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openSUSE 11.1 Beta3 Delayed

October 16th, 2008 by

openSUSE 11.1 beta 3 will be delayed by several days. We originally scheduled the release for today (October 16) but the power outage last Friday left us unable to check in packages temporarily, and pushed the schedule back by several days.

We had a first build this morning and have checked in more than 20 packages to fix the most serious problems. We expect to release the third beta on Monday (October 20), or later, depending on the status of the builds on Friday.

We’ll give an update Friday as to the status of the next beta release. Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to your help in testing and working on openSUSE 11.1 when we release beta 3! bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen schreib-essay.com/bachelorarbeit/

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67 Responses to “openSUSE 11.1 Beta3 Delayed”

  1. David Strozzi

    I applaud your decision to delay the beta release to get it “right.” I got rather burnt on installing beta 1 which had problems. A new beta every two weeks is an aggressive schedule, especially w/ the changes going on (OOo 3, KDE 4.1, changes in factory / build service). Worry about getting it right rather than fast!

  2. Jarl E. Gjessing

    I too can only appreciate this decision.

  3. Philip

    Hear hear!!!

  4. Carlo Strata

    Thank you for your work high quality… I appreciate too.

  5. Miles Bradford

    You guys are totally screwing up SuSE. A person may as well buy Vista and hate it. At least it does most of what’s required. OpenSuSE11 and .1 are worst that Windows 3.1 and you’re right now saying – ah – screw this guy. Well you know what – openSuSE11x can just as easily go down in the anals of history as being one of the worst put together conglomerations of computer history. I’ve been using and testing Linux distros since Slack 3.1 and went to SuSE with 7.0. I know when systems are being messed up. OpenSuSE 11x can’t be relied upon. It’s way too slow, Konqueror crashes all the time. For no reason at all the CPU will sit there and grind away at the hard drive. You all are taking a perfectly great running 10.3 and turning it into a Microsoft Windows short circuited attempt at making something better by breaking it. Why don’t you just scrap 11 and go onto 12 or 13? I’m really irritated that you all are taking something that mostly works great and making it not only work worse – but, it looks worse…much worse. I hate the font size in Mandriva and it’s way big fat lines – but, it looks better than the pukey green crap you guys are working with and you’re totally messing up the GUI’s. We need to make something that is on par with Windows 2008 and it’s GUI’s for Active Directory control – and you guys are going in the opposite direction. My god even Debian 5 is coming closer to being hospitable than openSuSE. You all are certainly akin to those hackers who tried to force the world to use OS/2 and they lost their pants in the end. Do ya really think the masses of computer users want to compete with an ugly crude program that is not easily figured out? No – they don’t! For as crappy as everyone says Windows XP and Vista are – openSuSE is worse. I can show you in all the ways that it is. Have your bosses bring me to Utah and I’ll first hand show you. I can outdo anything Linux with XP, Vista and using Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008 Servers to control security and the network. If you can’t do better than Windows 2008 – why don’t you just quit?

    • R. J.

      simply you don’t have to use it.

      And your comment about Vista is what I hate about some idiots in the linux community that have to go around putting down other operating systems. Microsoft is a good operating system, as is apple and other linux distro’s but people like you simply prefer to be negative and that is one of the ugly sides of linux that put people off coming to it. As for Mandriva, wrong site sweety.

    • Benjamin Weber

      Could you link to your bug report(s)?

    • EK

      I totally agree. I have installed it 5 times on 3 different machines and all installs have problems …. i have a 10.3 install still intact which is almost a perfect op sys, and kept me away from the likes of Ubuntu. However i have installed Ubuntu and find it very good and they way they set the desktop up “out of the box” is much better than Suse. Still Suse is my favourite and i wont be moving away from 10.3 in a hurry!!

    • Djhg2000

      What’s wrong with people nowadays?
      Of course a beta won’t be 100% free from errors, that’s exactly WHY it’s beta!

      It used to be all clear among computer users that the stable versions where mostly good and if there where any problems help usually wasn’t too far away.
      If you decided to play around with alphas, betas or anything else not completed, it would probably crash sooner or later and you could not blame anyone but yourself since you used a beta!

      Besides it’s common sense that you can’t judge the quality if a product from a pre-release.

      By the way, why don’t you show me how to automatically mount an sftp server and forward windows in XP via ssh to another XP machine?
      And while you’re at it, rotate your cube to virtual desktop 3 in Vista?
      When you’ve figured out how to do that, reply to this comment and I might consider showing you where to complain about Mandriva.
      *HINT* Not here *HINT*

