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Update to openSUSE.org

December 5th, 2009 by

Over the last two weeks, we have been making some major infrastructure changes to the openSUSE landing page and wikis.  The result is that users of the wiki can now expect new features, better language support, and a considerable increase in performance.  Here is a quick overview of some changes that we have made:

  • Wiki software upgraded to the latest version of MediaWiki (upgraded from version 1.5!)
  • Moved wiki and main site onto new and much more powerful servers
  • Implemented PHP bytecode caching through APC
  • Increased use of memcached

Our testing indicates that the new wiki software, along with the use of APC and memcached, results in 2 to 3 times the performance on the same hardware.  Users can also expect the enhanced security and features of the newest versions of MediaWiki.

Next week, we plan on moving the SUSE blogs onto new hardware and implement APC caching with them as well.  Testing indicates that users should expect an even more drastic performance increase with the blogs.

Of course, major changes often result in some issues.  If you become aware of any problems with the new wiki software, please send a message to webmaster@opensuse.org.

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2 Responses to “Update to openSUSE.org”

  1. hcvv

    Not a problem with the Wiki software. Can’t get to the SDB at all.

  2. Rupert Horstkötter

    We’re working on it. Please read //news.opensuse.org/2009/12/06/statement-of-the-wiki-team-on-the-recent-mediawiki-update/