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Ready to Rumble: openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 4 Released

July 27th, 2009 by

Looking for some summer fun? Try the latest milestone release for openSUSE 11.2! Milestone 4 is hot off the openSUSE Build Service and ready for your testing pleasure.This release includes updates to KDE, GNOME, NetworkManager, Samba, YaST, and many other updated packages.

This is a Milestone Release, one of several that lead up to the 11.2 final release in November. It may not be suitable for production systems, but is ready for contributors who want to help with testing and development for 11.2.

Changes Since openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 3

Lots of changes since the M3 release! The live CDs can now be deployed using USB sticks — which is particularly important for netbook computers without CD or DVD drives. The live CDs now contain mc, and the KDE live CDs include YaKuake. And YaST has a new Qt-based Control Center. Other updates and changes:

  • Linux kernel
  • CUPS 1.3.10
  • NetworkManager 0.7.1
  • Samba 3.4.0
  • Firefox 3.5
  • KDE 4.3 RC1
  • Qt 4.5.2
  • Qt Creator 1.2
  • Seamonkey 2.0a3
  • VirtualBox 3.0 beta 2

A more complete list can be found on the wiki and an updated list of Factory packages can be found on DistroWatch.

11.2 is looking fantastic. Want screenshots? We’ve got ’em! Check out the shots here, and/or add your own.

Most Annoying Bugs

As this is a milestone release, 11.2 m4 does contain a few bugs that we know about, but should not stand between courageous contributors and release testing. The big bugs in 11.2 M4 are:

  • Bug #525243: Booting the live CDs in VirtualBox, you’ll get 800×600 resolution at start, no matter what was selected at boot.
  • Bug #522025: X does not display properly in VirtualBox initially. This can be worked around by switching to a virtual console (Ctrl+F1) and then switching back to X (Ctrl+F7).
  • Bug #525094: Some packages are missing from KDE live CDs, including plasma-addons and OpenOffice_org-kde4.
  • Bug #496505: Live-CDs will not boot from USB if system has a CD-ROM drive.
  • Bug #515529: During installation, an empty error box is shown during the bootloader config, but it does install properly.

You can track the Most Annoying Bugs on the wiki along with 11.2 development.

Testing! Testing! Testing!

As you can see, 11.2 M4 does have a few annoying bugs that we know about — but there may be more lurking somewhere in the release that haven’t been found yet. If you want to make sure 11.2 final is free of Most Annoying Bugs, we’ll need your help finding, reporting, and fixing those hidden bugs.

Holger Sickenberg has put out a call for testing team members. If you’re interested in doing some heavy testing on openSUSE, check out Holger’s announcement.

Get Milestone 4 Today!

What are you waiting for? Grab the milestone release today! Downloads are available at software.opensuse.org/developer/ right now.

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38 Responses to “Ready to Rumble: openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 4 Released”

  1. Janis Klava

    Hope Skype will finally install/work. Am still using 11.0 for that reason alone.

    Looking forward to kernel 2.6.30 and Virtualbox 3.0

    Looks as though we will have to get used to Nautilus … I already miss Konqueror …

  2. kaker

    I hope next release will feature latest kernel and the ability to use nilfs2/btrfs filesystems in installer so I could get some performance boost on netbook’s ssds :)

  3. René Krell

    Where is the mentioned Samba 3.4.0? I can find only 3.3.5 in the factory repository.

    • Beineri

      The package didn’t build successfully against Factory (fix was not pushed from network:samba:STABLE devel project yet).

  4. holger

    I have a problem with the Intel graphic driver in X11. Can’t get DRI working. This was working without any problems in Milestone 3….
    I am a little frustrated, but I think I have to go back to Milestone 3…

    • René Krell

      I have also big problems (freezing of X) with the new Intel graphic driver on a Intel 865G chipset. There is a completely new release 2.8.0 of the Intel video driver. I put a bugtracker issue to them:
      Maybe your problem is different. Just report it to make the developers know.
      At the moment, I get only the VESA driver working on my chipset.

    • René Krell

      Just once more: DRI has been replaced by DRI2, and EXA acceleration by UXA (default, if you don’t use the driver option AccelMethod). They threw out all other acceleration methods than UXA. I recommend to reconfigure X, but I’m not sure whether SaX2 is prepared for these driver changes. Maybe it will be better using ‘X -configure’ for now and copying the produced configuration to /etc/X11.

