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Meet The KDE Plasma Developers at SUSE, Feb 22

February 11th, 2010 by

On the evening of Monday the 22nd of February, the KDE Plasma, KWin and Oxygen developers will be holding a public event at the SUSE office in Nuremberg, Germany. All are welcome to come to the openSUSE Community Space to hear the KDE hackers present their vision of the state of the art in user interfaces.

This evening forms part of the 4th Plasma coding sprint, codenamed ‘Tokamak4‘. Sponsored by KDE e.V. and Novell, twenty-five leading KDE developers will be coming together from all over the world to work on the Plasma Desktop for future versions of KDE Workspaces, including the desktop and netbook shells, the window manager, and the desktop look and feel. With KDE SC 4.4 still burning up broadband lines and download mirrors everywhere, the developers are moving on to address important challenges for the next release, including empowering Plasma with semantic technologies, easier extensions using JavaScript and other scripting languages, enhancing mobile devices with Plasma interfaces, and enriching the desktop with more Web content from Project Silk.

For many years, there has been close cooperation between SUSE and upstream desktop projects. For KDE, this has resulted in the Kiosk lockdown framework, the love-it-or-hate-it Kickoff application launcher, usability testing and more recently the openSUSE Air theming for 11.2, KNetworkManager and integration with Firefox and OpenOffice.

The doors open to the public at 1800 in the openSUSE Community Space, Maxtorhof, Maxfeldstr 5, 90409 Nuernberg. If you’re planning to attend, it would be much appreciated if you can let Will Stephenson know in advance – but feel free to come along spontaneously.

KDE Plasma Desktop

KDE Plasma Desktop

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4 Responses to “Meet The KDE Plasma Developers at SUSE, Feb 22”

  1. LXX

    I still don’t know what Plasma is for! All I want or need is a screen with a few icons.

    • I’m betting you also need a taskbar, a systray, maybe an application menu… the nice little device notifier when you plug in a usb key… all that is plasma too. :) and in actual maintainable code instead of the scaryness kicker had become.

      if all you want is provided by the default desktop shell then yes, there are features of plasma you won’t need (remote widgets, mouse plugins, 3rd party taskbars, shiny fun widgets from the interwebs)… but there are still plenty of features of plasma you *are* using without knowing it. :)

      • LXX

        Thanks for your reply Chani. It isn’t obvious what comes under the Plasma heading. Maybe I should take the trouble to read about it! In the meantime, I’ve got my desktop as I want it – until the next “improvement” confuses me again.

  2. CS

    I would be happy if we can get Yast and Configure Desktop ‘Kcontrol’ to not fight each other nor conflict with each other. Anyone tried to create a SAMBA Server using both interfaces of Yast and Configure Desktop to actually work. The abundances of conflict or duplication in 11.2 with Yast and Configure desktop screams out for usability and functional testing before next release. Getting Network Manager just to co-exist with Yast without a functional nightmare. Perhaps the focus for this team could be one of cooperation with Suse and shared working interfaces. 11.2 is an outstanding example of no testing or cooperation between the functional use of Yast and Kcontrol where functional conflict and confusion is the default