openSUSE Board Election 2010: Vogelsang and Linnell elected

28. Jan 2011 | Sascha Manns | No License

image of 'uncle sam' Green style!

The last few weeks in the openSUSE project have been very interesting. Two seats on the openSUSE Project board were up for election. The Election Committee closed the polls on Wednesday, and we are pleased to announce the results:

  1. Henne Vogelsang (125 Votes)

  2. Peter Linnell (72 Votes)

  3. Sankar P. (71 votes)

  4. Sebastian Kügler (64 votes)

  5. Chuck Payne (39 votes)

  6. Nelson Marques (23 votes)

  7. Kostas Kodouras (20 votas)

220 of the 469 openSUSE members voted.

We at the News Team wish the new board members all the best and Have A Lot Of Fun!

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