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23. Jul 2011 | Henne Vogelsang | No License

The openSUSE conference team is starting the travel sponsorship program to financially support community members to attend the conference. Apply now online until August 5th!

Travel round the globe but first see RWX³The openSUSE conference “RWX³” is the place to be for anyone using, working on or taking advantage of the openSUSE Project. No matter if you use our technology such as the Open Build Service, contribute packages to 12.1 or evangelize the world as an Ambassador, this is your conference. You can also meet a lot of your friends from other projects like KDE, GNOME, Linux, Samba, LibreOffice and, of course many people from other GNU/Linux distributions with whom we collaborate on technologies like packaging, appstores or low-level tools like systemd.

The conference takes place from September 11th to 14th in Nuremberg, Germany. Nürnberg is quite easy and cheap to reach from nearly everywhere in Europe but it happens to be that the world is slightly bigger than that. We have contributors from India, Taiwan, the US, Brazil, Australia and many other countries around the globe. A trip to the conference might be affordable to most, but we also have contributors at the beginning of their career where money is usually tight. No matter the reason why, if you need financial assistance to be able to attend the openSUSE conference we have something for you: The travel sponsorship program. And while the conference organization team is relentlessly looking for more sponsors for it, the team has enough commitments by now to start the program today. Hooray! If you want to come to the conference in September but need assistance with the travel costs, you can apply to be sponsored via email now. Read on to learn how!

First apply to the sponsorship program

If the only thing that keeps you from attending and contributing to the conference is that you can’t afford all of the travel costs then you should apply. As always, the openSUSE Project values contributions the most! So obviously we prefer speakers (you still have until midnight July 25th to submit something!), people who help with the organization and openSUSE Members. Also our Google Summer of Code students/mentors and Ambassadors from very far away are high on our list. However, depending on funds and contributions, we will try to accommodate as many people as possible!

Without money To apply for support, you need to make an estimation of your travel costs. Search for a cheap airfare or train trip, look for hotels and make a rough estimation of your costs. Then send that estimation to us via until August 5th! We’ll contact you about our options for your sponsoring. Please note that we won’t be able to pay everything for everybody all the time. The sponsorship program has limited resources and we want to make the most of it. Let us be blunt: Request only what you really can’t afford yourself and use this program as a last resort! Every cent you use can’t be used by your fellow Lizards!

Then Register

Once you can afford to get to the conference all the organization team would like to ask of you is, that you head over to our registration form and register (for free!) to help us plan for a great event.

Then we see you in September in Nürnberg!

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