openSUSE 11.1 Beta 4 Slip

30. Oct 2008 | News Team | No License

Just a quick note. The 11.1 release is slipping by at least one day due to a few major problems with the DVDs found during testing.


  • The network is broken during second-stage installation

  • No update repos are registered

There are some further problems with missing branding for GNOME, the slideshow and release notes don’t display, and some bugs that we hope will be ironed out shortly.

We are still aiming to release beta 4 this week, and will be providing further updates as events warrant.

While we don’t like to slip the schedule, we still consider it important to release betas in a condition that allows significant testing. If you’re interested in following openSUSE development and testing more closely, we recommend subscribing to the openSUSE Factory mailing list.

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