    • CoolSilver

      While I can your complaints about having a unstable development build. There are always many bugs and often until the final beta when versions are locked down and committed from the trunks of KDE/Gnome/XFCE as well as all other additional software packages. As far as the GUI comments, I think it is a refreshing change. Sure some GUIs need work. But honestly I think the GUI of Vista/2003 R2/2008 server are a bit too damn cluttered they are ugly and a complex mess for even a skilled professional to use. While SuSE has quite a lot of functionality as well as complexity on it’s own. Linux sadly isn’t a point and click world. It may not be for another decade. Sure as Desktop market hardware and software opens more for Linux thanks to OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, and yea Mandriva, we will most definitely see an increase in user friendly GUI. Not to mention powerful enough for a system admin. I originally looked into SuSE as a powerful option for a variety of uses including small servers. I’ve built servers for my company based on SuSE as well as Fedora. Sure the enterprise support isn’t there. SuSE as well as others provide a vast amount of software and as open source software goes, opportunity to build via source. Frankly, most of these in order to work in such environments need hand tweaking and cli work. Your comments while prove a point, not the goal of the project being a Desktop distribution even if the package selection allows for more. It’s unfortunate that you can not see this. I wish you a nice and safe trip to your closest software retailer for your new copy of Vista.

      • SJT

        I totally agree. I do have issues with KDE (any version), but the Gnome GUI interface rocks! I will say, however, that nearly all Windows installs (server and workstation levels) have usually be fairly smooth. OpenSUSE (along with SLES and SLED distros from Novell) have all been a challenge to upgrade and/or install… Now, on the other side of the installation, I would say my SUSE installs have about 98% up-time per year. Compare that to the dismall 70% up-time (cummulative) for my windows installs – and I believe you begin to understand what “stable” really is. The really great thing is the price! I mean, COME ON! Show me any Windows OS that you could practically download/install/run for free indefinitely… And when you do decide to purchase OpenSUSE (or SLED), the cost is a fraction to what you pay Microsoft. The support purchase for Linux is very useful for core updates and support – but many of us are content with what you can get for free! My company runs on SLES and SLED machines (from the server room to the desktop). We pay for about 800 SLED machines and around 40 SLES. The yearly cost is nearly 4 times less then a comparable Microsoft shop!!! THAT is what I’m talking about! I still use Windows (as a VM on one of my SLED laptops). Windows has a decent OS too, and quite a following (duh!)… but I feel that it’s reached its peak with XP and 2003… time to move over and make room for open source!

        • mbb

          If you have only 98% uptime w/ any Linux distro in mainstream use, let alone 70% uptime w/ Windows (2K or later) you probably are saying less about the choice of OS than you are about those who install and support it (and it isn’t very nice).

          I know Win2K servers who have run for months w/o down time, and my own openSUSE 11/KDE 3.5.9 workstation has run fine w/o restart for months now in spite of hacking away and testing new packages–and I am an end user, not a sysadmin.

          Seriously, while openSUSE is a much better OS for most uses (and is actually a hell of a lot easier to install than WinXP), most of these problems people complain about just don’t seem based in reality (except for KDE 4 which is still not to release candidate quality regardless of what the project says).

    • if you don’t like suse, use another distro, use windows, use MacOS, who cares?
      i’m very very satisfied by the 11.0 even if not satisfied by default kde4.0… 4.1 is much more better, and now… i’m waiting for 11.1 waiting.. waiting.. better less bug than less time…

    • OlivR

      If you don’t like it, don’t use it…

    • Steev

      Miles, did you take your medication today?
      Although OS 10.3 had fewer problems that 11.0, I think you are going too far.
      Maybe you NEED to go to Vista.
      Save your flame thrower for the Ballmar Brigades.

      • capnbh

        First off, I have been running 4 production servers on 10.3 and 11.0 for 15 months (less for 11.0 obviously), never a reboot or problem. I agree that OpenSuse is not for everyone, Linux will never be windows (Thank God). If you want everything to work half way but easy to install use vista. As far as speed, you are way off the mark, this is not even a point of discussion. You must have really screwed the pooch on setup, or maybe its that trs80 your installing it on.
        Power to the People

        I pal around with penguins

    • You sir, are an idiot.

      Font size? Color? Skip from 11 to 13?


      Try to force the world to use OS/2? Are they still at it?

      Some people in Redmond need to switch to decaf…

  6. happy opensuse user


  7. Will

    I appreciate your decision. Can I ask a couple of things? Can you upgrade to the new Gnome version, the one that uses tabbed folder browsing? Obviously, that wouldn’t apply to the new KDE version, just the gnome one. And one other thing. I downloaded 11 the other day (DVD Version), and I installed it. First off, it was an awesome installation. Second, when I logged in, there was a weird problem with the graphic display. The screen wouldn’t go all the way to the borders even after I adjusted it, and it was hard to read. Just wondering if maybe that was a bug or something else, I dunno. Thanks a lot you guys. I look forward to the updates.

    • The new version of the GNOME desktop, 2.24, which features the tabbed browsing in Nautius, is already included in openSUSE 11.1 Beta 2, and will of course be in the final release ;-).

      The second issue, if I’m understanding you right, I’ve gone through before. Try searching the Forums for a solution, as I don’t have a link in front of me right now.

      Thanks for using openSUSE, and have a lot of fun :-)

      Kevin “Yeaux”

      • Ben

        I believe it is 2.23 in factory right now (for beta 2). 2.24 will most likely be in Beta 3. Some major packages need to be pushed for Beta 3:

        Gnome 2.23
        KDE 4.1.2
        OO 3.0.0
        Kernel 2.6.27 (not sure about that one, but I hope it makes it before RC).

