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Development Release: openSUSE 11.1 Beta 2 Now Available

October 3rd, 2008 by

The first beta release for 11.1 was so popular, we’ve decided to do it again! The openSUSE Project is happy to announce the release of openSUSE 11.1 beta 2, available for immediate download and testing.

Please note:
* LiveCDs are being regenerated and released on Monday (Oct. 6th).
* Also, the x86_64 Beta1-Beta2 delta.iso is currently broken — to be released on Monday as well.
* the new factory tree is available from http://download.opensuse.org/factory/repo/oss/.

What’s changed since beta 1?

Major changes in this release include:

* Live CDs for GNOME and KDE [currently to big, see bnc#431900]
* VirtualBox 2.0.2
* Intel e1000e status (See below)
* OpenOffice.org 3.0RC2
* GNOME 2.24.0
* KDE 4.1.2
* Mono 2.0 RC 3
* Compiz 0.7.8

Please also see the 11.1 beta 1 release announcement:

See DistroWatch for an expanded list of packages being shipped in the Factory distribution.

Status of the e1000e issue

Our beta1 release contained a bug that would cause the non-volatile memory (NVM) of the e1000e controller to be corrupted in certain hardware combinations. This NVM is shared with other components of the system.

We are still working on root-causing the issue, in close cooperation with developers from Intel and the general Linux community.

In this release, the e1000e driver has been augmented with several kernel patches that prevent all of the plausible scenarios where the NVM would be overwritten. This includes a patch that enables write-protection of the NVM. In order to corrupt the NVM with this patch in place, an application or kernel module would have to undo this write protection explicitly before being able to erase the NVM. Most of these protective measures have been implemented within the e1000e driver.

All tests performed so far have shown that with these protections in place, we are unable to reproduce the NVM corruption that could be seen with beta1. On some machines that were tested, a beta1 installation could lead to NVM corruption within 10-30 reboots, whereas a beta2 installation would perform 270 reboots without corrupting the NVM.

Therefore, we have made a conscious decision to leave the e1000e driver enabled by default. We think with the additional safeguards in place (most of which are part of the e1000e driver), the NVM is better protected than without loading the driver. This is based on the assumption that the e1000e driver shares the NVM with other parts of the system.

Nevertheless, users have the option to install beta2 with the e1000e driver disabled, by adding the following to the kernel command line when booting from the installation CD/DVD:


This will prevent the driver from being loaded during installation, and will also add it to the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, which will prevent it from being loaded automatically in the future.

OpenOffice.org Packages

As with the beta 1 release, the OpenOffice.org packages are still in a state of flux. Known bugs with OpenOffice.org in this release include:

  • the dialog to change macro security level is empty; many other dialogs are affected similar way
  • “help” and “from template” and many other dialogs do not have icons
  • the initial wizard (to select document type) is not showed
  • macro editor does not highlight the lines with breakpoints
  • macro editor does not mark the line where the code is stopped (arrow)
  • Suse-puzzler.xls works only partly; e.g. “Sneaky Peak” or “About” works but the “Shuffle” does nothing. Also, the pieces cannot be moved with a mouse.
  • some missing hacks from ooo-build/bin/package-ooo and older OOo.spec
  • missing OOo-sdk compat stuff (to build voiko…, bnc#428403)
  • parallel build problem (basic module)

Call for Testing

We all want openSUSE 11.1 to be the best release yet, and we need your help to get there. This release is ready for widespread testing, and we’re encouraging everyone to download and test the beta release. Please run the release through your usual routine, and let us know about any bugs or other issues that you find. Remember that this is a beta release, and is not suitable for use on production systems, however.

If you want to help testing using the standard test cases, look at openSUSE.org/Testing, and in particular see the new features specific to openSUSE 11.1:


This is a definitive list of new features added into 11.1 that need testing.

To follow the testing and development process, we suggest that you subscribe to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list, and join the #openSUSE-Factory channel on Freenode to discuss openSUSE development.

Media and Download

The 11.1 beta is just one of the releases that will lead to the final 11.1 release. You can find the entire roadmap on the openSUSE wiki: http://en.opensuse.org/Roadmap

Downloads are available here: http://software.opensuse.org/developer

See http://en.opensuse.org/Mirror_Selection for a full list of mirrors. Note that you don’t need to choose a mirror yourself, but you can use the mirror list if you want or need to select a mirror manually.

