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Change in openSUSE Membership handling

July 12th, 2010 by

Anyone can become openSUSE member after showing continued and substantial contribution to the project of any kind (bugs, support in forums, wiki edits, code contribution etc.). For those who don’t know what openSUSE Membership is or how to become a member I suggest to read this wiki article or older blogpost by Andreas.

Some time ago openSUSE Board decided to delegate the membership handling process to so-called Membership officials. They review applications and give -1, 0, +1 points depending on user’s contributions to the project. Once user receives +4 resp. -4 points, the application is accepted resp. rejected. The length of this process depends on how much you write about yourself in the application. If you make your contributions vivid in this description, it’s very easy to verify them and you can become openSUSE member in a few days.

In both cases, an email is sent automatically to the user informing about the result. If the membership is approved, additionaly admins are informed, so email/cloak/lizards account can be set up and Weekly News team can present the new members in the separate section in OWN. The officials team currently consists of 16 very active community members, who can be reached on email address membership-officials@opensuse.org and their list is in the mentioned wiki page.

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10 Responses to “Change in openSUSE Membership handling”

  1. This membership requirement is biased towards people with knowledge of software programming. Therefore, I deem it as ClosedSuse — not Open. Sad development to the cause of openness.

  2. DocB

    read carefully. Contribution may be other things than programming. I’m not a programmer as well but support the project in other ways. Obviously sufficient to become a Member as well.


  3. Jack

    They want to create own caste and to reward each other time to time. There will a dozen of The Honorary Members and 3 dozen of Candidates to Honorary ones. That’s right, ordinary members give trouble, nervousness and stupid words only. Ordinary members is not needed for openSUSE Community. What for?

  4. DaveG

    I have been involved in IT, hardware and programming, for over 40 years.
    Having to be ‘graded’ for acceptance or denial is, by definition, NOT, repeat NOT, indicative of an “OPEN” system.

  5. DeMus

    This sounds like the hand of Microsoft speaking, you know the company of closed software. Joining with MS was the worst thing Novell could do. Now we see what’s happening. Ordinary users who seek help in the forums are not welcome, no we need to be programmers, experienced users, translators, etc.
    Well, I was thinking of downloading 11.3 this afternoon after it is released but what was I thinking? I will find another Linux distro to experiment with.
    Thank you Novell.

  6. Scott M. Allen

    I have liked SuSE for a long time – I just wish that someone in the “community” would work a little to add the ability to “filter” the net. There are a “few” PC based programs out there. I just wish that there were some “EASY” out of the box ways to filter undesirable content>

    Mandriva has started some work on “Parental Controls” Other Options are Dan’s Guardian….. Not easy to set up.

    Linux will make better progress towards widespread adoption when its not as demanding from the set up point of view.

  7. AA

    OMG! You really want us to expect that member bugs and enhancements are even considered! What rubbish – changes to Yast are a closed shop – absolutely – want proof – a simple search of bugzilla shows this trend.

    As for bug reports – No one pays attention to their number unless they are created in-house.
    If you want users to believe in the project – start acting like it matters and stop this perennial internal pat on the back every one seems to get consumed with after every release until; people start to actually find the cracks

  8. Benjo

    I am in shock from this information. Who’s can create it? And why?

  9. utahnix

    I have to agree with the majority of the posters here. This change is a contradiction to the very ideals the openSUSE project claims to embrace. It flies in the face of the spirit of the open-source software movement. You will lose supporters if you adhere to this approach.

  10. Klemmel

    The people who are made this doc don’t respect us. We are for open community but their opinion is exceedingly distinctive.