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Results of the 1st openSUSE Board Election

October 27th, 2008 by

So the polls are closed now and all votes have been accounted for and confirmed valid, and we are now proud to announce the election results! The openSUSE project would like to welcome the first community elected board, and would like to thank all voters for taking the time to use their vote.

The new board members are, from the Non-Novell side of the community Pascal Bleser and Bryen Yunashko and from the Novell side we have Henne Vogelsang and Federico Mena-Quintero. We are proud to announce that Michael Löffler has been appointed by Novell as chairman of the new board. Being the candidates with the most votes in their category, Pascal and Henne already agreed to serve the board for the next two years. Bryen and Federico have been elected for one next year, hence the next election will take place about the same time next year.

The election committee would like to congratulate them on their election and wish them all the best in steering our fine community and project. We would also like to thank all of the candidates for their interest in serving on the board, and we’re proud to have so many excellent candidates to choose from for the board.

For those that like numbers, the spread of votes is as follows:

Bleser, Pascal 148 45.96 %
Yunashko, Bryen 69 21.43 %
Linnell, Peter 42 13.04 %
Rodriguez, Alex 30 9.32 %
Pasanen, Tuukka 18 5.59 %
Rusinek, Jakub 15 4.66 %
Total: 322
Vogelsang, Henne 126 38.18 %
Mena-Quintero, Federico 86 26.06 %
Shaw, Stephen 71 21.52 %
Michna, Marco 47 14.24 %
Total: 330

A total of 75.11% (178 of 237) voters participated in the poll. Voters had the option of casting two votes for each category, for a possible total of 356 votes per category for the election. Some voters, however, choose not to use both of their votes for each category.

The final count does not convey how close the election was in some parts, but it does show that the openSUSE community is committed to ensuring that they take a stake in their own project and that the understand that to make the project prosper they need to be active.

The election committee wants to thank the first openSUSE Board, Marcus ‘darix’ Rückert and Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier for their ongoing support. In addition to this we want to thank again all openSUSE members for their participation. Sadly these expectations can get tarnished by a drop of pace in the mb2-701 microsoft dynamics crm 2013 exam pdf online free homework help cis questions training

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14 Responses to “Results of the 1st openSUSE Board Election”

  1. Perhaps now that some community representation has been enacted, the development of a community charter is a good idea. Something to define the values of the project community and the way it is steered both technically and as an organization.

    For inspiration: http://eglug.org/charter

  2. anon

    Of course it is not a community elected board, as the opensuse community on a whole were not allowed to vote in it, only opensuse members, so the community on a whole should turn their back on this board, ignore it, until a fair and open election is held.

    • Magnus Boman

      That’s like saying that everyone in the world should be able to vote for the American president. Get a grip!

    • anon: Look at it this way: the people that will be primarily affected by who is on the Board were the ones able to vote on it. Since the Board mainly oversees the “operation” of the project, if you will, and doesn’t make specific technical decisions, end users are not affected much by the choice of the Board.

    • Chris

      AFAIK everyone who contributes to openSUSE can become a member who is allowed to vote.

      So you either choose not to become a member – in which case it is your own choice / fault – or don’t contribute – in which case I see no reason to give you the right to vote.

  3. Isegrim

    Congratulations to the winners of the election.

    openSUSE is getting better and better. First it is an inventive und friendly distribution and now we have a bit democracy added.

  4. Netbooker Suse

    Now, added with the strength of this new board, openSUSE community should really take urgent efford to gain prober support of netbookd in openSUSE too. Our favour linux&opensourcesoftware-distribution, best in the linux-ecosystem, has had difficulties with those increasingly popular devices. People have turned to use Mandriva or Ubuntu-variants with them, bcause they have added more support for them in those distros. So we should not stay behind.

  5. Andreas Jaeger

    Congratulations to the new board!

  6. Cosmin Tanczel

    Congratulations to the new board!

  7. AAORKR hi! how you doin?