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Get Your openSUSE 11.1 Countdown Button Here

November 6th, 2008 by

Yes, you too can have a beautiful openSUSE countdown button just like the one you see in this post.

The banners have been updated, and as Pascal Bleser reports, we have localization for the following languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese (traditional and Taïwan)
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Walloon

Thanks to everyone who contributed translations, and to Jakub “jimmac” Steiner for doing the artwork. Pascal has full instructions on adding one of the banners to your site (we have small, medium, and large banners) and everything you’d want to know about the countdown banner. Com, you can check different buy essays justbuyessay.com exciting features of our ibm maximo asset management v7

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36 Responses to “Get Your openSUSE 11.1 Countdown Button Here”

  1. Livio

    You should receive big congratulations for doing this without JavaScript and with such amazing feature like some kind of geolocation based on IP, that’s very good :) .

    • Beineri

      Read the link, it’s not done by geolocation but your preferred language configured in the browser.

      • My bad ^^ .

        BTW, “11.1” on largest button looks different from smaller.

      • TeeCee

        One small step for man……

        As both an expat and someone who has a proxy at work in another country, I am firmly of the opinion that *anyone* using IP geolocation to configure language settings deserves hanging, drawing, quatering, incineration and then to have their ashes stirred into some lardy boy’s septic tank.

        Death’s too good for ’em really, but it’s the best we have.

  2. very nice this countdown button thanks :) … its nice to know everyday how much time left to the new system im like a boy waitting for his new toy

  3. susegebr

    The countdown to the worst version of Suse starting for me with Suse profesional 6.0

    This version no working webcam , due to the GSPCA drivers in the kernel the worst ever see the mailing listings
    No application working with Opense 11.0 and the GSPCA driver from http://mxhaard.free.fr/download.html , is working with 11.1 kernel

    So for ME Myself and I this countdown is to the day to free myself from the takeover Suse GMBH by Novell and the Opensuse movement

    All the wrong decisions KDE4 beta shit verses normal KDE3
    Ksysguard in KDE3 the the KDE4 version so delete the program and use the one from Suse 9.2 kde 3.3.0
    normal GSPCA driver verses the kernel shit GSPCA
    The newest kernel not tested to the max

    So be prepared to losing many, very many users, mostly the older users from the Good Old days S.U.S.E. GMBH Germany.
    Look at your download figures and see for your self

    • R. J.

      Yawn, don’t let the door hit you on the way out

    • George P.

      susegebr you might as well change your name to LinuxHater because that’s what you are.

      I’m all for the financing of Linux, and you’ve already said what you’re for.

      The truth is, Linux could be capitalized on by the IT industry much more than Windows. The only problem is, Windows is easier to design for. But that’s slowly (and it makes me sad to say slowly) changing. The development tools and the OS keep improving.

      I don’t know who took the privilege from you to downgrade to SUSE 9.2, thought everyone had that privilege, but perhaps you should downgrade to nothing and live in the forest like other animals where you will be perfectly happy.

      • susegebr

        Read before you think if you can think

        Suse 9.2 Ksysguard wont work under 11.0 even if ksysguard is totaly deleted.
        Thans just a fact.
        I dont wont nothing from KDE4 as long that is still in beta.

        So with 11.1 if you dont install kde4 beta but kde3.5.10 you still get the kde4 beta ksysguard with other kde4 software

        A am receiving the mailing list from RedHat for Gspca.
        If you see whats going on there you can say its done far from that
        there is even a discusion to keep v4l1 and v4l2 or merge the 2.

        And then Suse 11.1 has a kernel with who knows what release of gspca sure not the latest one I see in the mailing lists.

        And then i dare to say that kernel is not tested to the max.

        And i choose a name i desire you have nothing to say about that

        Once more such a remark and we sniff you out and learn you the hard way to be polite and discus arguments.

      • Miles Bradford

        SuSE 9.2 Professional sucked almost as bad as 9.1 and 9.0. A person almost had to rewrite the drivers for making the mouse work and if you had it plugged into a KVM for multiple servers – forget it. Well, that still doesn’t work with openSuSE 10.3 either if you are using USB mouse…so what the heck.

        But, 10.3 openSuSE is light years ahead of 7.3 Professional and 7.1 – duh – wouldn’t even work on all Intel MB’s…so if you want to run less than squat – that’s your choice…nobody makes you downgrade — but, I can make available 9.3 Professional if you so desire and are hung up in a time warp on the version 9’s. It is much better than 9.2.


