got enough polish and enough stability and enough apps where it’s my primary desktop now.

    Hopefully, with more and more modern distros relegating KDE3 to a “hidden” choice or a “non” choice, the (very few) KDE3 apps I still use will get ported. (KNetworkManager and KPowerSave, I’m looking at you!)

  10. Anand Rangarajan

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll skip 11.1 and will wait for 11.2 before upgrading. (I’m currently running 10.3)

    KDE 4.1 is not ready for prime time. For example, dpms does not work for me when the screensaver is enabled. The audio subsystem crashes each time I log out. I have no way of knowing what other basic bugs lurk without getting fixed. Overall kde 4.0 (and 4.1) have not been a good experience thus far but hopefully that’ll change.

    • Markus

      I don’t really understand why you feel that you won’t be able to install KDE 4.2 on openSUSE 11.1. And did the thought cross your mind that your problems with KDE 4.x might be related to openSUSE 10.3? I use KDE 4.1 on openSUSE 11.0 and I don’t have any problems you described.

      • Anand Rangarajan

        I’ve installed opensuse 11.0 and kde 4.1 via vmware and have checked them out. IMHO, kde 4.1 is still not ready. I’ll check out opensuse 11.1 and kde 4.x later (via vmware). Based on what I’ve seen so far, kde 3.5.10 “feels” better than kde 4.1.

  11. quickshade

    I think 4.2 will be the “one” 4.1 is the one that made most people switch, and it finished a lot of the stuff that wasn’t finished in 4.0. Now 4.2 is the first time that developers have complete freedom to develop what they want and really make KDE shine. and in all reality KDE4 already blows KDE3 out of the water in many areas.

  12. MM

    Bad news :-(
    Very stupid decision. KDE 4 is still unusable and will be unusable some time in the future !

    • Markus

      Then don’t use it! Unlike Fedora, Mandriva, or Kubuntu, openSUSE 11.1 won’t force you into KDE 4.

    • Omaha

      I resent usage of terms like “a stupid decision”. You have concluded that KDE 4 is unusable – it might be for you, but for others it works quite excellent. If your statements were “KDE 4 does not provide the facilities I need” or “My hardware isn’t up to it” or “It should become more mature before it can be considered for MY USAGE” or simply “My preferences are different and I therefore don’t like it”- It’s all fair and square. But don’t confuse yourself with everybody else. You are not me and we have different needs.

      Kindly restrict yourself to speak on your own behalf please….

  13. Peter

    I experience same 2D performance problems in kde4 in relation to kde3, also with an ati card. I also think this is a qt4 problem, and on solving these kde seems not to have enough influence. I am also not confident with showing kde3 not as an option in the main desktop selection.

  14. Guys, you are talking like KDE4 will never be stable or usable. Why did you ever switched from KDE2 to KDE3 then?
    SUSE 11.0 will be supported few years, you can use it without switching to 11.1 if you don’t use new software packages any way.
    One of the greatest linux advantages – it always moves forward. You can’t go back in evolution, KDE developers almost shutted down all KDE3 developments, only bugfixind now. KDE4 will be major desktop enviroment, and it’s great!

  15. superppl

    Has anyone here stopped for a second and considered the fact that next version of openSUSE will not be out for many months?
    KDE 4 will be much more mature by then, especially since KDE dev teams will be focusing all of their energy on it, and KDE 3.5 will still be available for those of us who care.

    Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that KDE 4 has attracted quite a few users to openSUSE and linux in general, so you can’t this is all terrible apocalyptic end of the world kind of stuff.

  16. Sergio1704

    Jk31user, I am in the same situation as you (I strongly dislike KDE 4), but 11.2 is still very far away. Besides, the community has always done a good job in packaging KDE. And honestly, in one year time or so we might either decide that KDE 4 isn’t that bad after all or we might move to another DE, with GNOME and Xfce being the top favourites.

    OT: there is something wrong here. I could have pretended I was Aekold Helbrass, my browser was showing all his data.

  17. ianjo

    Don’t want to feed the trolls, but come on people. Both opensuse 11.0 and 11.1 will have kde3, and they will be supported for years.
    Do you really think that in 2 years or more time kde4 won’t have reached feature-parity and beyond with kde 3? Maybe instead of putting it down today, you can try it then and see if you still have any problems or missing things or not.

