Open-Bugs-Day on Sunday the 20th of February

16. Feb 2011 | Henne Vogelsang | No License

As you all know, we’re closing in on the Final Release of openSUSE 11.4…

and so in this last window for bug-fixing we need your help! The testing team is looking for volunteers to help with bugs in bugzilla on the Open-Bugs-Day at Sunday the 20th of February. Participants are going through the bugs that currently exist for 11.4 in bugzilla, close what is fixed and confirm what still needs some work. It’s all part of a final push for a great 11.4 release, with us clearing out what is fixed, the developers can focus their energies on fixing bugs instead of clicking around in bugzilla! We will meet, hang out and coordinate during the Open-Bugs-Day in the IRC channel #opensuse-testing on the Freenode network and anyone using openSUSE is welcome to help. Read on to learn more about how you can make a difference.

How to participate

You only need the following to participate:

  • An installation of openSUSE 11.4 RC1 or openSUSE Factory so you can verify things. It’s of course okay to run it in a virtual machine.

  • An IRC client to interact with the other participants.

  • Good mood :-)

If you don’t know how to triage bugs the organizers will give you a list of bugs that you can work on and you can double-check with other participants that your changes are okay. If you do know how to triage bugs you can of course just go ahead and do it!


The workflow is as follows

  1. Search bugzilla for open bugs in obsolete releases (11.4-MS1-5 or 11.4-Factory)

  2. Try to reproduce the issue on the 11.4 RC1

1. If the issue still occurs, update the bug to current version

2. If you know the issue was fixed, set the bug to RESOLVED+FIXED

3. If you have the feeling that the issue is fixed, set the bug to RESOLVED+NORESPONSE
  1. Go to 1

No pain without gain!

The ten most active contributors that help us to clean up bugzilla and make openSUSE 11.4 a big success will receive a nice thank you package with an openSUSE t-shirt and other goodies.

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