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openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 3 is out!

March 15th, 2010 by

Geeko at work

The third of seven scheduled milestone releases for 11.3 was completed and released on schedule. Milestone 3 focuses on using GCC 4.5 as the default compiler, leaving a great deal of the work in the hands of the openSUSE Build Service after a few issues (such as kernel panics) were resolved.

Here’s what you may find interesting in the new release:

  • A bug in Milestone 2 prevented mounting of encrypted home folders. This has been resolved.
  • zypper can now interrupt PackageKit, via dbus, eliminating a major annoyance during updates and additional installs.
  • A Milestone 1 issue with starting xorg on i915 hardware has finally been resolved.
  • Pam mount has been updated to the current version, as the version used prior is “unsupported”. There are, apparently, some config file changes to be aware of.

Gnome/GTK desktop users:

  • Qt has been removed from the Gnome Live CD, clearing room to potentially add some more apps. Sax2 was removed in the process, because it has been mostly deprecated by xorg’s much-improved auto detection.
  • epdfview, a pdf viewer akin to evince but without any gnome-lib dependencies, is now included.

KDE desktop users:

  • The network-manager applet has gotten a usability update, in the form of an updated icon set.

Kernel hackers:

  • Crash, the core dump analyzer, is now at version 5.0.1.

Perl developers:

  • Dozens of libraries have been incrementally updated along with the core update to 5.10.1.

Distribution/Appliance builders:

  • Kiwi no longer has mandatory dependencies on openSUSE-branded packages.
  • Grub2 is now included, although there are currently no plans to use it by default.

Testing! Testing! Testing!

As this is a milestone release, 11.3 milestone 3 does contain bugs that we know about, but should not stand between courageous contributors and release testing. The big bugs in 11.3 milestone 3 are:


  • YaST logs are truncated unless Y2MAXLOGSIZE=10000 is given as parameter in linuxrc.
  • Network installations will complain about wrong SHA1sum for cracklib-dict-full (hotfix applied, real fix W.I.P.)
  • Unable to install in VirtualBox Bug #576681


  • rcxdm stop doesn’t stop lxdm Bug #584573
  • openbox crasch with SIGABRT with gcc 4.5 (Bug #585974) (workaround: upgrade from X11:lxde or openSUSE:Factory repo)

You can track the most annoying bugs on the wiki along with 11.3 development. If you want to make sure 11.3 final is free of annoying bugs, we’ll need your help finding, reporting, and fixing those hidden bugs.

To learn more about testing openSUSE, visit the Testing pages on the openSUSE wiki. To follow the testing and development process, we suggest that you subscribe to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list (Subscribe | Help | Archives) and join the #openSUSE-Factory channel on Freenode to discuss openSUSE development.

The next openSUSE Milestone is scheduled to be released on Thursday, March the 25th, with additional new features and bug fixes.

Get Milestone 3 Today!


What are you waiting for? Grab the milestone release from software.opensuse.org/developer today!

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23 Responses to “openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 3 is out!”

  1. Nice announcement! Thanks James for taking up this task! You rock :)

  2. Klaas Freitag

    Hey, that was James! Awesome – cool to see you catching up with the announcement green rock Henne :) Thanks!

  3. oldcpu

    I find the LXDE workaround to milestone3 (upgrade from X11:lxde or openSUSE:Factory repo ) is absolutely essential in order to use LXDE in milestone3. But once that is done and the updates added, LXDE works nicely on milestone3.

    LXDE is a very good addition to openSUSE extending the distribution to a number of older PCs where openSUSE’s KDE/Gnome/XFce were too “heavy”. Nicely done and thanks for adding this. We likely need to add (with this, possibly on a wiki) guidance for new users on how to do a text install, since there is a chance a GUI install of LXDE will fail on a RAM limited older PC.

  4. macias

    Completely unrelated question — is there a chance for customized t-shirt with geckos like you put in here? It’s great, pity it is screen-only.

  5. hope can install smoothly on my machine [compaq 515], since 11.2 i couldn’t use opensuse..

  6. Anonymous

    annoucements is coming a little bit later, seeing that we should have M4 in the next thursday:)

  7. ColinP

    Geeko looks like he’s about to take a swing at his laptop. Is he angry?

  8. Nice! Check out our small project openSUSE Live!. You can test new M3 without installing it :)

  9. 6205

    DIE SAX2 DIE, BITCH :) uhm… hopefully more unecessary YaST modules will follow..

  10. madbad

    Ach die 3the Ausgabe von der KDE4 Live CD komme ich nicht auf das Desktop ohne das die Grafik spinnt. Bei mir ist eine GeForce 9800 GT verbaut. So bald KDM auftaucht habe ich nur noch Farben auf dem Bildschirm die eher zu einem LSD Trip passen. :)

  11. CS

    With the utmost respect to all of us, can we save the accolade of the up and coming RC of 11.3

    Can we all please wait until we all have at least 1 months use of the RC 11.3

    If the history in the remarks of 11.2 are any indication –
    I feel we should all refrain from filling up all the comments, until we have all had time to play with the RC of 11.3. – WHY?

