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openFATE – Adding New Features Now Open for Everybody

July 1st, 2009 by

From openFATE’s launch in January ’09 the addition of a new feature was limited to openSUSE members. Due and thanks to several requests out of the openSUSE community we changed this and are happy to announce today that openFATE now allows feature requests for non-members as well. This will lower the bar again to participate directly in the project and in the development of openSUSE, openSUSE Build Service and openFATE itself.
We’re looking forward to receive more qualified feature requests to make our openSUSE distribution and the project itself fit your needs better from day to day. To use openFATE please check first here

Have a lot of fun!

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7 Responses to “openFATE – Adding New Features Now Open for Everybody”

  1. manchette

    could you please explain why it was not opened to all at 1st ?

  2. Nichiren

    I just wanted to use openFate (logged in) to suggest a new feature: add 1920×1200 to the install dvd.

    However, whenever I have entered anything and then click on “Save feature”, it empties the “Description” text box and then stupidly tells me: “There were errors: Please enter a description”
    I can enter the description as often as I want, every time I click on “Save feature”, it throws it away, and then complains that there isn’t any

    It would be nice if you could fix that.
    Browser is Opera 10.

    • tom

      Hi Nichiren,
      I think this is related to Opera. Could you please try to test it with firefox,
      and enter a bugreport for this issue?

  3. You know who

    You mean your input form is not cross-browser compatible? :-o
    Who designed the page? A 14-year old? :-D
    These are exactly the kinds of ridiculous faux pas happening quite often now.
    None of you take your work that seriously, come on. There is no REAL pride in what you create, just the power pride of “look at me”.
    Self-respect in your work would circumvent these ridiculous problems that plague this community now in many ways.

    • Syam

      If the form/javascript used in the page is standard compliant, then, no need to fix it. At least, we as opensource community, should stick to standards.

  4. Will

    All of those of you complaining have to be joking. Opensuse and the linux community has done leaps and bounds above the windows community and even macintosh, to embrace open, universal standards. While I agree that a simple thing such as a form should not have been rejected (whatever the cause turned out to be), there is no reason to resort to namecalling and flaming.

    As for Microsoft, ActiveX?! Microsoft’s corporate strategy has been “frequently” geared away from interoperability, a luxury its vast dominance has further enabled; it is a relief that there are at least decent number of developers in its camp that have been more community-oriented. It is also true that the linux community could have benefited a long time ago, and still now, from usability specialists or managers. Not everyone who enjoys the freedom and strengths of the linux community enjoys poring through the abstruse options of a command line for example, even if programming-inclined. If linux could have been here (as it is now) five years ago, linux would have really been a force to reckon with. Perhaps linux is resigned to its niche, and may never reach a tipping point, but I’m glad it has made great strides in productivity and expressiveness.