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Unofficial openSUSE KDE 4.3 RPMs and Live CDs

August 6th, 2009 by

Get the latest KDE hot off the presses! The KDE Project announced the stable KDE 4.3 release this week, and openSUSE users can get the goods right away.

The KDE 4.3 release is available via One-Click Install for openSUSE Factory, 11.1, 11.0, and 10.3. Stephan Binner has provided a KDE 4.3 live CD using the openSUSE Build Service and KIWI. The live CD is a pure KDE showcase based on current openSUSE 11.1 packages. Note that the live CD and packages are not an official openSUSE release and have not been as fully tested as final openSUSE releases.

The latest KDE includes a number of new features, application updates, performance and usability improvements, and much more. See the KDE 4.3.0 release announcement for a list of improvements and updates.

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15 Responses to “Unofficial openSUSE KDE 4.3 RPMs and Live CDs”

  1. peted

    Using the KDE 4.3 live CD to post this now. I must say that it looks and feels very polished (I believe that was the intention). I hope this makes it into OpenSUSE 11.2.

  2. pete

    sorry to say that . what a piece of crap . i had hundreds (!!!!!) of conflicting dependencies jesus what are u guys doing ??
    of course i stopped the installation , cause i didnt want to ruin my system …lol

  3. Batty

    I have installed from the live cd and am very impressed.
    I see above that Stephan Binner is responisble for the Kde 4.3 Live cd.
    So, Many thanks Stephan you have convinced me to leave K/Ubuntu and join you over here in opensuse land!

  4. rayH

    Why not just grab the 11.2milestone5? This includes KDE-4.3.0 and kernel-2.6.31. There are KDE$-LiveCD versions.


  5. JC Francois

    Tried booting LiveCD in VirtuaBox. Got this surreal output:

    ===> Booting System:
    + ´[‘ false = true ‘]’
    + unmount proc
    + ‘[‘ no = yes ‘]’
    + exec chroot . /sbin/init
    chroot: cannot run command `/sbin/init’: Input/output error
    Kernel Panic – not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

  6. Matze

    At the moment KDE 4.3 is available in the factory tree. Will there be any changes in the future? Maybe there will be a tree called KDE:/43 ?

    • Beineri

      Not as long as there are almost daily bugfixes / it is being worked on until openSUSE 11.2 release.

  7. author40

    ….so beautiful! Great work, thanx a lot!

  8. Johan van den Boogaard

    Fabulous! I have installed it yesterday, and I am very impressed. The precessor of KDE 4.3 had many flaws and often crashed on my system. This version of KDE is much more stable, and it looks great (Even better than Windows Vista :P)
    Greetings from The Netherlands…

  9. AARON


    I have only had the minor problem of having to manually link my browser plugins for AF and JRE.
    This distribution is excellent. KDE 4.3 is working great on my old laptop and my not so old desktop.
    Used live CD to reinstall both.
    Take it from me, LVM is the magic key to upgrading this OS. Fresh install leaves /home untouched.
    Run YaST with the included repos first. Add others later. “Update if newer version available.”