openSUSE 11.4 DVDs for Events

26. Apr 2011 | Andreas Jaeger | No License

Following the huge success for filling requests of openSUSE 11.3 media in February, we have produced openSUSE 11.4 DVDs to distribute at events, Linux user groups, universities etc.

The PromoDVDs

These “PromoDVDs” are meant to promote openSUSE and help users get a quick taste of what we have to offer. A PromoDVD is different from the usual openSUSE DVD’s you can download from our download portal. They contain a reduced set of packages for installation to make room for a Live GNOME and Live KDE image. And the DVD’s are double-sided with both 32 and 64 bit on one disc!

In some countries, where network connections are an issue, users can bring these DVD’s from an event home for installation. In other places, the Live images and added convenience giving people a chance to test drive and see right away why openSUSE is a great distro for them!

Getting a taste of openSUSE 11.4

The PromoDVDs are usually handed out by openSUSE ambassadors at the various events where openSUSE is present around the globe. We send them boxes of 100 DVDs and, for selected events, some other goodies like stickers, buttons and sometimes even t-shirts.

If YOU go to represent openSUSE at a conference, fair or meeting, you should let us know! Request the promoDVDs at As stock IS limited we have to make choices so we like a good description of the event and what you’ll do there to help us decide what to send to who.  And the more we know about your event in advance, the more we can help promote it with you.

Of course, we’d like a report on the event afterward, to be sent to the opensuse-ambassador mailing list! We can always use information on what materials you’d have liked to have shipped (posters, banners) or available on the wiki (presentations, arguments and talking points, graphics).

Note again that we can only send bulks of media (boxes of 100 DVDs) and not any individual media. The media and shipment is for free but we cannot handle customs.


Thanks to Stephan Kulow for creating the image and to Bernhard Wiedemann and the open-SLX team for testing the DVD images. A big thanks to Novell for sponsoring the production and shipping of these media. And of course many thanks to the growing number of ambassadors all around the world, working hard on spreading the word on openSUSE and handing out these DVDs!!!

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