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Help the Project. Spread openSUSE DVDs!

February 18th, 2011 by

One of the easiest things to do to contribute to the free and open source movement and the openSUSE Project is to exercise your second free software freedom: The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.

To be able to do this comfortably the openSUSE Project, with the help of its sponsors, produces special promotional DVDs that contain live versions of both the KDE and GNOME desktops to try and which can also be used to install the a complete system. Those DVDs are perfect for introducing people to Linux and openSUSE. The openSUSE version included, 11.3, has all the qualities a newcomer wants. It’s a mature multi-purpose Linux operating system widespread among the free and open source software community for great user to user support. It comes with more with than 1,000 open source desktop applications, a full suite of server software and a rich selection of open source development tools.

So today the openSUSE Project would like to encourage you make use of your second free software freedom and help us to spread promo DVDs! It’s easy, think about where you could have the chance to spread them, then order them from us and do it. How about you putting them out in your local community centre, you give some to the computer science teacher of your daughter’s school or how about the guys that operate your university’s support desk? The clubhouse of your football club? The next concert or other event you attend or maybe on the toilet in your cousin’s bar? The internet café around the corner for sure! The possibilities are endless. If you think you know a place where people pick them up and try them, go for it! Helping us is as simple as ordering DVDs from us and going out to talk to the venues if you can leave a couple of them. You would be surprised how many people find a nice, shiny, green openSUSE DVD interesting enough to finally try this Linux thing they heard about so much on the internet.

So if you can think of anything just contact us about the amount you need (multiplies of 100 please) and where we need to send them. For this just send an email to


Don’t be shy about the amount, we don’t need to scrimp on them! If you think you can get spread 500 we’ll send you 500. Every DVD that is out there, is out there and might result in a new free and open source software and openSUSE user. This is the perfect opportunity to do something good for free and open source software and the openSUSE project, take it!

Update 2010-02-21: We received so many requests that we expect we have more requests than media, therefore please do not send further requests.

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29 Responses to “Help the Project. Spread openSUSE DVDs!”

  1. Kiev 04012
    O.Teligi 7/17
    Koval Anatoliy

    10 DVD please

  2. le_legioner

    Толя,ты чего это хату палишь свою?

    • Він думає що може сало ще вишлють (-;

      • le_legioner

        Усе сало вже у москалiй… )

        • Мы своё уже всё пропили (и не только сало) теперь вот вашим закусываем… (-;

  3. John

    What countries can you send them to??
    I am in England UK.

    • jospoortvliet

      We can send them to any place in the world, John. Just notice that it doesn’t make sense for us to send 10 or 20 DVD’s – the minimum is 50 within Europe or the USA, outside 100. Because if we send 10 DVD’s it’s way too expensive!

  4. I am able to share at least 100 DVDs in my environment and work…and if I run the action via the blog and probably a lot more!

  5. Anonymous

    Will this now be available always?that is, after 11.4 release?

  6. Gavin

    With the looming release of 11.4, Will DVDs with 11.4 eventually be made available? I would be happy to help spread, but would like to help people even more, by offering the most recent version.

    • jospoortvliet

      The openSUSE 11.4 DVD’s won’t be available quickly after the release, it will take us a few weeks to get them made. Of course we’re working on that as quickly as possible and we will let you know when we have them!

  7. JairHdez


  8. JairHdez

    what are the requirements for distribution?


    • jospoortvliet

      Yes, they are free. We do have costs for sending them around the world however so we try and send them in bulk as much as possible!

  9. Li Xiaoping

    I’m a Chinese and now studying in Kunming university of Science and Technology in Yunnan province.I need 100-200(150 is the best) openSuSe DVDs.
    My address is :
    Li Xiaoping.
    Kunming University of Science and Technology , Xinying campus ,Yunnan province ,China 650051.
    And the Chinese address is below, you’d better translate it to
    check the English address .
    It will be wonderfull if you can provide some promos like openSuSe hat,T-shirt or promotional banners etc. for we plan to do some campaign in the colleges nearby.Please forgive me if it makes trouble understanding my poor English.


  10. Li Xiaoping

    I have already used my operamail sending an Email to promodvds@opensuse.org

  11. 1antares1

    Le acaba de enviar un correo a promodvds@opensuse.org… Espero que acepten mi proposición. Soy de Venezuela. Ahí está la información, y espero su respuesta si necesita más.


  12. Li Xiaoping

    I’m looking forward to your reply ,my Email 372423096@qq.com

  13. Rajic Igor

    I would like to get an original packet of OPENSUSE 11.4 (1 DVD) that will come soon …


    Rajic Igor
    V. Vlahovic E1-I/3
    19300 Negotin, SERBIA
    e-mail : irajic@krstarica.com

  14. u2ix

    Is this for DVD’s with 11.3? It make no sense to hand out 11.3 as in a few days 11.4 gets released.

  15. Why not, in the past year is well tested, so it is ideal for those who want a stable system…

  16. MyPCMyWay came into existence to support Linux as a stable, viable alternative Operating System. We advocate using Open Source whenever practical…as one of the founders, my Linux Distribution of choice is OpenSuse…anxiously awaiting 11.4!!!!

  17. jjsalazar

    acabo de enviar el mensaje, debo esperar una respuesta por correo, para saber si me van a enviar, o cuando, los dvds ???

  18. the-osiris

    Waiting for 11.4 to release ..

    I’ve already sent email about ordering DVD, but if there’s no available no more (11.3), I will waiting for 11.4

  19. Pakusu

    can the indonesian get this free Cd and how many Cd can we offer from you…???

  20. hello, how about send cd to indonesia? how many i must order? this is free??