        Tons of other major changes too

  8. Alexander

    I think that the Opensuse would have to follow a steady line despite it delays more time its development, I use opensuse has some time, my opinion on it is that necessary to improve sufficiently in performance terms and the appearance it is bad remembers Windows 95, windows, is difficult to make with that the user or companies they leave to use windows even though or that hardware manufacturers develop drivers and support some distribution linux the appearance are the most worse possible colors that never combines, software that does not function and for there it goes. or they contract qualified staff for the development as disgners, developers etc or will finish in the bankruptcy therefore a simple task to redimencionar window or to modify resolution distorts the work area total, to say that this is desktop necessary to improve very exactly.

  9. romario

    I simply love OpenSuse distro.

  10. R. J.

    Thanks for delaying. It’s been rather frustrating the past few beta releases being only able to get the live cd because of bandwidth restrictions, and not being able to install the last one, or even not being able to get beta 1. If possible, if there are still problems with the live cd’s t his time can you please give us a mini boot iso so that we can download the beta and still try it

    thanks, and take your time getting it out, there is no rush.

  11. R.K.

    I would have to agree with 10.3 being better then 11. Every day I have this urge to upgrade, even today I was thinking to upgrade but then I hit this discussion and have decided to wait only till I cave in :-)

    • R. J.

      I upgraded when 11 was still in beta, and I haven’t regretted it, haven’t had any problems at all, and find it far better than 10.3

      • Wj

        +1 R.J.

        openSUSE 11.0 rocks! I am a GNOME user for the main part (don’t do KDE much) & have been using 11.0 since Beta2 as well. Solid it is and also gives me all the tools I need.

        Keep up the good work guys! I can imagine the 6 months cycle is very demanding!!! People forget how many new developments and enhancements get put into each new version. Stability can be affected but in the first month after release most real issues have been ironed out.



        p.s. Is there any talk about bringing the release cycles back a bit? Say every 8/9 months or so? Also gives us testers more time to provide the needed feedback!

    • I feel that 10.3 was slightly more polished in some areas than 11.0 was, but overall I think most users wouldn’t have a problem with 11.0. KDE users who don’t like KDE 4 can always use KDE 3.5 as well, if that’s the problem.

  12. SuSe, ya do a Great job, I am no developer weeny, but I run Domino and Lotus Notes 802 on it, no problem – oh ! Domino Server, Domino web server, and Samba. My brother, a long time Microsoft nurser,(actually shot his xp pc once) will be going to SuSe 11 tonight, My sister, runs 10.2 SLED, Thes guys no nothing about linux. But it just runs, I like Gnome, and Kde, jump back and forth… just for fun.Do all my Domino and Notes support from my Lenovo Z61m laptop. Only thing I haven’t taken the time to figure out is wireless. But hey, most of the time I am at the desk anyhow. Nice work! Much appreciated. I recommend and configure SLES 10 SP2, FOR ALL MY Domino installations. My main web site will be moving over just as soon as our beta Domino Content app is gold. Can’t wait. No more rebooting rebooting rebooting… did I say rebooting… oh yea.

  13. Miles Bradford

    The point is – SuSE 11 should not have been released to satisfy the pressures of those who need to have something new every 2 months. SuSE 11 and its appendages are not ready for prime time and 10.3 is totally stable and KDE 4 whatever should have waited also. I agree – there’s no since in bashing other OS’s and I’m not bashing XP or Vista – but, telling you that there are going to be unhappy “NEW” users out there that are being told in advertizing to compare OpenSuSE 11x to Vista and clearly at this point Vista will win…so why join the unhappy “NEW” users that are griping about Vista unwarrantedly. I use Vista myself for multimedia, XP for my wife and I used OpenSuSE 10.3 from file/web/sql/server to desktop on 7 machines — soon to be live. I’ve installed it on many customers and have had no complaints. I’ve also installed Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mandriva, Debian and Fedora on customers. Mandriva has too thick of lines in the generic font installs and graphics but, has great mulitmedia as does Ubuntu/Kubuntu that has thin lines in the window frames and nice graphics, Debian and Fedora seem to have issues with running the non-free multimedia installs so a technician has to do the tweeking for the average user which is unacceptable in promotion of Linux. As for OpenSuSE 11.0 and after – much more power is being required to see it run as quickly and smoothly as 10.3 and as for the cubes and all – that’s not Linux. Those are addons such as Compiz and Fusion. Linux runs just fine without them. If you want to run them – get more powerful machines…Oh – just like Vista. One more thing for would be Linux users to want to keep using XP or Vista. All OS’s are great if they can serve your purpose – but, to make a really great edition such as OpenSuSE 10.3 get a bad rap by telling new users to use OpenSuSE 11.0 — or whatever appendage, is just wrong. Version 11 should stay in Utah and in teh testing phases until it’s ready. That’s been the real way computer users have been doing in the past. The persons using version 11 aren’t stressing it out or they’d see the freezes and half blank screens or the edges of the window disappearing into the monitor. I had flawless installs and ran flawlessly, too – until I started making it work hard on graphics conversions, database retrievals and sound. Taking out the cube didn’t help and loading new drivers didn’t help. Surfing the internet even froze the machine occasionally when I had multiple (4) windows open. Nothing I do different than I do on 10.3. I beat the heck out of 10.3 and it performs…solid as a rock. And I do remember that up and until SuSE 9.3 that it sometimes was almost impossible to get the mouse to run clean without freezing over a period of time and if you moved it too quick – ya just didn’t have a mouse anymore. So from the old days – SuSE has come a long ways – but, 11 needs some serious work and should be kept in the shop until it can put away Vista. We are having big issues in the world between the two – why let Vista win? I like Vista – but, I love Linux and SuSE is the best of the Linux’s.

