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First Bretzn Sprint: openSUSE App Store on the Horizon

January 27th, 2011 by

Participants in the Bretzn SprintNovell hosted the first Bretzn Sprint in the SUSE office in Nürnberg between 21th and the 23st of January. The objective of the sprint was to create an proof of concept application store for openSUSE.

This meeting is a direct follow up of the Cross-distribution meeting on application installer which took place in the 3 days leading up to the Bretzn sprint. During this meeting developers from Debian, Fedora, Mageia, openSUSE, and Ubuntu Linux distributions decided to work together on common APIs and code for application stores on Linux.

The Bretzn Sprint was dedicated to the development of a proof of concept of this idea, using existing components like the MeeGo Garage client and libattica as starting points.

Attendees of this meeting where Will Stephenson, Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen, Frederik Gladhorn, Mateu Batle Sastre, Eugene Trounev, Vincent Untz, Pavol Rusnak and Frank Karlitschek. This team brought together a wide range of skills, as can be seen in the results of this highly productive sprint.

openSUSE App Store screenshotIn just two and a half days, they managed to create a working application store client for openSUSE and KDE. The server part was based on OCS (Open Collaboration Services), which already did everything needed for the server side and just needed some data inserted to be shown in the client. The client in turn was created by using the MeeGo Garage client, and adapting it to be a more KDE-like application, by using the various KDE widgets and other tools, removing the duplication of functionality which was covered by the KDE libraries.

Finally, a new application view was created, to replace the existing which was never as pleasing as the original authors wanted it to be. This was done by using Qt Quick, which has allowed for the rapid construction of a much more pleasant look. The new interface is the result of a brainstorming session involving all members of the sprint, based on the results from thecross-distribution meeting. While this work is still in progress, it already represents an improvement over the old interface.

Article contributed by Frank Karlitschek

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6 Responses to “First Bretzn Sprint: openSUSE App Store on the Horizon”

  1. Fantastic news, and thank you to all involved.

    Quick question:

    “The client in turn was created by using the MeeGo Garage client, and adapting it to be a more KDE-like application, by using the various KDE widgets and other tools,”

    I got the impression from the cross-distro meeting that ubuntu software store was going to be the basis of the client……….?

    Not a complaint, I am happy to have a KDE’ified app-store front-end, just trying to bring clarity to the murk.

    Kind regards :D


    • Frank

      The idea is to have different clients for different desktops, formfactors and needs. At the moment The Ubuut Software Center and the new Bretzn client based on the MeeGo Client are the most advanced ones.
      I think it is good to have different client as long as they use the same API :-)

      • Thank you frank,

        So the Ubuntu software centre will continue to be the ubuntu client-side app on Ubuntu, and may in fact be adopted as the Gnome client in opensuse, whereas Bretzn has a heavy KDE/QT focus so will become the client-side app for opensuse KDE, and potentially any other QT/KDE focussed distro’s out there such as MeeGo.

        Is that the idea?

  2. Kaacz

    Good job.. great. :-)

  3. miki100

    It’s great! When we will be able to test it? I want it even, if it is unstable ;)

  4. zmi

    I hate the word “store” and this is not something that belongs to GNU world