Most Annoying Bugs

– Bug 431900 – LiveCDs too big
– Bug 431895 – http and ftp installation broken on x86_64 and ppc
– Bug 431861 – beta2 PPC DVD is broken
– Bug 431905 – installation over ssh does not work
– Bug 431491 – openSUSE 11.1 Beta2 doesn’t boot in a VirtualBox
– Bug 431880 – nfs broken on beta2
– Bug 431879 – update configuration doesn’t work
– Bug 427102 – OpenOffice.org split is work in progress.
– Bug 427923 – Distro uses openSUSE 11.0 branding.
– Bug 431865 – unable to install web development pattern.

Future Release Announcements

Note to openSUSE contributors: If you have any changes or features to call out for future release announcements, please send an email to Zonker with any information that should be in that announcement. (Preferably at least two days before the scheduled release.)

Thanks, and have a lot of fun! Mercury is https://admission-writer.com/ the closest planet to the sun, less than half of the earth’s distance

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54 Responses to “Development Release: openSUSE 11.1 Beta 2 Now Available”

  1. peteleinnen

    are there any screenshots out there ?
    hope u get it right this time with updates and dependencies . 11.0 is a mess …….

  2. Miguel Angel

    Nice, the beta releases came sooner than I thought. Anyway… what about the “Graphic Design” (style) of the 11.1? I’ve seen the pixel pool, and there is nothing concrete nor meture there. I don’t want another half-assed release (like 11.0). And yes, If I were a graphic design I would contribute with the pixel pool, sadly, I’m not.

    Please, polish the look n’ feel of the new release. 10.3 whas the pinacle of coolness so far (10.1 second place). Take in consideration that the “style” of a new OS is what brings new users. Like the MacOS OSes, there prettier every new release, so it had a lot of faithfull followers.

    • Miguel, the graphic design of openSUSE 11.1 will come out of what’s on the Pixel Pool right now. No, it won’t be exactly the same, it will be polished up and incorporate some graphic features from both of the two best themes up right now.

      What about 11.0’s artwork do you not like? We’d like to know, so we can apply what users are saying to new designs.

      Also, you don’t have to be a graphics designer to contribute to the Pixel Pool or openSUSE Artwork. Simply stating if you seriously dislike something about the artwork can help us better create designs for openSUSE that work for everyone.

      Feel free to take a look around http://en.opensuse.org/Artwork for more info on artwork in openSUSE.

  3. Andrei Zhekov

    Also the x86 beta1>beta2 deltaiso is probably broken…I had this error applying it:

    imlib.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    indent.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    info.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    initviocons.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    inkscape-lang.i586: copying unchanged payload
    inkscape-extensions-gimp.i586: copying unchanged payload
    inkscape-extensions-fig.i586: copying unchanged payload
    inkscape-extensions-extra.i586: copying unchanged payload
    inkscape-extensions-dia.i586: copying unchanged payload
    inkscape.i586: copying unchanged payload
    inn.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    input-utils.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    insserv.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    install-initrd.i586 (uncomp.): applying delta
    payload uncompress error

  4. David

    This release made my system unbootable, because of the broken GRUB package, so beware.
    See bug 428127.

  5. gifuyana.com

    I want to renew wapplydeltaiso.
    However, the version of lzma is not understood.
    lzma-4.32.7-1.18? lzma-4.32.6-3.1? lzma-alpha-devel-4.42.3alpha-20.1?

  6. gifuyana.com

    > Also the x86 beta1>beta2 deltaiso is probably broken…I had this error applying it:
    > ….
    > imlib.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    > indent.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    > info.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    > initviocons.i586 (lzma.2): applying delta
    > …
    > payload uncompress error

    If neither the made version nor the restored version are the same, applydeltaiso is not restorable.

  7. Hi there, I am constantly getting a status of stalled. Is there a problem???

  8. Chris

    Next time you roll out a release please make sure that the torrent tracker works. Currently (5th October) the torrent (i386 DVD) is still unregistered at the tracker (at least that is what Azureus tells me) and seeding it with my small adsl pipe is kinda ridiculous – btw. thanks to the other guy who apparently has more bandwith ;D

    So far with the negative. Thanks a lot for beta 2, I’m looking forward to 11.1 if it works out like it looks like.

    • anon

      wow, and to think, since it is free you’d think people would be far nicer.

      btw, a lot of people have downloaded it, and that is where the problems are, they are not seeding it when download is complete.

      now trying being a happy camper, instead of an arrogant shit.