    Also, have you ever heard of something called “the opensuse build service”? The build service has *ALL* the facilities for continuing to build kde 3.5 packages (rpm, deb), not only for opensuse, but for other distros too. So, if you like KDE 3 that much, get involved, help maintain, etc. Just don’t whine because others won’t do it for you.

  18. Andreas Jaeger

    I’ve wrote my own comments here: http://lizards.opensuse.org/2008/09/10/kde3-and-kde4-for-opensuse/

  19. zak

    This is ridiculous. “KDE4 is [not ready for use/never will be ready/is junk/etc] because [it crashed my system/is unstable/is bad/is really bad/I don’t like it.]. Did anyone think that maybe they aren’t the only person on the planet? Should we just toss out every technology that doesn’t work for YOU? Sure, if you don’t want to put any effort into working with and improving KDE 4 by providing USEFUL feedback, have it your way. The community will probably be better off without you. But for many, many others, KDE 4 is a tremendous step in the right direction. I believe this is a very wise descision, as KDE 4 could not possibly improve if mainstream distros continue supporting an older version.

  20. BartOtten

    1.) Nagging about KDE4 is offtopic. KDE 3.5 is included as you can read
    2.) You are too late! There was a long discussion, positive and negative points were evaluated and this is the result.
    3.) If you don’t like openSUSE for that then pick another distro. We’ll laugh our head of when they switch to KDE 4 without offering a hidden KDE3.5 install.
    4.) Complaining that KDE4.1 does not offer all the features of KDE3.5 is stupid cause the other way around does KDE3.5 not offer most of the features of KDE4.x

  21. Anon

    wow, so much childish moaning.

    I’m surprised that KDE 4 isn’t, in so few minds ready for prime time. I have yet to have a problem with, and it worked perfectly. I think it is more some of you don’t like change and are crying for the sake of it.

    As for the moans about Nvidia, you may like to know that yes it is the driver causing the problem, and the latest release of KDE 4 broke the beta driver to which nvidia are working on a fix for it.

  22. S tudent

    Sweet. That’s why I choose opensuse compared to (K)ubuntu.
    I still hope for some new plasmoids, as there are few on my list from kde-looks..

  23. Great news!!!

    KDE4 rocks… and KDE4.2 will be even better since it will cover all the missing features from kde3.5 plus some new kde4 features!!!

    I really can’t wait for opensuse 11.1 :D

  24. oldcpu

    This reads like a well thought out decision.

    I was very happy to read the statement that (1) “KDE 3.5 will be part of the DVD media for openSUSE 11.1” (2) and “We are not opposed to continued development of KDE 3.5 by the community, however, and would be happy to work with contributors who are interested in packaging KDE 3.5.x for future releases of openSUSE.”

    I provide remote openSUSE linux support to an elderly relative who lives far away (a continent away), and I only get to visit them once/year. Their openSUSE-10.2 support from Novell (KDE-3.5.5) is ending soon, and in January-2009, when I visit next I want to upgrade them to a supported, similar looking desktop. That is because I do not know KDE4 well enough to give them the support they are used to getting. If I go for openSUSE-11.0 (with KDE-3.5.9) I am forced to update their openSUSE again in January-2010 when (if) I visit. By openSUSE-11.1 having KDE-3.5.10 support, I can put 11.1 on their PC in January-2009, and that gives me 2 years to come up to speed in KDE4, such that in January-2011, when openSUSE-11.1 support has just recently finished, I can update them to openSUSE-11.3 or 12.0 with KDE4.

    Plus, if the community provides KDE3 in openSUSE-11.2, I have even more options.

    Well done for a well thought out decision.

  25. Miguel Angel

    Well, opensuse 11.0 was very dissapointing for me, so I switched back to good ol’ 10.3, and now I’m using windows again. First of all, I think the 6 month lifetime for a release is pretty stupid. I downgraded to 10.3 because my Matlab 2007b was meesed up in 11.0, plus it has awful artwork. I think XP is 7 years old, and sadly, stills more reliable at least for me.