    • holger

      I just installed the 2.7.0 driver from Intel. This works!
      Now, I know how get DRI back, I will give the 2.8.0 driver a try in the next days.
      Thanks for the answers!

  5. Pedro Veloso

    Yast QT interface is looking good :) . It’s also good to have USB install option, though I’ve not tested it yet.

  6. Yaoting

    I tried to use ATI drivers in Suse 11.1 and it causes the whole system to freeze. I am unable to log in to the system thereafter.

  7. Roman B.

    Why are you installing ATI drivers from Suse 11.1? Go to the ATI website, download the driver and compile them into the kernel.

  8. Barsteward

    Why is Seamonkey included on a list of additions to 11.2? Arent there enough browsers on the release already? Wouldn;t it be better to spend time on QA for the release rather then waste time on another browser that can be downloaded by the few that will want it?

    • Beineri

      Why addition? It was already in 11.1, the list is about updates. And Seamonkey is maintained by someone from the community (who is free to work on whatever he wants).

  9. ab

    > The live CDs now contain mc

    Finally! Thanks.

  10. Peter D

    Writing this from the 11.2M4 KDE live CD. The KDE is far more polished in this version already and will be moving back from Gnome. Very nice indeed and haven’t found a fault yet.

  11. holger

    Is there a reason why ALSA is compiled into the kernel? In Milestone 3 ALSA-support was configured as module (CONFIG_SND=m).
    To get my hda-intel Soundcard working on my ASUS-Laptop K50, I need to install the newest ALSA-Drivers. This was working without a problem in MS 3.

  12. Krauss

    today, I tried opensuse m4.
    when I try install to “php5-mysql” module, system shows a message that says
    “nothing provides libmysqlclient.so.15 needed by php5-mysql-5.3.6-52.1.i586”.

    and it doesn’t continued.
    so I tried searching for a package. there is no package named like libmysqlclient 15,
    but I found a package named “libmysqlclient16”.

    so, anybody know, how I can solve the problem?

  13. Javier Llorente

    It’s time to test openSUSE :-)

  14. Hope this stable enough for my daily needs :-D

    • I’ve been using M3 for a couple months on two systems. An old IBM workstation and a Core2 based Dell. I think it’s more stable than previous 11.x versions! :D Downloading M4 now!

  15. Another question, Xen kernel previously did not include cpufreq module and I believe is still the case with M3. Will this be added to 11.2 release or a future version? Centos 5.3 is already good to go on that one.

  16. Carl

    I hope they update the printer drivers in 11.2.

  17. Arl

    Was on 11.1, tried to install 11.2, and first thing that NOT worked is Intel i945G 3D acceleration…

  18. Mike Smith

    Working with Panasonic CF-52 using 11.2M4 x86-64. Touchpad support failed on boot of installation dvd. Worked with 11.1 release install dvd.

  19. In opsnSUSE 11.1 and openSUSE 11.2 Milestone has kernel ACPI bug.
    In installation, after install screen reaches:
    pci 0000:01:07:0: PME# supported from D0 D1 D2 D3 hot
    ………………………………………….. .
    pci 0000:01:07:0: PME# disabled
    pci 0000:00:08:0: transparent bridge

    system cannot running after.

    Boot option acpi=off ; noacpi and etc not working.

    In openSUSE 11.0 all in OK.

  20. Bobby

    Well openSuse looks like it’s heading to kill Vista 2 aka Win 7 ;) I downloaded and ran the KDE 4 live CD yesterday which I was really impressed by, however, one doesn’t get the real feeling from a live CD so I did what I didn’t plan to – I installed it. The first thing that I noticed was the improvement in speed, which I do hope will continue to get better. The second thing was YaST. YaST got a nice face lifting. I like the new interface and the Qt-look. It’s also much faster than it is in openSuse 11.1.
    i haven’t got any crashes so far and everything seems to be working smoothly and at an improved speed over 11.1. I have managed to install an nvidia graphic driver, the libdvd and win32 codecs and all that I need for a fully functional DE. It’s so stable that I can’t believe that it’s not even a beta as yet. Keep up the good work openSuse Team!