      • Hi, I would, and normally do, provide a seed if I could only get some of the code downloaded. I have a cable connection and don’t mind sharing. However, the only thing I am seeing is stalled.

      • Chris

        Excuse me?!

        It was neither my intention to sound arrogant nor does it sound like this imho. My whole point is that it is of no use if the torrent doesn’t work and therefore it should be verified. I downloaded the DVD manually but it took me till my post here until there was a 3rd full source and the number of downloads was much smaller than for beta 1 which probably directly results in less testers.

        Last but not least the main way of distribution are be torrents instead of hammering one poor server which admin is thankfully mirroring the full DVD (afaik the only source in the whole world).

        @Chuck full DVDs are here: ftp://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/opensuse/distribution/11.1-Beta2/iso/dvd/

        • Thanks Chris I will get right on it.

        • Ok. I started the download but it is an ftp one. How can I “upload” via ktorrent at the same time? Not totally familiar with all the torrent do’s and don’ts. And I didn’t see anything intuitively obvious.

        • Chris

          @Chuck: Simply start the torrent normally, then, as soon as the file was created and it starts downloading, you close your bittorrent client again. Then copy the manually (as in from ftp) downloaded iso over the one the torrent client created and restart your bittorrent client.

          Normally it should now recognize the file during startup and start verifying it which takes a bit. As soon as it finished verifying it should start seeding (at least that is how it works with Azureus).

          Hint: This way you can also repair broken ftp downloads – the bittorrent client will recognize which parts are broken and only redownload the broken parts ;)


        • Ok. I realize that I can start the download “after” the ftp has finished, which I will do…BUT I don’t believe that you can start the torrent whilst the ftp is in operation. I do believe that it would be a conflict of interest…uhmm… programming. I am using/replacing the “original” target that I started with the torrent that only downloaded 286 bytes and then went into stall every single time that I started it. I, at this time, 10:53am Arizona time, have 3.0GB of the 3.6GB file downloaded. should be finished around 11:30am Arizona time. Then I will kick in the torrent.
          Thanks again and for the folks who will benifit,

        • Arrggg!! I started Ktorrent again after getting Beta2 from the ftp site suggested by Chris. It has been sitting since 11:45am, Arizona time, to now, 3:03pm, essentially doing nothing. I have the main status of “Seeding”, queue status of “Running” and a “Time Stalled” of 3 hours and 28 min. Looks to me like something ain’t right.

        • Last comment on this. I left out some pieces of status. In addition to the one above, I have 0B “Upload”, 0 “Seeders”, 0 “Leechers” and 100% “Complete”. I am killing my torrent and will start it again when this problem gets corrected. Moderator can send me an e-mail.

        • Chris

          @Chuck Since the tracker is dead you need a torrent client which is DHT enabled – e.g. Azureus or Ktorrent from Packman are but the official Ktorrent version isn’t cause there is some patent problematic with DHTs – all hail the retarded american patent law …

        • Everyone thank Chris. I have finally gotten my Ktorrent to seed and share. It is uploading at this moment.
          Thanks Chris,

        • I have been so embarrassed by this whole fiasco it isn’t even funny. Turns out my last “Upload” was from KTorrent 2.2.7 Using KDE 3.5.9 openSUSE 11.0 and that is what it was uploading. KTorrent 3.1.3 Using KDE 4.1.2 would not and will not Up or Down load. I am giving up. Sorry for all the time wasted thru me by others.

        • Another from me and anothr embarrassment. Hopefully, these will prevent someone else from making the same mistakes. Anyway I finally have the Ktorrent working…today Oct 6, 2008. I switched from KDE3 to KDE4 … lo an behold the Ktorrent for KDE4 works. I didn’t notice that the Ktorrent that was getting executed inside my KDE3 setup wasreally for KDE4. So, if you are also having trouble click on Help and then About to see which version you are using.

  9. Mark R.

    I have downloaded the torrent (x86_64) on Friday, Saturday, Sunday – ktorrent has always reported the same: unregistered torrent, no seeders. This is very frustrating. What is the value of an announcement, if neither the CD’s are available nor the torrents are working?

  10. 曹翔

    今天使用了OpenSUSE11.1 Beta2,不错,可惜我的机器不支持3D界面


  11. I upgraded from 11.0 to Factory just now, it works fine! I used zypper, added the Factory repo and a bunch of others, then did zypper up///dup a few times.

