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openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 43

October 25th, 2008 by

news    Issue #43 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!
In this week’s issue:

  • openSUSE Build Service Webclient Survey Started
  • Development Release: openSUSE 11.1 Beta 3 Now Available
  • We want YOU – for openSUSE Weekly Newsletter
  • People of openSUSE: Henne Vogelsang

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5 Responses to “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 43”

  1. Scott

    After having a look at the bug summary – I am amazed at the number of blocker priority bugs still open at time of past releases. Personally I would rather wait for more bugs to be fixed in each release rather than having a new version released. If we are to gain more credibility and further market appeal I think we should provide less version releases and concentrate in fixing more bugs. There appears to be too much pressure to release a new every version every year at the expense of making past releases rock solid.
    I really feel we should only commit to a new release when fixes are ready and cannot be applied via online update to the current version. I also think there is too much importance applied to releasing a product that is not stable.
    I suppose I consider the role of open code to be a realistic replacement for full license software that costs industry billions of dollars. If we go back to the premise that open source products are an equal and more equatable choice to the world, then we need to release less versions with more bugs fixed in each. . Every tech I approach on changing companies installs to open source code is meet with a laugh of – When its perfectly stable I will advocate the produce to a prospective client. This attitude also applies to the licensed version of SLES and SLED.
    We need to stop considering ourself as members of a club, complete with a registered linux badge number and embrace all users. If we maintain our linux badge and club membership number, we are only indulging ourself in an exclusive nature rather than inclusive nature of all PC users out there. After all Open Source code is designed for everyone and is meant to be inclusive of everyone, not just registered linux club members.

    • rushman

      Yes I agree Put more time into the so called stable issues,and make sure any updates to not screw the working system.


    • Robert Smits

      I, too am surprised at the number of bugs that just get ignored in favour of new bling. For example, Bug 409667 – GNU Cash Document not found in openSuse KDE 3.5, has been around since opensuse 10.2. This is a bug that results in GnuCash documentation not being found for opensuse KDE users. And it appears to be a bug in opensuse KDE only, not Gnucash.Are we supposed to wait for KDE4 to fix it?

  2. JimJ

    While I agree to this comment, I also understand the need for testing and feedback needed to achieve an (eventually) bug free product. I am currently using openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 3.5.10. I’ve used 4.0 and 4.1 – I was less than impressed. And, to be quite honest, it seems (as previously stated) that the only comments considered worth their while are those supplied via a bug report, by a “badge” holder. If anyone has had to submit a bug report, you’d know what I’m referring to. For the moment, I’ll stick with what works… when the next version is at the same status as the current, then I’ll try it again.