    With a totally filled comments space with statements of look and fell, only to discover we have 2,000 odd functional bugs still outstanding with 11.2; does nothing to provide actual realistic fedback.

    Feedback is both necessary in positive and negative lights and for most the biggest and most accurate barometer measurement tool we have.

    It also, more significantly, permits users who are not confident to create a bug report; being able to confidently express their issues. These users know only too well if something does not work, but for what ever reason can only express their thoughts in plain text.

    We have many language barriers, in our user base, with bugzilla which just scare many non proficient English uses for opening or contributing to.

    Thank you – every one

    • Bobby

      I agree with you 100%. They should give the RC enough time for testing and finding show stoppers and annoying bugs. I have had the problem with every openSuse release up to now that one gets a good impression after the installation but a day after you suddenly realise that a lot of stuff don’t work and it takes a few updates after that to bring back things to normal. I do hope that OS11.3 will work without hitches, especially internet, network and multimedia related stuff.

      Bugzilla also scare English speaking users. People just want to say what doesn’t work without going through a million technical details. It should be as easy as that anyway.

      Btw, the Spam protection here isn’t working properly

  12. andrews

    Thanks, now i945 works perfectly.
    Thank you again everyone for the wonderful contribution.

  13. Hope new release will be better than 11.2, 11.2 installed smoothly but billions of problems for a normal Internet user. Problems in everything. Every step fails, connection,speed, graphic cards, everything fails.

    • CS

      I agree 1.2 should never have got to RC when there were blocker bugs still present. Dont hold your breath for 11.3 to be the answer. Traditionally developers only release a new version to add functionality, not to fix bugs.
      OpenSUSE stands alone as one of the only developers that release a new version in the HOPE many bugs are fixed.
      In 30 years of development experience, this equates to throwing mud against a brick wall and see what sticks.
      Its neither logical nor practical and very expensive to continue to release a new version as a bug fix of the previous one.
      This makes a mockery of ISO standards, best practice and common sense.
      Rather than the expense of a new version RC, we should be using that time and money to go through Bugzilla.
      Thats why we have a Problem Management System, but it value seems only lip service to having a stable and virtually bug free version.
      I dont know what our QA Manager does, but in my experience, a QA Manager would NEVER permit the release of anything
      except online fixes by the thousands.
      Hate my words or love my words, but do not be apathetic and voice your own!
      Other people thoughts please!

    • Nick

      Maybe for you, but for me it worked fine. No problems on the dual core, NVIDIA graphics system I installed it on. You need to be much more detailed with your complaint, like listing your hardware, make/model etc. As everything failed does that mean the bootloader didn’t load the OS ? Most people who read your comment will not respond to you in a helpful way because for most people 11.2 works fine. What does that tell you ?

  14. Gelson


    I’d like to report a bug in the distro that KDE cannot deal with my Sound Card (snd-hda-intel). It’s recognized by the kernel and the module works well, the Yast tested it well too, but when I try to use AmaroK or a media/video player it doesn’t work, never, since the version 11.1 when I acquired my PC.

    My sound card is a onboard nForce 630i, that uses Realtek High-Def audio driver; I suppose I ain’t sayin’ foolishness, so on openSUSE and KDE the sound doesn’t come up, but only on programs, in tests and on another situation it works, even on streaming videos! That’s why I don’t understand what is the real deal. I tested it on Gnome and the problem persists, so I’ve to change the distro and I’m using Mandriva now, which I don’t like it too much, but everything works well.

    So of course I pray for the gods (that put live on SuSE), please make my sound works as it’s suppose to on openSUSE 11.3! \o/



  15. oldcpu

    Gerlson, if you visit openSUSE forums, we will try to sort your audio problem. Please also note that Milestone releases, such as announced here , are intended for users to try out and then CONTRIBUTE to the bug fixing process. Please note the word “contribute”. If you are installing it with no sense of contributing, then that does not make sense IMHO. It makes far more sense to try a stable release, and report your problems with a stable release on the appropriate stable release venue. This wiki page is NOT such a venue.

    • Gelson

      I know this release is intended for enthusiastics addicted and developers. I don’t contribute to it only because I sux at programmin’. But, I realized that if I report my bug that is coming from early versions, before the new Final release, my bug would be discovered and solved on the great release.

      While the coders are coding new things to it then they can code things to repair the problems on the code also.



  16. obiwan

    Installed it on a laptop with Radeon HD 3470 graphics. Screen goes blank before X is launched.
    Can we hope to finally get KMS support working in openSUSE, pleeease??

    Why can Ubuntu pull that of and you guys can’t??

  17. Bobby

    I just installed Milestone 3 only to be greeted with a very colourful rainbow screen. The problem is that one can’t recognise anything apart from colours on the screen! I thought that the new and improved xorg would make it possible for me to at least use the vesa driver if the nvidia driver is not installed but that’s not the case. With Sax2 I could go to the console and switch to the vesa driver but since Sax2 is dead what do i do?

  18. pablillo

    would you guys make gdm customizable???
    it’s really annoying that this cannot be done…

    please i beg you.