    Cairo and glib2 were not automatically updated and so the desktop would not start beacuse it was requiring the new libraries. After doing zypper up cairo///glib2 obviously it started working.

    Actually it solves all the problems I was having with 11.0 so far :D And in the future when things break at least I will get the fix quicker!

  12. peter

    I will download the Beta 2 also and get the KTorrent Status: “unregistered torrent pass”
    How can I solve this problem?

  13. manchette

    is it now working with Virtual softs like VMware ?
    I tried out the dvd but it did not go untill the boot menu
    i know it’s a known bug.
    Thanks ;)

    • Enrico

      Works fine for me inside Virtualbox 2.0.2 on openSUSE 10.3 (installed from the i386 DVD).

  14. §§

    How is the situation with Suspend to RAM and Suspend to Disk? Are they functioning correctly now?

    • !!

      Get it, test it, if it doesn’t fill a bug report. (If it is released and it doesn’t work for you it obviously is too late ;))

      • §§

        You are right-10.2, 10.3 and 11 were too late. ;-) I am tired of testing.
        Kubuntu (I installed a couple of weeks ago) was okay in this respect. But it has not YaST ;-)

  15. alpo

    i am a newbie to linux and thought i would give it a try since i am fed up with micrsoft.a friend gave me an older version of opensuse. i am currently running off the live cd to see what version works best with my older laptop(8oo mghz-ancient)i was going to download the beta version but i went to the link and i am not sure which one to download i386,ppc or x86 any help would be appreciated.thanks

    • The i386 instruction set, programming model, and binary encodings is still the common denominator for all 32-bit x86 processors. For your “older” machines I would presume this would be the case. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_80386

      x86-64 is a superset of the x86 instruction set architecture. x86-64 processors can run existing 32-bit or 16-bit x86 programs at full speed, but also support new programs written with a 64-bit address space and other additional capabilities. If you have a 64-bit PC then this would be the one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64

      ppc – PowerPC is a RISC instruction set architecture created by the 1991 Apple–IBM–Motorola alliance, known as AIM. I don’t believe that you have an Apple PC so this one won’t apply. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerPC

  16. dave

    Alpo, if you are a newbie to linux, stay the hell away from beta releases. Do not waste your time and bandwidth downloading them, and do not attempt to install them. You will only come to grief. You have been warned.

    • But if you stay away then you don’t learn anything. People download the early releases to help in finding the errors or “Oooopes”. Even a newbie can do that. Now, on the other hand, your warning is warranted IF the newbie only has one system and can not dual boot. It will not destroy his/her machine but it will be uncomfortable. These latest versions are using KDE4 which is in heavy development mode and can be a problem for a new person. For a brand new person to get the proper feel for the wonder of a SuSE system, I would suggest version 10.3 and maybe version 11.0 then upgrading to 11.1 later.

  17. Peter

    Hi, what’s the status of full disk encryption?
    When Beta 1 was released, it was said it’s “almost implemented”.. Any news on that?


  18. Thomas

    Why even release livecd’s if they can’t fit on a cd?? Arghhh…

    • R. J.

      i keep hearing this that they dont fit on a cd, they fitted on a cd with me. but yeah their is an error with them that wont allow them to be installed. Many people who had the problem that they wouldnt fit on a cd burnt them to a dvd to try. hey, it is a beta, these problems happen, no need to get agro over it.

  19. Richard (MQ)

    Beta 2 bug at top “Bug 431880 – nfs broken on beta2” is now fixed, see https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=431542#c22

  20. Joe

    You know, you can burn a live CD image on a DVD+/-RW… By the way, is anyone addressing the trouble with firefox? It has become very unstable with some flash. Flock seems to handle it better.

  21. Ken

    I have an intel i810 or greater display. However, I cannot enable desktop effects. I get a message that says: “Failed to activate desktop effects blah blah blah … Check your X configuration …. compositing type …”

    I have compositing enabled and have reconfigured my display with Sax2 and enabled 3D acceleration etc.

    Is this a known bug??

  22. ForeverNoob

    I’ve just tried to install Beta2 on the third partition of my second disk. GRUB install to the same partition failed with an error message saying that the partition not found or something similar. I installed GRUB manually from the live CD, but when trying to boot from HD it refused and again claimed that a partition wasn’t found.