    • Nonya

      Out of the hundred of thousands of people that downloaded and installed 11.0, only you are capable of using your computer to do things that put stress on the hardware. Right. Take a step back, go grab a drink or two, take a walk, then come back and re-read your posts Miles. Maybe then, the ridiculousness of your posts will hit you in the face like it hit me.

      First of all, if you didn’t deign to submit bug reports for 11.0, you really haven’t earned the right to complain about it. You don’t like 11.0. We get it. Stick with 10.3 if that works for you. Good thing no one forces you to upgrade either your OS or your hardware. Leave the rest of us that can appreciate the goodies and the hard work that went into 11.0 to enjoy it.

      As for compiz needing newer hardware, that’s BS. Google will show you that time and time and time again, compiz has been tested and worked perfectly fine on older hardware.

      I really could spend some more time picking apart your two posts, but my time is better spent elsewhere. I’ll leave you with a thought though. Look into those video drivers you’re using. I say this because the newer ati drivers are a complete nightmare on my laptop running 11.0.

    • Satisfied openSUSE 11/Gnome User

      Woe Miles, you must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I’m not in the organization that makes openSUSE, but the reason they do it is to test more hardware and configurations, and to get input from the community. If something is broken, they’ll want to know about it to see how serious of an issue it will be.

      openSUSE is making great progress. I’m excited to see the next couple of versions.

      Off the topic, OpenOffice 3 looks very nice. And everything is very well integrated into the Desktop and lightning fast. Good job to OpenOffice.org!

      Anyway, stop being an ungrateful openSUSE user and pick something you like, and stick with it.

    • Djhg2000

      Now you’re sounding more reasonable than before, but I’ve been using openSUSE (or just SuSE as it was called back then) since launch of 9.2.
      Never had a real problem except for broken BlueZ in, I think 10.2, never got that working properly since due to some bug hcitool was never installed.
      The hcitool now exists and works correctly in 10.3.

      As for the mouse problem; did you ask in the forums?

  14. xavier

    I love openSUSE, for me is the best linux distro, as a office user and also software developer.

    IMO, Microsoft Windows is crap.

    Also, openSUSE 11 looks beatyful in my Lenovo Thinkpad T61.

    I am totally disagree with the comment of ‘Mr. Miles Bradford’.

    I have tested Ubuntu, first bad point is that is GNOME, GNOME remembers me m$ Windows, I can’t do almost nothing with it. If you are a user that only want to use firefox and openoffice, and maybe have a simple chat session, you can use GNOME, if you want to power and beauty you must go with KDE.

    I think openSUSE must improve KDE 4 (that still has many bugs, and network a easy connectivy (knetworkmanager)).

  15. Thank you for this high quality OS.

    The wait is worth it.

  16. anachoret

    Historically, SuSE release become stable at xx.3 number. So, it is not correct to compare 10.3 vs. 11. Let wait for 11.3 and will see how 11.3 will beat the 10.3 , hope for that.

    7.3 – the BEST

  17. I’ve only ever used openSUSE 10 & 11 in server environments and have had less issues with 11 than I did with 10.3.

    I say keep up the good work.

  18. Ben

    Now to the people that thought the power outtage “wasn’t a big deal”. Now you see what the issue is. With this Beta being pushed back, there is discussion in pushing the Final Public release back (which reflects badly on Novell keeping up with their release cycles).

    Without getting into detail.. people should know.. it wasn’t just a power outtage to “not get your updates” it was much more, and now we’re seeing that.

    Now.. with that out of the way. I am on 11.1 Beta 2, and love it (with a few exceptions, that i’ve filed bug reports for).

    Can’t wait for 11.3 (like others said, their .3 release is rock f’in solid typically).

    That is all

    • R. J.

      I disagree, it does not look bad for Novell or Opensuse if they push back a release, as everyone knows, the roadmap is not set in stone it is just a guesstimate.

    • Beineri

      > With this Beta being pushed back, there is discussion in pushing the Final Public release back (which reflects badly on Novell keeping up with their release cycles).

      I am not aware of such discussion. How can you be?