  21. Adi

    I installed OSM4, it looks fantastic!
    I have a question: if I keep using it, will it upgrade the packages when new milestones are released? and when the 11.2 version will be released, will it upgrade? I plan on using this version (with the necessary care for backups and instability of course), because it is very nice and fast.
    My notes for this release (64 bits flavor):
    – plasma-desktop starts to use the processor a lot after about 1-2 hours of work
    – there is no widget to show the desktop
    – phot0shop cs 2 no longer runs in wine (last know version to run was opensuse 11.1)

  22. montana

    looking good, I was unable to compile nvidia kernel due to ‘missing version.h’ error thrown during compilation process. Plasma annoys me to no end so I end up using XFCE or gnome – If you guys have any pull with the KDE team try and sneak in a hint that some users would like an easy toggle for turning plasma desktop off? ;) The tight binding of plasma to the desktop is a little quirky even though it looks nice- still think it’s a little buggy.
    I still run everything from the command line whenever possible so maybe I’m not the best resource for feedback.

  23. lem8r

    Does anyone can build ati driver v9.7(kernel module) for opensuse 11.2 M4, M5??? It’s a crap! I hardly build driver v9.6 in M4(not M5) but only with 3 patches from ubuntu forum.. Neither 9.6 nor 9.7 didn’t support new kernel sources..
    Any thoughts?..

    • gavinto

      Are there any big changes anticipated between M5 and the final release? I know in 11.1 some people installed early Betas/RC candidates and then were not able to upgrade to the final RC without a clean swipe and re-install.

      If I install M5 will I be able to “seamlessly” update to each now M*/RC*?

  24. Running perfect here, the only problem with accents on the keyboard abnt2 (KDE), resolved adding in xorg.conf Option “AutoAddDevices” “False” in Section “ServerFlags”, who have problems installing nvidia, solution in http://mrcliq.freehostia.com/?p=20

  25. Kevin

    Please get KDE 4.3 bugs fixed before release!

    Akonadi storage is brittle in the existing factory releases, and there are lots of problems still w/ KDE PIM (but developers are clearly working–if you find a bug today, just update tomorrow and it will probably be gone–of course, it will be back in a few more days)

    Novell needs to get its marketing act together and start pushing openSUSE in front of corporate decision makers looking at the choice of sticking with XP or upgrading to Windows 7. If KDE is going to be part of the reason to ditch Windows, then KDE 4 has got to get its act together ASAP, or it will be confused w/ Vista! Lots of Glitz, but things still break.


    (1) KDE PIM needs to connect to Exchange Server! Yes, I know that Exchange sucks, Micro$oft sucks, blah, blah, but this is just one of those things that will keep openSUSE off corporate desktops.
    (2) KDE 4.3 needs to be fixed and released. Great that people are already working on 4.4 and 4.5, but openSUSE and other distros which use KDE need to have a sit down w/ the KDE team and let them know that it would be good to have at least one stable, functional release of KDE 4.x before the next major release.
    (3) J2EE and Java libraries are still very messy and hard to put together a decent, up to date stack (esp. since the Tomcat 6 security patch has been broken for weeks now). Need to put together a decent full end-to-end solution as a package group (JBoss, GlassFish, Geronimo, whatever–just have all the parts in one place so someone can install from Repo without having to go to Sun or RedHat, etc. Also, a lot of the Java packages are stale and need fresher versions (e.g. AXIS2 has been out for a while, might be worth adding to the Apache Java libraries).
    (4) OpenSUSE needs to get a good XRX (XForms, ReSTful XML DB, XQuery) stack together. This can work great w/ a J2EE enterprise, and as a short-cut to functionality that is otherwise time consuming to build.
    (5) Semantic desktop great idea, but where are the tools? Why is it next to impossible to find a decent UML editor for Linux which can do the OMG’s ODM and support tranforms to OWL-DL. Need to get some more end-user friendly desktop tooling to deal with semantic web, either in the (IMHO) easier to understand ODM UML2, or in OWL-DL.
    (6) Package management needs QA How many weeks should go by with a critical security patch in Tomcat 6 broken (it won’t install due to some problem w/ the file)?