    KDE 4.0 performance was poor to me too, it isn’t as coustumizable as 3.5.x, and the default settings and the ones that can be costumized had a crappy factor equals to 12. For example, the big fonts and the big size of the taskbar. And the icons looks nice ins 128×128, but very blurry at 16×16.

    I wish I were a good programmer, so I can change things. Maybe the 4.x programmer are making their darnest to get back the respect for KDE. And I’m sure they’re will. But, in the meanwhile, I stay with XP, at least, it renders the fonts pretty neat.

    As we say ins spanish: “It is better to stay with a well-know bad-one, that switch him for a unknown bad-one.”

    See you in KDE 4.5!

    • FYI: I’m successfully using Matlab 2007b on openSUSE 11.0 without any problem. Matlab simply need a working java installation, nothing else. You probably had some problem during its installation.

  26. susegebr

    Seeing all the replys its evident that the kde4 junks are pushing and pushing kde4

    We see all over the internet calls to fork kde3 thumbs up

    So we skip opensuse 11.1
    and come back with 12.0 and a full kde3
    with a normal kernel no in kernel gspca drivers they are shit
    And if they cant make a normal kernel we switch to what ever distro that can. Think Debian here.

    So stop chasing your users out and listen to them and what they want.
    It was so with SUSE GMBH and it will be with Novell-Suse again or they will stop to exist as a linux distro

    • I see calls, but I don’t see anyone stepping up to actually *do* anything. If you read the post, you’ll see that KDE3 will be included in 11.1, so I don’t understand your hostility. We are addressing what users wanted — but at some point, our developers need to be able to focus on a single upstream project. If the community is behind KDE3, then we will have contributors to maintain KDE3 and you’ll still be able to find KD3 packages as long as the community is interested in maintaining it. We certainly won’t refuse the help — but it’s not reasonable to expect our developers to maintain both forever. If you’re unhappy with the direction taken by the KDE project itself, I’m sorry – but we didn’t push the development roadmap on behalf of KDE.

    • Omaha

      And if they cant make a normal kernel we switch to what ever distro that can. Think Debian here. There is a vanilla kernel available, and there is no reason whatsoever for you to change/upgrade your distro if your setup is what you want. If you do not want progress – why bother with it at all?

      So stop chasing your users out and listen to them and what they want.
      OpenSuse gives the users exactly what they want in terms of providing both KDE 3.5 AND KDE 4. You are absolutely free to choose to continue with KDE 3.5. What makes me REALLY provoked is that you are expressing yourself on behalf of “the users” as if you are an elected advocate for all OpenSuse or KDE users. Attempts to restrict the developers freedom to develop whatever they want/like/agree is a serious attack on the Foss/Gnu/Linux idea. As a user you are free to use, alter, contribute, suggest, promote (or not) whatever you like. But attempts to prevent developers freedom, or prevent users with different preferences than yours from getting access to innovative free software is ignorant and selfish.

      It was so with SUSE GMBH and it will be with Novell-Suse again or they will stop to exist as a linux distro
      Your are fundamentally wrong. Novell/OpenSuse is a significant contributor to OpenSource/Gnu/Linux and their choice in this matter will strengthen OpenSuse, not weaken the distro. Should you decice to abandond OpenSuse and their supporters on basis of politics/principals you should also avoid code/facilities/apps written by them or financed by them.

      That’s the only way you could keep your ethics remotely intact. Good luck achieving that.

  27. Jake

    I’m so tired of listening to people complain. I’m using KDE4.1.1 on OpenSUSE 11 and have had great success. Yes, every product has their bugs at first, but KDE4.1 has prove to be great. I remember when I started using KDE3, and I had WAY more problems than I have now with KDE 4.1, of which, I only have one very small issue which doesn’t stop me from using it.

    Novell/KDE is making the right decision, innovating, and moving forward. Those people who don’t want to use KDE4, then don’t use it and quit complaining and have fun in the land of obsolete software while everyone else pushes forward.

    KDE4 is pushing the mark here, and by the time it reaches KDE 4.5 it will be sweet as hell and will blow KDE3 away in terms of features. Qt now has the backing of Nokia, so the entire project is finally getting the support it needs to move forward.

    I look at Gnome and see they are not planning for the future like KDE is. You have all these KDE developers saying that the KDE3 code/framework has been pushed to its limits and they are tired of having to jimmy-rig the code together to get it to work right and they’re all sick of it.