  19. Greg Wang

    In general I think that Linux is better than Windows and it always was. As a user I’ve been tracking both for about 12 years. From my point of view if all the Linux teams altogether had at least 10% of MS income…but they are not about to sell they are about to create. It’s quite common down here when somebody just creates and somebody else just sells. Myself is making living out of business and I do respect great businessmen (Henry FordI, Bill Gates…) who’ve been changing the world by doing business. But lets don’t mix testicles with scrambled eggs.
    I believe that only reason why Windows still exists nowadays is that a number of top hard/software makers still stake on Windows.
    Thank you guys, dog’s barking – caravan’s moving, put perfectionism aside and create!

  20. Well sorry for that Linux hater, I think he got bad times with it, but us here in the office especially me (SysAd), OpenSuSE serves me well, With the default installed packages, it has all we need and setting additional workstation is a breeze. Package management and all those Yast or console configuration is a better and easier. More realistic approach than those debian based (IMHO) though debian based is more versatile.

    Well openSuSE got bugs and other stuff but doesn’t hinder its usability and purpose. Currently Linux is not a total replacement for Windows or MAC OSes, rather an alternative which proven on a great working condition.

    Plus the community, the greatest advantage on Linux.

  21. Miles Bradford

    Comment by anachoret is totally correct. That’s what I’m talking about. OpenSuSE 11 is being advertized as being stable and compared to Vista. It should not be. It hasn’t reached the xx.3 stage yet and is still unstable. You guys may be right about compiz – I’ve only tested it with a Radeon 9250/128 video card and the drivers that loaded for it didn’t seem to run all that well on a K7-1.8gig motherboard arrangement. I thought that was enough to run it smoothly and apparently I was wrong..and you say it should run on less? Hmmm? That was the minimal I thought I should go – and with the paging and clumsy roll-over at times – I just wasn’t impressed. So – maybe if there are better drivers out there – someone could point me in the correct direction. I did get it running sort of smooth when I shut down most all the services, mysql, etc….so you may be right…I don’t know about Google’s experience – but, you are probably correct on the drivers seeing as how they are actually at the heart and soul of the peripherals…and I consider KDE and GNOME modules as being peripherals as well as the logical state of hardwares. You know – just like Windows 3.1. In fact – have you ever noticed all the .ini files in Linux reminding you of Windows 3.1?

    Actually – the Comment by xavier might the right one and that it may just be a KDE4 issue. I haven’t actually tried loading KDE3 on it yet….and yes, I did wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning with a freaking migrane and to find my test DNS server being ran with KDE4/openSuSE11 hung during the middle of the night and I see no apparent reason in the logs for it other than it saying that Konqueror crashed…that tells me absolutely nothing. Anyhow – I am of the impression that openSuSE11 is all about KDE4 and not KDE3.

    No – I am not a developer even though I can do some WS and BASH scripting…and I learned BASIC on a TRS100 and a Commodor64 and QBasic was fun on my 8088…but, no – I’m not a developer. I am one of those people who sit and load things, break them and then complain until the world of expert developers figure out a way to over come the problems I find. I hassled SuSE (Germany) about the mouse issues right up and until Novell bought them at 9.3. That’s right…nothing got fixed from 7.3 all the way to 9.3 and I have all my original CD’s from Germany to prove it as well as the old machines that SuSE (Germany) recommended to me. Duh – about the same day that Novell bought SuSE – the mouse issues just mysteriously went away.

    Yep – I am one of those people who believe in programmers, electronic logic, math and the Intelligent Design of the Universe. I should be able to buy a machine and it should run perfectly the first time without me having to do much fuss over it because it has been tested until the cows came home. I should be able to plug it in and it should run as advertised. Sort of like wanting my power steering to work so I can drive my new car off the lot and not go out on me as I drive it for the first time down a mountain road. Kind of like wanting my TI84 calculator to give me the correct answers in my graph when I chart my spending – and not find that it’s a few digits off…even after I know I’ve checked my formula input.

    I like loading up a lab based (my)sql junk database on two machines and set a webpage up to let their clients exchange data for days at a time while at the same time passing about 200 gigs of music, graphics and and other useless data back and forth – while 2 gigs of memory or about and the CPU are maxed. You know – let them run until being convinced they aren’t going to break. That’s when I believe what I read on the box about recommendations. OpenSuSE11 has been advertised as being stable – it is NOT! It is not at xx.3 yet as mentioned and should only be released as being still in the testing phase. That’s all I’m saying. I’m sure when it gets fixed – I’ll love it. Actually – it’s probably KDE4 I should be griping about since the kernel is fine…eh.

    Thanks for all your support. I got my issues known. Hopefully – someone in the lab will read this and they will get fixed…”Mainly” stop the “Stable” advertising and yes – I have earned my rights to complain and I have sent reports to blind eyes and uninterested attitudes for many and a long time. Maybe not with this version 11 – but, many, many times on previous versions and I know I am tired of dealing with “NO” responses and when I do get a response – it may as well be a “NO” response. And I’m glad you pick my post apart. That gets me thinking, too. I’m weary of participating in half dead or half hearted LUGs…not to say they are that way – but, many are becoming that way.