    • isegrim

      openSUSE works fine for me. I started with Suse 9.2 (bought!), upgraded to 9.3, bought (!) Suse 10.0 and am now using openSUSE 11.0 and feel that 11.0 is the best openSUSE-Release so far, even better than 10.2. In fact it is so stable that it is boring.

      openSUSE11.1-Beta4 is looking good and runs smoothly and if you are listening to the crowd you could hear that they are commending.

      At the end of the year I am going to install openSUSE on a friends PC, because she is pissed off with Microsofts Windows and MacOS.

      KDE4.x is a matter of taste. I personally do not need this eyepopping candy and will stay with KDE3.5.x as long as possible. But you have to admit that KDE4.x works very well in openSUSE11.1-Beta4.

      The only thing I am afraid of is that openSUSE becomes a clone of *Buntu and continues to sacrifice safety for the sake of users false feeling of comfort. On the other hand openSUSE is Linux and one can adjust it to ones needs.

  4. PeterPac

    I must be doing something wrong as everything works for me on SUSE. I guess someone forgot how to manually enter anything since version 6.0. I noticed he did not mention which kernel he is using. Lol.

  5. nowereman a nobody

    All the comments after “susegebr”, clearly show the sectarian mentality that, sadly and wrongly, is predominant in almost all linux community without regard of distribution or kernel version.

    All of you must think that you are “protecting” the OS of your preference being aggressive like that (on base in your comments) to the people that express is opinion (accurate or not, more technical or not,so on), well you (and the people like you) are the reason why the utopia of community crash, not only in this OUR virtual world (not only yours) but also in the real world too.

    Please tell me why are you like that?…, and who the fuc|< are you to criticize like if you born knowing everything about computers and the way it should be, beyond that you think that if anybody is not with you is against you (morons), life and community did not work that way.

    Maybe you think that if you ba11-licking hard and long enough you will going to receive a free T-shirt or a free of charge Novel Suselinux, i did not know why you act like that.

    I never make comments before (i prefer read it). Maybe because of the generalized being of the people or because i have not the time or the interest, i do not know, but after read the three comments i had a flashback of all that kind of commentaries that implied a pseudo superiority of the linux user (my self morons being in the first years of use of an alternative OS) and i could not control the need to make this comment.

    If someone feels or think that this comment insult you or perturb you in any way, please… think why do you feel that way, but most important THINK for your self, BE FREE. AND LET BE FREE.

    PS: Linux OpenSuse work for me, but i do not use my PC to anything important: like calculate the impact of all the junk-bond, and the crack of the financial world, or the trajectory of a marts satellite for the NASA; i am a multi-medial designer, but i can not make some games to run (almost the average user)

  6. xwrs

    I dont know why, but my P4 2.4Ghz 256Mb ram is very slowly with SuSe 10.3, but Gentoo works faster and I think that SuSe is not bad distribution but it too hard and for some uses (forgive me,please for bad english)

    • Ico

      I think this speed depending on Your computer, cause i got Dell: P4, 2.0GHz, 256 MB and works normally (never seen any slow motions). No problems at all, but i must say that Suse 11.0 with KDE4 is fastern.

  7. Banjo

    Hi all first time to post. I mostly read… I must tell you that SuSe 11.0 is one of the best OS I have used in a long time. I understand why, how people can get completly flustraded working with it but it is still a stable system. If you are a newby the best way is to always keep notes on all that you do to correct. What I liked about it is there is a great data base to to read and a great support group. But I must tell you that if all you do is complain you want get much help.If you don’t like the OS then go back to Wdoz’s, it don’t take much knowledge to operate it. Microsoft has just about made it for dummies. If you are down loading a beta or rc version don’t compline these are operating system’s that are still being upgraded and corrected.
    Have a very nice day and remember a good attitude will go much futher and benifit you more than a bad one.

  8. johno

    Hmm, did 10.2, 10.3 and felt comfortable then. Went back to my custom OS (extreeeemly stable though jaded)
    while waiting for 11.1. Tried 11.0 from DVD and saw obvious UI/KDE4 bugs that made me warm and sweaty…
    but will wait 40 days in the wilderness…for the stability of 10.3…and the replacement for my jaded OS?
    PS – the KDE functionality has logic but the slime-green theme and large chunky-bar icons must go!
    They pale alongside Vista’s tasteful icons. Less is more. Small is beautiful. Thin is horny.
    (Screen resolution is going one way, and large real-estate on the desktop and apps will look more and more awful
    as resolution of future graphic devices increases further)

    Make it stable lads.

    • Dean Patterson

      “Tried 11.0 from DVD and saw obvious UI/KDE4 bugs”

      You think?? Considering KDE 4 is not close to being stable this makes sense! Ya knucklehead.