    So, with KDE4, they start over, building the software from the ground up, building it right so they don’t have to jimmy-rig anymore code, and they’ve learned from KDE1, KDE2, and KDE3, and they have put a hell of a lot of time into it. Yet there are people who still complain since a new project is so early in its lifespan and not everything is hunky-dory yet.

    Not everything was hunky-dory in KDE1, KDE2, AND KDE3 days. You’re all comparing KDE 3.5, a product many many years old, very stable, and pushed to its limits in terms of technology and life-span.

    Accept KDE 3.5 for what it is. And embrace KDE4 for what it is going to become. When it boils down to it, KDE4 will one day be the KDE 3.5 of its time.

  28. needTOS

    So I had to go through my old Linux Distro CD’s to find out how long I’ve been using KDE, and it’s been since KDE2. And I hated it when KDE 3 came out, but now I like it, and think that I was being stupid, now that KDE 4 is out, and I’ve had time to use it, I must say that it has great potential, and I love the way it works. And that using it on a 1GHz Pentium III 768MB Ram.

    Don’t tell me it wont run on all of your computers, because I have the worst config for linux on my laptop, ATi Vdieo card, and Broadcom 4306 WIFI (that b43-fwcutter will not work on), yet it runs fine with KDE4, but not 3. So I must say I am looking forward to using KDE 4 as my secondary Windows Manager, right behind Gnome.

  29. AlbertoP

    I would hardly say KDE 3 was “pushed to the limit of its lifespan”, considering that KDE 3 in my opinion reached a good level of stability and performance around KDE 3.4. And frankly I don’t see why it should be different with KDE 4. It won’t be ready for regular use before 4.4 or 4.5, with 4.3 an acceptable compromise.

  30. Rod

    I’ve looked at KDE 4.1 and the part missing that is in 3.5 you can setup panels on each side of the desktop. I have a 22″ wide screen and have my icons in those panels rather than the desktop. That makes it easier to start different applications with out minimizing others.

    • Omaha

      Let me provide som good news for you, Rod ;o)

      You can put your panels on either side, top, bottom, left, right. Just unlock your screen elements an click once on the “plasmatic icon” that appear on your panel. Press the right mousebutton while your cursor are somewhere over the rather wide “panelcontrol” that appears and you could drag it to your desired position. When you click’n drag on the edge you will alter the with,click’n drag on the middle somewhere and you’ll move it.


  31. chaaaarliiiiieeeeee

    i’m new to linux and kde 4 got me into it so to speak… i’m currently experimenting with suse 11 and kde 3.5, kubuntu intrepid alpha 5 with kde 4.1.1 and kubuntu 8.04 with kde 4.0 and i haven’t had any problems with either of them… i think kde 4.x is great (at least for noobs) and i’m curious in what way it’s gonna develop :-)

  32. mingus

    The roadmap takes a reasonable and responsible approach, with 3.5 supported in 11.1 and still avail through community in 11.2. By 11.2 KDE 4 should be fully stabilized. KDE 4 is the strategic direction, and needs to be the primary focus.

    I’m amazed at the way some people whine, behaving as if this is a commercial product that they have paid for. How much of your time do you contribute to the project? And where do you get off acting like you represent “users” and can predict the demise of the project over this? That is just so self-centered and immature.

    Next summer let’s see whether Fedora, Kubuntu, etc are still featuring 3.5 . . .

  33. Dimble

    I am delighted that opensuse 11.2 will be fully KDE4, but i am a little concerned about the timing of 11.2 in relation to the KDE4 release schedule.

    KDE 4.3 will be released at the end of June 2009, enforced by the early july start for Akademy. A six/seven month release window for opensuse would be a poor effort if it could not include KDE 4.3, whereas an eight/nine month development time with an early august release for 11.2 would be fantastic……….. if it included KDE 4.3.

    My concern stems from the decision to releaese opensuse 11.0 with KDE 4.04 and opensuse 11.1 just before KDE 4.2 and just before the major KDE apps release the KDE4 versions.

    p.s. opensuse 11.0 with the KDE 4.1.1. desktop is an excellent product that i enjoy and trust.