    And I love SuSE and that’s why I hold them to a higher standard and pound them hard hard hard…hard. No – I won’t settle for less. The openSuSE people will run 5 miles every morning, do 100 jumping jacks, 50 pushups, 50 situps and eat lighter meals. We will settle for nothing less than perfection and none of this complacent, passive take whatever you’re given crappy attitude. SuSE has been around long enough now that it should be the only one talked about in public and that it’s wild phenomena far out shines anything from Redmond Hill. Instead of M$ saying how well SuSE runs on M$ vmware – M$ should be saying that M$ perfers running their stuff on SuSE because SuSE is all so, so much better. Instead of SuSE being compared to M$ – it should be said publicly that SuSE is so great that there is no M$ comparison.

    Do you tell your children not to get up and do better at walking when they fall backwards? No! You tell them to get and try “UNTIL” and I’m going to stir the crap “UNTIL” openSuSE11 has a really good thick aroma and gets fermented to its best before being said to be stable. None of this nit picky gimme little goodies crapola. Leave no room for Vista or whatever M$ comes out with. Give us the best…not second best. Go Big or Go Home! Well, have fun at doing it, too. Let’s not get too serious here.

    • R. J.

      version numbers have nothing to do with stability as has been pointed out to you already but you seem unable to comprehend.

      11 is very stable. If you have had problems with it, then submit a bug report, if you are just going to moan without having done so then you haven’t earned the right to say anything.

      I wonder if you have even used openSUSE or just prefer to be a negative person who really has written a lot of nothing of any substance

  22. JT

    I was ready to try a new Linux distro out and never used openSuse before. I use linux on my work laptop and can run everything I need except Visio on it. OpenSuse 11 wasn’t the easiest to get up and running in a windows work environment, but I am starting to enjoy the new look of KDE 4. I can keep up with anyone’s vista or xp machine anyday. Actually most people I work with are jealous they are stuck with windows products and want to use linux instead. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate having a free alternative to Windows. Linux is always going to have something you may need to tweak to make work, but what do you expect for free. I enjoy the challenge of getting my pc in a competition with my co-workers Windows machines. Thanks again.

  23. Kurt Sollenberger

    I’ve only been a linux user for about 3 years so I am by no means an expert. I don’t install betas and I don’t submit bug reports…yet. I just try distros and use the one that works for me and serves my needs. SuSE 11 is by far the best KDE4 distro I’ve tried. I’ve run MacOS and Windows since around 1990 and have quite a bit experience with both. MacOSX is an awesome operating system. I just can’t afford the computers and the software. In my opinion, the only decent Windows product is XP (a very good operating system. The only problem with it I’ve found is that the longer you leave it on, the quirkier it gets. it seems to require a restart from time to time.) It’s too early to tell about Vista but it seems to require too much system resources and is overly complicated. I hate all that extra crap put on by the vendors too. I will say that Vista does look nice though. I’ve been using OpenSuSE at work and home since 10.3 and have been quite happy with it. I must admit, I balked a little at upgrading to 11.0 and KDE4. I wasn’t sold on KDE4. It was so different and a little buggy when it first came out, but now that I’ve given it a fair chance, I love it. I’ve managed to get all my multimedia stuff working as well as my wireless with very little effort. Everything works flawlessly on my cheap little Acer laptop. As for a comparison, as I’ve said, I’m running a cheap Acer extensa with a 32bit dual-core and 1MB ram. I have it set up to dual boot SuSE 11.0 and Windows Vista. SuSE runs circles around Vista. I haven’t compared them on a 64bit machine with more ram though. Again, a cost issue. I want to thank all the developers who have contributed in putting together an excellent and very useful distribution. I’m looking forward to SuSE 11.1 and KDE4.1 and hopefully as I gain a little more experience, I will be able to contribute more to the community then just my ramblings. Take all the time you need to do things right. I promise I won’t demand my money back. Wait, I didn’t give any money. This is all FREE isn’t it!!! I appreciate all the hard work!

    Happy SuSE user

  24. Stephen Hosking

    I’ve been using OpenSuse 11 with KDE 3.5 for a couple of months, and it works great! It’s better than 10.3 for: sharper graphics, dual monitor support, general responsiveness. I tried KDE 4 and thought it looked great, but agree that it’s not ready for general use yet, however OpenSuse 11 with KDE 3.5 is just great! Many thanks to the OpenSuse team.

  25. PeterPac

    I installed both KDE 3.5 and KDE4 and after a little work have had no problems with KDE4. If people were following the KDE development they should understand there were problems and before final versions are placed within SUSE they are tested. When installing SUSE it gives the options of both KDE versions plus GNOME. So actually when one is installing SUSE they get to pick their poison for their desktop. I also installed the virtualization without a single problem but yet on other operating systems I went through a living nightmare with this type of installation. By chance, if you are installing off of nightly builds than you are certainly looking at a possible unstable system.

