Are you ready for RWX³ ?

1. Aug 2011 | Kostas Koudaras | No License

Less than 50 days left before the 3rd openSUSE conference starts. A lot of people are working hard for this to be another successful gathering. Are you registered yet? If you are still undecided, and looking for a reason why you should come, let me tell you this:

  • You will miss many interesting talks, you’ve heard the little birds sing that kernel star Greg KH will keynote at oSC…

  • More awesome keynote speakers and sessions are going to be announced in the next week or so, STAY TUNED!

  • You will miss one of the greatest FOSS events in the world.

  • You will miss a chance to meet other fellow Lizards from all over the world in person.

  • You will miss the chance to meet people from other projects like KDE, GNOME and LibreOffice.

  • Imagine the interesting talks you will have in the halls of the conference, if you won’t come you will miss those too.

  • You will miss to visit Nuremberg, one of the most beautiful and historical cities on Europe.

  • You will miss tons of group-hugs.

  • You will lose the chance to kick people that annoy you on IRC and on Mailing lists.

  • You will miss the chance of drinking lots of openSUSE Old Toad Beers and eating tons of Wurst having a good excuse, you will be in Germany after all so it’s your ‘duty’ to do that.

If you want to come, but money is a problem then you can apply for assistance through the Conference travel sponsorship program. People of openSUSE are willing to help you, as much as possible.

The conference will take place in Zentrifuge which is a very interesting place to be. Zentrifuge has an exhibition and event hall on the former grounds of a company called AEG. The hall is used to host art exhibitions of local and international artists and workshops. It is managed by a foundation that helps network the art world. The people there are very excited about the idea of hosting our conference so you can count on having a great time there during the conference.

Oliver Fecher visited Zentrifuge Venue and took a few shoots of the place that will host the Conference. Take a closer look at the photos and imagine you and your favorite FOSS people having endless talks there.

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