  34. I am really glad that the KDE 4 series will become the main focus from now on. I realize that many users were extremely dissatisfied with KDE 4.0 (and deservedly so!), but KDE 4.1 is extremely usable, and the KDE developers plan to include many of the missing KDE 3.5.x features in KDE 4.2. Great news!

    P.S. For users who wrote something like “I will switch distros to keep KDE 3.5”, please realize that Fedora has already made the switch to KDE 4.0, while Kubuntu 8.10 will follow suit as of this October. In reality, openSUSE is the last of the major Linux distros to finally branch out completely. I think it is time to accept the fact that KDE 4.x is here to stay, and it would be best if everyone contributes to improving the latest desktop series. Of course, there is always the option of Gnome for those who simply cannot adjust themselves to KDE 4.

  35. Duncan Donut

    I support irrdev’s post above. KDE 4.1 is worlds better than 4.0 stability wise. KDE 4 is the future whether some people like it or not. If you don’t like KDE 4 then you can just use Gnome. You do have a choice between desktops unlike other operating systems. Besides KDE3 will be included in suse 11.1, which is surprising as all distro’s are switching to KDE4.

  36. susegebr

    Add http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/SL-OSS-factory/inst-source/suse/x86_64/ to your yast repositories which is Opensuse 11.1

    Start Software management

    Than on the line ‘filter’ select Repositories
    select there distribution/SL-OSS-factory/inst-source/suse/x86_64/

    Now you can see program for program utility for utility lib for lib
    what changed between 11.0 as it is installed and Opensuse 11.1
    Not a hole lot of changes just minor updates
    So is it worth to download 4.3 GB on a 2 mbit abbo 5 to 6 hours

    I dont think so

    I do this every week to see if their is any breath taking development

    If kde3 is in front here 1 update kde3 from 11.1 but mostly its unstable

    kde4 cant tell cause i don’t use it

    • Omaha

      Normal users might want to have a look over at Distrowatch – there they provide a overview of many releases – no point grinding repos for that.


      What DO you expect? Show me ANY distro with some history that provide breathtaking news every 6 months! Obviously you’ve missed the breathtaking with OpenSuse 11.0….. Major updates to installationprocedures – rework of Yast- zypper – KDE 4.1 that is… i OpenSuse 11.1 the kernel updates to 2.6.27 and KDE 4.X will be improved further. Same goes for KDE 3.5 and Gnome. It really should NOT matter to you at all – apparently you have already decided to stick to 11.0 keeping your tweaks.

      If it is KDE 4.1 that’s nagging you – get over it or simply move on – the article in debate relates to KDE in 11.1 – stick to it.

      Somehow I get the impression that your nagging is more about Novell/Suse – in that case: Live with it or leave it – There is nothing you or I can do about it.

      It might be that Microsoft Vista is a better choice for you….

      • susegebr

        Firt off all this is on news-opensuse-org
        So what i said concerns opensuse users no distrowatch peeks

        Opensue 11.0 great rework off Yast and zypper and rpm
        I have to say that
        Things in 10.3 were the least to say baerly useable so i went to 10.2

        All versions i had were boxed versions till 11.0
        All bought in Holland for a whopping 60 euros.
        And i think i will have 11.1 or 11.2 again as boxed version on 2 dvd’s
        with all the software normaly on the boxed versions

        So the differences i notice are not Novel/Suse but Opensuse download against Boxed version from Suse

  37. Kwpolska

    No! Please dont delete KDE3! 4 have too much more bugs! On my openSUSE 11.0 i cant run it (Error about kdeinit4)! Please, make good decision! If KDE3 is deleted, im go away from openSUSE.

  38. black-leopard

    Great news!!!

    KDE4 rocks… and KDE4.2 will be even better since it will cover all the missing features from kde3.5 plus some new kde4 features!!!

    I really can’t wait for opensuse 11.1 :D

    John. Will it add a customizable main menu (with no hard-coded system entries, and the ability to reorder all the entries any way I want), a functional Mac menubar (like the one KDE 3 and earlier have), the ability to reorder the panel applets as I want, the ability to hide the top right widget thing from the desktop, and the ability to burn CD´s and compress/expand archives DIRECTLY within dolphin (like you do in XP, where the filemanager treats archives and blank media as folders and uses the same views i them as it would in regular folders)? If it doesn´t, then it´s still not good for me.

