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5. Sep 2011 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

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The openSUSE Conference 2011 team is happy to announce the partners for this year’s conference. Aside from sponsoring, there are contributions in terms of sessions, media coverage and network bandwidth. Let’s look at what our sponsors contribute, what sessions they’ll present and thank them for their support!

Platinum Sponsor SUSE

SUSE is a leading provider of enterprise Linux solutions that increase agility, reduce cost and manage complexity in dynamic environments. With a portfolio centered on SUSE Linux Enterprise, the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing, SUSE enables organizations to confidently deliver computing services across physical, virtual and cloud environments. With their award-winning products and ecosystem of partnerships, SUSE solutions empower thousands of organizations around the world. For more information, visit at www.suse.com.

openSUSE and SUSE Labs

MicAt the conference, SUSE contributes to the program through the joining with the SUSE Labs conference which results in many technical sessions about GDB, GIT, GCC, the Kernel and other low-level Linux infrastructure. Moreover, the many SUSE engineers who participate in the openSUSE community in a variety of ways will be presenting technologies they work on with the community like the Open Build Service or packaging in Factory. Finally, SUSE’s openSUSE Boosters team will present some of the work they do to support the openSUSE infrastructure like openSUSE connect and feature tracking tool openFATE.

Gold Sponsor NETWAYS


For more than 15 years NETWAYS has been supporting companies to manage complex, multifaceted IT infrastructures. Specialising in enterprise grade open source tools, they ensure the smooth operation of networks, servers and applications. Each time, NETWAYS tailors robust, cost-effective solutions for their customers of all sizes and industries. NETWAYS makes your IT do more with less. For more information, visit at www.netways.de.

Presenting “Scale-Out Datacenter Architecture”

Many changes made to modern IT infrastructure are related to scaling and increasing capacity or adjusting to specific load requirements. As many of you are probably aware, simply assigning more raw computing resources to a service rarely results in the desired increase in performance. And those attempting to tune systems to quickly changing requirements at short intervals encounter many components, complex relationships and conflicting demands making their job even more challenging. On Monday the 12th at 15:00, Bernd Erk, Head of Operations at NETWAYS will deal with these issues and concerns in detail. Taking all involved system levels into account, he will suggest best practices and strategies for the prevention and elimination of bottlenecks. He will also present an overview of the current solutions and strategies at the network, application framework and database level. Pros and cons of each solution will be covered in evaluating their potential in the modern data center. Bernd’s technical expertise stretches across Systems Management, Manged Services and Software Development. He frequently publishes and presents on topics ranging from Nagios monitoring, XEN virtualization, MySQL database monitoring to performance tuning.

Being Gold sponsor means NETWAYS plays a big role in making the conference possible and they are a major reason why we were able to do the Conference travel support program!

OpenStack Cloud Computing and kernel debugging with Bronze sponsor B1 Systems

B1 Systems’ founder Ralph Dehner will talk about using the cluster tool Pacemaker to create Virtual System Clusters. He’ll describe how you can then use Xen or KVM to create a high availability solution.

Christian Baumann will discuss Open Stack based Cloud solutions. B1 Systems has extensive experience implementing OpenStack and wrote the first whitepaper on setting it up on SLES 11 SP1. Daniel Gollub and Stefan Seyfried will present on how to employ Systemtap for kernel debugging and instrumentation and Stefan will go onstage again with Michel Rode to explain us how to analyze kernel crash dumps. Finally, in a session on how to survive openSUSE Factory, Stefan will give tips and hints on how to run a relatively stable system on the bleeding edge Factory repository.

B1 likes to have a lot of fun and will be sponsoring the Geek Saloon and Dance Hall at oSC!

Bronze sponsor Nokia getting us there

The Qt Developer Frameworks team at Nokia will support the openSUSE conference as Bronze sponsor. While there are no Qt only sessions, a number of talks will be about technologies based upon Qt. Sebastian Kügler (from openSLX) will talk about Plasma Active and getting openSUSE, Qt and KDE on tablet and mobile devices while Martin Gräßlin will talk about the work being done on Wayland support in KDE. You can expect some on-the-spot organized sessions as well. Qt’s contribution was instrumental in our Conference travel support program!

Bronze partner Aero Access giving us bandwidth


Wireless is often a painful thing at Free Software conferences. Thanks to Aero Access we will be able to set up a decent wireless network which will support our participants’ bandwidth needs! Finally, we’ll have some drinks provided by Coca Cola!

Media Partners

Aside from these sponsors, we’re partnering with three well known Linux media outlets.

Focus of LINUX INTERN are Linux distributions, workshops on handling tasks on Linux and Linux applications. Moreover, LINUX INTERN discusses Hardware support on Linux and optimizing performance. LINUX INTERN always comes with a DVD full of the latest Linux distributions and software.

Linux Magazine is part of a worldwide family of magazines offering an Open Source perspective on the world of IT services. With eight monthly magazines in six languages, Linux New Media is the largest Linux magazine publisher in the world.

LWN.net aims to be the premier news and information source for the free software community. We provide comprehensive coverage of development, legal, commercial, and security issues.

The on-line LWN.net Weekly Edition is our weekly summary of what has happened in the Free Software world; our front page offers up-to-the-minute coverage.

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