    I have beta tested SUSE back from version 8 and above and have witnessed the vast improvement within SUSE. With Open Source we as the users need to beta test as it helps the developers in finding bugs and clearing them out. Not just developers but anyone with the knowledge can actually fix the bug and report both the bug and fix. Try doing this with other operating systems and you get nowhere when reporting the bug. You might be called out for reverse engineering when trying to fix a problem with other OS’s.

    In my field I have worked with about every operating system made and I have found everyone has problems. All one has to do is monitor all the patches and fixes made during any one year after a new system comes out. I find SUSE doing a great job in fixing problems not like others where one might have to wait months before a fix is even attempted.

    Keep up the great work and remember the earth was not created in 1 day and neither will SUSE as it further develops.

  26. tweetiepooh

    I have had far less hassles installing Linux than XP. It’s the SATA disks and no floppy. Try installing XP on that. The only Linux I’ve had issues with at that stage was 9.2 that crashed booting DVD/CD. I like (Open)SUSE and though still using 10.3 for main work am finding my test 11.0 far quicker and easier.

    KDE4.0 is not nice, 4.1 is better but I prefer 3.5 still. There are still some niggles that stop Linux really hitting the home desktop, often around it just not working right without fiddling and home users don’t want that. (Note that often this isn’t purely a Linux issue but users don’t care whose fault it is.)

    Hope the power stays up and SUSE11.1 get out not too far behind schedule.

    At work we mainly use Solaris and we have one box now showing uptime around 8.5 years. Windows doesn’t even get close.

  27. adrian

    SuSE Rocks, 10.3 wasn’t that great (unusably slow package management) but 11.0 is perfect. Use it at work for production and its far more productive than windows xp was. Try and work with international character sets in windows and then you’ll know pain (due to their proprietary windows char sets as opposed to the iso standard unicode used in linux). That and its so pretty even on my awful gfx chip in my laptop (early intel)

    Keep up the good work guys

  28. Xtigyro

    Good decision. Linux-based operating systems must be stable, then “eye-candy” and 1 000 000-new-features-bundled in “next version coming extremely soon” !

    openSuSE is the best out-of-the-box in Linux Distros world according to me too and I don’t wanna be harsh as Miles Bradford in his first post but obviously as he says, SuSE is the best, but not the most stable and MORE TWEEKING (POLISHING) AND TESTING IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.
    I’m not a developer. I’m just a member of openSuSE Bulgarian Translation Team and I want STABLE OS as everyone here.

    This is LINUX !
    Who cares for useless, UNpractical, UNserviceable and UNstable OS, when you are in LINUX WORLD.

  29. Zonei

    Folks, if you don’t like the upgrade, don’t use it. Stick with what you like and what works for you. Personally, I’ve been using OpenSuSE since 10.2, and 11 is definitely the best so far in my experience. Which is to be expected. Instabilities? All I had were problems with KDE4 (not including minor problems that occurred because of my newbiness) and that’s only because of the nvidia drivers, which got better recently. Meanwhile I switched down to 3.5, knowing that things will get better.

    Currently I’m on Beta2, and I use it on my main production machine (laptop). As insane as that may sound to some, there is no other way in my opinion to try and test a beta unless you put it to real day-to-day use, which I do, and I don’t really have time to test *beside* doing my work. Have had some minor problems, I’ve filed bug reports. Having a sane partitioning layout and rsyncing my work backups regularly, if anything crashes seriously I can always reinstall 11.0 and continue my work. Lose only 1 or two hours to install and setup everything to my likening.

    I’ve tried other distros and in my opinion SuSE is the best. Sure it may have what some call “bloat” — but that is not, in my opinion, because SuSE wants to be like Vista. SuSE is a desktop distro. That means people oriented on desktop work expect it to work out of the box and it does, even if that means having one or few extra programs to support typical (and then some) desktop environment and integration with Windows network.

    But, it took less than 15 minutes to clean up any “bloat” I don’t need. Brought down process count from 125 to 95, which is more or less the same as on any other distro with KDE4 desktop. Memory usage, performace, they are all more or less the same.

    I see main difference between distros in they way packages are made, their config files are laid out, and from that standpoint, in my book nothing beats OpenSuse. That is personal preference, of course.

    Beta3 is delayed? That could be a problem to upgrade junkies only, including me. :) But if that means a more stable and consolidated release, all the better.

  30. Adriano Nistico

    I use Opensuse 10.3 in a chemical environment as a documentation on line system. It is GREAT: fast enough, stable and effective! It supports all my applications (cgi, php, java and a lot more) without problems! I have two 15,5 million records postgresql database that works perfectly. GREAT JOB!
    Opensuse 11.0 seems not so stable but the same was with 10.0. At the end of the story I think that I will wait the 11.3 to change the fabulous 10.3

    p.s. Please, DO NOT compare Linux with Windows as well as you would NOT compare a FERRARI with a TRABANT.

  31. CoolSilver

    OpenSuSE, release when finished. Sure try and keep your deadlines. No sense in delaying month after month like some others do. Just take your time, get it right. I know the effort put into this OS is very great that a turnaround in any set back will not be far away.