  9. 40 days to go?
    I must say that i’m a happy suse user (and ubuntu, mandriva windoz). one thing special about suse is, it help me earn money to buy my first laptop.

    thanks (a lot)

  10. Ptero-4

    Wow. 40 days for M$ Linux 11.1, I just can’t wait to get that iso, burn it and install M$ Linux on my Satellite A205-S5804.

  11. swyear

    Seem not working for zh_TW (Traditional Chinese, Taiwan)
    can only see english: “40 days to go”

  12. ron

    I am a Newbie to linux, i started at opensuse 10.3, i am a computer maintenance here in philippines and also the one who make server for data encoders, my problem is i need to disable the firewall of the opensuse 10.3 to share the mount drive to the windows OS users, is it possible that i will not need to disable the firewall and i can stil connect to the opensuse server, i made 5 server of opensuse , this is my first time . anybody can help me or guide to more about opensuse i think this is the easyiest linux to configure, my second problem is: when i connect the second lancard it automatically disable the one lancard or another lancard, so is it possible to use multiple lancard so i can use multiple IP , thanks to everyone who made the opensuse, i already made 5 server of opensuse as OS, but i still cant setup NT 4.0, no time for NT 4.0 to read , hehehehe….. bye the way im ron , a new newbie in opensuse…….

  13. ron

    i read the google summer of code, is it easy to make code?, I also want to learn it so i can make a code that may fit for my need in my 5 computer gaming shop only windows supported OS , the most playing games in my area is windows based. instead of looking for whatever to communicate with linux to windows why not i will be the one to make my own or someone can help me…. if i have disobeyed something pls inform me, the game that is open use are GG-CLient DOTA Warcraft, RanOnline, NBA2008, Cheekyran, … is it possible to run this games to opensuse (linux) ….my computer rented only 1 us$ for 4hrs… so i can earn money for my studies for BTIT, or Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology…

  14. Shrek

    SuSE user since 8.0. Don’t care about the Novell / Microsoft at all. The reality is we live in a Microsoft world (at the moment). RedHat and Novell are starting to take more and more of a bite out of the business market with each new release. I believe that MS being incorporated into the Linux was an amazing shift. (they working to merge with our stuff). If you are not fond of the Novell deal, fine. But in fairness then you must be angry at all Linux software that works to incorporate itself in the windows world. ie. Gimp, Openoffice, K3b, etc.

    SuSE 11.0 on the desktop, Fedora 9 on the laptop. And I do use windows for its intended purpose, to play games.


  15. kwins

    I use windows to for game. But if Linux have a .exe plug in or sommething eals, was better because we would to like to game. but wine and crosover do not work so good we most to have a better thing.That’s the – point of all Linux version and we know it.

    I have test mostly Linux but Suse was the best . for me :)


  16. ron

    again , pls help me how to use opensuse as data server, i will need to disable first the firewall so i can share the mount drive to the users or windows users, i know that it will be delicate if the firewall is disabled, but i dont have the choice coz it is the only thing i know, (2) i want to use multiple lan card beside the onboard lancard but any lan card i used is automatically disable by opensuse , it accept only one lan card, so how can i used multiple lan card evwen i am just a newbie, i wish 11.1 can support that as a user friendly , …

    again thank you very much OpenSuse creators… -=aguila=-

  17. I’m 3D designer, and very-very hope, that new blender 2.48a and new yaf(a)ray 0.1.0 will be included in openSuSE 11.1
    And one more thing. gwenview from KDE 4 – are absolutely unusable. I’m working with thousands of textures, pictures and photos, so gwenview from previous KDE (3.5.?) will be MUCH BETTER!!!

  18. Hope U will include new blender 2.48a and new yaf(a)ray 0.1.0 in new openSuSE 11.1.

  19. Martin

    Well,there goes my linux distro. All new distro’s doesn’t support sis 760 graphics card. Ubuntu 8.10 and Opensuse .
    Anyone knows a sollution? except for stick to 11.0

    • ethana2

      8.04 is an LTS release. I don’t know if you folks have those, but I’m keeping it around probably for a few years just as a stable, secure fallback while I do my exciting stuff on newer versions of things.
      Right now my ‘exciting’ OS is Ubuntu 8.10, but I hear SuSE treats KDE like a first class citizen, and I just tried Kubuntu 8.10 and it murdered itself violently, right off the LiveCD…

  20. Burke

    Which button actually? I cannot seew any button. Javascript is enabled, though nothing to see.

  21. greenMan

    Greek localization is not so good, please change it. It could be “μέρες ακόμα”.

    • Paoki

      Agree! “περισσότερες μέρες” is not used in Greek. “μέρες ακόμα” is the right.