Open-Bugs-Day Held Last Sunday

25. Feb 2011 | News Team | No License

As announced previously, openSUSE organized an Open-Bugs-Day held on January 20. Many people participated, including a large number of contributors new to #opensuse-testing on Freenode servers!


Bernhard Wiedemann created a nice tool at to avoid the situation where two people work on the same issue. There were VM’s prepared with VNC access so people could easily test and someone in the team ran his first KVM Virtual Machine at home, thanks to the help of the rest of the team. Another participant filed his first bug on bugzilla (that would be bug number 673629). In the end, the team went through and updated 60% of all old 11.4 bugs (=132 of 219)!

And of course, they had a lot of fun…

Finally, we have some crude statistics about yesterday’s most active participants, who can get the geeko-gear reward (just send your details to Bernhard Wiedermann)! This list is generated with a perl script | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r | head -11 49 Rainer Hurtado Navarro 34 Bernhard Wiedemann 24 Pieter De Decker 13 Larry Finger 11 Terje J. Hanssen 10 Malvern Star 10 Karsten König 9 Michal Hucko 8 Refilwe Seete 8 John McInnes 8 Jason Craig

Congrats on the great work!


The team decided it would be nice to have such events on a regular basis, so 2011-04-02 is proposed for the next Open-Bugs-Day.

Article contributed by Bernhard M. Wiedermann

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