    I have used SuSE since 9.1 and been great, I had some issues with 10.0 and 10.1. 10.3 was great. 11 I have seen has been pretty stable however not the polish as 10.3. That’s fine. There is a lot new with 11.0 and I love the new zypper backend for packages. I know this was mainly another backend and foundation release with KDE4 added on as a plus.

    I still use 10.3 on my desktop while my laptop has 11.0. 11.0 had done well until I started using the Factory KDE 4.1. Which has it’s bugs and unstable as a Factory repository. Not the fault of 11.0, as originally packaged and patched, worked as desired with minor complaints with hardware and x64 software issues like flash.

    Keep it up, still have another loyal user and promoter of OpenSuSE.

  32. gavinto

    So here I am, trying to find out when 11.1B3 will be available for download so I can do my part by testing if some hardware woes are fixed or not. And I stumble across (yet another) Linux vs Windows diatribe. Perhaps a separate thread could be created where constructive critical comparison of OS’ could be posted. It would be nice to leave this thread for people with Beta Specific questions/concerns.

  33. dimi

    well guys i think opensuse 11 is one of the best if not the best,not only linux disto,but OS ever made for pc s.
    It is obviously many levels higher than suse 10.3 in all aspects..stability, easiness, user friendly, fast etc
    For those who complain about problems on 11.1 i must say that their complaints are result of their own decision to choose a unix like open source OS…the purprose of installling and running such an OS and espesilly of a Beta version is only to test..this means that it aint be perfect…and it is meant to be used from users who are willing to contribute to the next step,the stable version
    So those who use betas etc have to know that they are first of all testers besides just common users.
    So the ones who complains and assaults the opensuse team should now install ms windows and forget all these about open source OS s etc..so you guys will have furthermore to complain to ms for any problems with your paid and ”faster,stable” proud of, XP or vista…and leave the opensuse team or any other developers in peace to keep on delivering high end software to us,the users who chose to be part of this revolution…u know good things in life dont come up without someone to have tried for.
    my greeting to the opensuse team from Greece.

  34. Oliver

    I was using OpenSuSE till the 10.1 was released. The package management got too slow. But now I am back – the 11.0 is the best distribution I ever had. You are doing a great job.

    Greets to Nürnberg

    Oder in Deutsch: Die 11.0 ist die absolute Linux-Hammer-Überflieger-Distri. Die DVD kann man wirklich jedem Depp bedenkenlos in die Hand drücken.

  35. Nardus Geldenhuys

    Hi People

    Beta is beta…. If you play with beta software you normally expect it to break something or is broken in some way.

    I installed 11.1 Beta 2 on my notebook and it formatted my /home partition after I have said that it should not. Well, I could not blame any one and did have a backup, thou it was a couple of months old.

    So, do not play with beta software if you are not willing to fight with it.

    I was a SuSE users since 5.1. Left the distribution at version 7 or 8, I was not happy with a few things. But I saw 10.3 and gave it another try. I can say that I am a SuSE user again ;)

    Go SuSE and I will contributed some bugs ….


  36. wrath5000

    I’m grateful that the developers have kept the community well informed about the power outage and the impact that it has had. Thank you!

  37. kwins

    Hi guys why talk bad about OpenSuse I like it. I had problems too whit KDE 4.1 but KDE 3.5 is better. If we know Windows have allot of bugs. How many times people have blue screen of dead whit WIN for exeple (0x00000A). On linux Distro I do not have that problem. On Suse we are a team !! Remember that TEAM WORK TO THE BEST DISTRO ;)(Y) Keep going strong guys.



  38. Xtigyro

    Never said that i don’t like the upgrade…
    I do like upgrades. And I don’t expect stable neither alphas, nor betas. That’s why it is said “Testing version” – it is to be tested.
    And if you want and have the time, send a number of bug reports.

  39. Steve Edmonds

    I have 4 production machines on 11.0, forced up from 9.3. I have some issues with the USB (mass storage devices that are running on my 10.2 laptop won’t on 11.0).
    I installed 11.0 3 times initially, Gnome, then KDE4, then settled for 3.5 as the most production suitable. I find 11.0 great. Package management is good, speed is good, stability seems great, the hardware was all selected around Linux to ensure production machines worked best.
    From a production environment I have found the xx.2 or xx.3 releases the most stable. An easy way of migrating from xx.0 -> xx.1 …xx.3> would be a plus as there has always seemed to have been a lot of package cleanup after an upgrade. Ubuntu have selected LTS versions, it would be nice is say the xx.3 release of each openSUSE version was LTS (5 yrs) to encourage confidence in a production environment. We have dozens of XP machines still supported and I am sure many environments would consider it an advantage not to have to migrate between hardware cycles.
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to 11.3


  40. i am downloading suse linux 64bit, mainly because of the 64bit part. i have vista 64bit and, it is full of bugs, services stop working and etc.

  41. Federico Kereki

    I tried OpenSUSE 11, but KDE 4 simply doesn´t cut it. I´m afraid KDE 4.1 won´t be the solution either, so I´m staying with my trusty 10.3 version and KDE 3.5 for now…