  39. David G.

    Take this from a new user (Windows since early 3.1 and just switched to Linux this past April 2008) to Linux (Kubuntu). I am quite disappointed with Kubuntu’s decision to drop KDE 3.5.10 for KDE 4.1.2 with their new release 8.10. This has caused me to look for a different distribution with KDE 3.5 support. Now you can argue with me all you want about how silly I am to not consider KDE4. You can argue all you want. But i am a real newbie user with a real concern. I am just learning Linux and I’m not going to be jumping around all over the place looking for the “newest and the magnificent” If this is you, maybe you have more Linux knowledge then i do, but i am still not happy with the decision. The reason i went to Linux? Windows Vista! I have also converted other Windows users to the Linux desktop. I want stability in an operating system not what’s “cool” Keep the stability of KDE 3.5…until we have the confidence that KDE4 has all the features it desires and bugs mostly fixed.

  40. Daniel M

    How many moaners on here have actually spent a single hour on developing software?

    Love the speed of 11.1rc1. Can’t find too many bugs myself.

  41. Martyn Hare (Unconfined)

    I am of the belief that KDE 3.5.x should be kept until OpenSuSE 12.x and supported in the SuSE Enterprise Desktop 11. KDE 3.5.x performs a champ.. however KDE 4.x does not. Many people say that GNU/Linux is *the* most stable system going, if distributors cannot keep their systems stable (supporting the old and the new?) then how is that the case?

    I have made the move to GNOME to provide the stable platform for myself; if no-one steps up to the mark to provide good KDE 3.5.x packages then i’ll produce some for those who are new and want the old`n`tested.

  42. Dee

    KDE 4.x is crippled garbage as is Compiz. OpenSuse 11.0 was also no better. Dot oh’s always blow.
    I don’t expect 11.1 to be much better. Dot one’s are never much better. MAYBE by 11.3 things may be usable.

    After 2 months of constant lock ups (NOT using Compiz or KDE 4.0) I reinstalled OpenSuse 10.3 w/KDE 3.5.10 and am enjoying the stability I require.

    I will stick with 10.3 and 3.5.x for as long as I can. I can see my very long last love affair with Suse is coming to an end.

  43. Just move to gnome.. pronblem solved ;-)

  44. Livino

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about. Not only KDE 3.5 will be supported in 11.1, but it’s also one of the install options. It isn’t *hidden*, it was simply moved to the “other options” in the **very same** installer screen. It’s just a matter of selecting the KDE3.5 option.

    As for future support, well, just imagine where KDE3 would be if everybody tried to mantain KDE2 instead of moving on.

    openSUSE made the right decision. Let’s put our time and energy into making KDE4 the best desktop available. Failing that, there’s always Gnome!

  45. mrtessster

    I just updated KDE4 in my OpenSuse 11.0, and at last… a hideable panel. Now I use KDE4 exclusively. I agree with the direction. KDE4 is great.

  46. jay

    I just installed OpenSuSE 11.1. It detected my Dell 2007WFP, but did not allow me to set resolution to 1680×1050. I can go up to 1280×1024. :(

  47. Justin

    Everyone said that 4.1 was ready for common usage so I tried it. I think those people have very low standards. Some things don’t seem to work correctly, lots of features are missing, and in general it seems like a desktop in a very immature stage. I will be switching back to 3.5 and waiting for KDE 4 to improve (thanks to those working on it).

    To the person who said that KDE 4 will attract new users, why should I care about that? I don’t use Linux distros so that I can attract more people. Although I would love to see more people use Linux distros, I don’t think that should happen at the expense of its quality. I suspect that everyone on here who thinks KDE 4 is great does so because it has flashy junk that catches the eye. I don’t care about that. I like KDE 3.5 because it’s easy to use, has features that are great, and doesn’t break. If you want flashy, eye candy, get a Mac, and leave the adults with their own desktop.

  48. Jay M

    Would be good if the next openSUSE release (oS 11.2) also included KDE 3.5, since that is considered to be more stable, with a large user-base. Especially in view of so many problems (plasma component/desktop crash), reported with KDE 4.2.