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openSUSE 11.1 KDE4 Reloaded: Includes KDE 4.2.2 and 11.1 Updates

May 1st, 2009 by

While 11.2 is still months away there’s still plenty of activity going on with openSUSE. In addition to last week’s milestone release, you can also get your hands on openSUSE 11.1 Reloaded. This is a respin of openSUSE 11.1, including KDE 4.2.2 packages and updates to 11.1.

This is an installable live CD that features the KDE 4.2.2 packages from the openSUSE Build Service repo. The live CD was created by Stephan ‘Beineri’ Binner, and is useful for people who want to test out KDE 4.2 and users who are doing new installs and want the most recent openSUSE updates straight out of the box.

See the KDE 4.2.2 announcement for more information on the improvements and new features in KDE 4.2.2.

Some features in openSUSE’s distribution of KDE differ slightly from a stock install of KDE. The “cashew” (Toolbox) is not enabled by default. It ships with the “Aya” theme and includes some bugfixes and enhancements over the stock 4.2.2 release. The Reloaded live CD also defaults to the KDE4 versions of Amarok (2.0.2) and Digikam (0.10).

A Note of Caution

Please note that this is not an “official” openSUSE release, and has not undergone the same kind of testing that stable releases receive.

Additional openSUSE KDE News

As Will Stephenson points out, if you’re following the KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop repository, you’ll soon start getting KDE 4.3 packages. If you want to keep on with the KDE 4.2 packages, use the new KDE:42 repo. The live CD is pre-configured to use this repository, so no need to worry about getting moved to 4.3 unless you change it.

See Important news for openSUSE KDE4 users for more information about KDE repos in the openSUSE Build Service and package naming changes.

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28 Responses to “openSUSE 11.1 KDE4 Reloaded: Includes KDE 4.2.2 and 11.1 Updates”

  1. initialzero

    Thanks for the news update. The KDE team has been working very hard to make this sort of thing happen. We should really give them a round lizard love.

  2. zak89

    I think Beineri deserves something in the way of a reward for his commitment to openSUSE and KDE. I heard that he was laid off some time ago, and he still keeps plugging away.

    Thanks so much, man! Hope things come together for ya!

  3. Very good news, very good hardwork.
    This is the release I’ve been waiting for.

    I will download it this evening :)

    Hopefully, the respin installation DVD will also released

    Adi Nugroho

  4. m_goku

    I think some think wrong with KDE 4.2.2 repo. Yast told me that available package for dolphin is kde4-dolphin-4.1.3-3.8.9. I browse the repo directly and found that available package for dolphin is kde4-dolphin-4.2.2-79.21. And yes, i had autorefresh enabled for this repo.

  5. Dich

    good news, thanks, will test right away!

  6. Dich

    Folks, I’d like to rise the same request/plea here again!
    Would you be so kind to generate also USB images in addition to the iso?
    Yes I know there are many instruction on the net describing the procedure. Yes I know there is unetbootin which is supposed to handle all that long range of distribution. All of these are not working, partially because KIWI starts looking for the CD-image on the CD-drive at some point. Well as you use KIWI anyway, wouldn’t it be easy to generate the USB image using KIWI directly ? It’s infinitely more convenient for testing and also installing than CDs. I’d very much appreciate your help…

    • Beineri

      Here is what you can do: engage in opensuse-factory discussion about USB image use cases and help testing latest Factory USB images and maybe 11.2 will have the USB images of your dreams. :-)

      • Dich

        Thanks Beineri! Just got to read your post, seems this is a success day – I managed to modify the initrd of the reloaded CD and have it boot from the USB stick, and in addition there’s your reply with the link to the Factory USB images – something I’ve been searching for a long time. I’ll definitely give them a try (at least would like to see if it’s a real “Live” system or simply an installation onto stick), but in the meantime perhaps I’d suggest that these images are accounced/advertised a bit better.

  7. Alexiy

    Thank you very much! That’s what I exactly need! Really great JOB!

  8. Wrath5000

    Is anyone else having issues with the md5 sum?

  9. raymond

    Hai Beineri,
    thanks for Your great work !!!
    I go and start it today !! (hopefully)
    At least :
    THANKS to everybody who is contributing in any form to free open projekts !!!

  10. the great pampoozis

    Great news! Will try soon.

    Can I do an update with the live CD, i.e. upgrade my 11.0 install?

  11. minime


    I’ve an issue with the Live-CD: I can’t get an Internet connection.

    Because, I get an Internet connection with the installation build, my question is: Is there a way to get a Live-DVD from the installation build?

  12. beavis

    Oh joy, more bloat to an already bloated and useless KDE 4. So what do I get in return for the lost memory and CPU cycles?

    I will answer my own question: nothing.

    • KnurPhT

      Then why post this comment. Intelligent people usually do not waste time on bloated or useless things.
      So, what do we get in return for having open fora? I will answer my own question: Lots and lots, and in between useless replies like beavis’s one.

  13. Michael

    Will there be torrents available?

  14. woif

    great news! thank you very much for the respins..
    i downloaded both respin images (32 and 64 bit) and installed them. the following problem occurs:
    the icons in the “task-bar” (clipper, networkmanager, …) are invisible.. only a grey or black rectangle…
    updates don’t fix this problem.

    does anyone else have this problem? or does anyone know how to fix this?

    • woif

      found the solution: turning off 3d-acceleration for my intel 965gm grafics card solved the problem.
      strange that i had this problem never before…

  15. This will save a lot of works, thanks :-)

  16. Jee Nu Centz

    KDE 4.2.3 is out. I think you should give the respin one final go with this new KDE, since this will suffice for at least another month.

  17. I am greatly enjoying the new release. quite a bit of things fixed,but hoping the new version will come in soon.

  18. woif

    does anyone know when we can expect intel graphics cards working without problems?
    i have a intel 965gm integrated graphics-chip…

    tried some versions of these respins and there is always the problem that the icons in the taskbar are not displayed…
    enabling the xorg-repo and doing an upgrade doesn’t help – it causes malfunctioning xorg (no graphical login)

    turning off 3d-acceleration isn’t satisfying…

    i’m wondering why it works with the new mandriva 2009.1

  19. Maarten

    I just wanted to offer a huge thankyou to Beineri, – despite everything you’ve hung in there and shown us what it means to really care about Linux. Kudos to you. You stand tall where others turned and ran. Really appreciate the efforts you make in bringing the latest and greatest of KDE to openSUSE.