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30. Sep 2011 | Kostas Koudaras | No License

Prosciutto, anchovy and onion pizza.

The new openSUSE 12.1 Release is approaching very soon and all you Geekos should not miss the opportunity of becoming a double GPM!

Party time starts this weekend and lasts until November 2011 in all Geeko-towns and Geeko-homes. Gather all your fellow Geekos to the best local pizzeria and let the party begin!


So, the first GPM: Geeko Party Maker. As you might have seen, you’ve all been invited to organize a pizzabeta party. The beta has been delayed a bit but party can still be had - the release will be this weekend. Of course, instead, you can organize a launch party for 12.1 once it is out - which is currently planned the third week of November.

Parties are simple: you only need people, the rest will follow. Geeko’s are fun at heart although many of them require some beer and food to really loosen up. If you have your event at a pizza place, it doesn’t get easier! Of course you can do it at home, in an office, a pub, or wherever else you want. Most important thing: Just Do it! Don’t worry that only 5 people show up. 5 Geeko’s already make a huge party, you’d be surprised! So, how to do it? Just two steps:

  • Get out there and find a nice Geeko pizza place!

  • Let your Geeko friends know about it and make sure they tell their friends about it.

That way you can gather all your local community for this nice Pizza Party. Need more help organizing it? Check out the wiki articles!

Your own Pizza

You can do it! You can cook it!

Wanna jump right in? Surprise your friends with a cool and fun idea: cook for (or with!) them the best Geeko Pizza ever and become a double GPM: not only a Geeko Party Maker but also a Geeko Pizza Maker!

This is your challenge - you will love every bit of it (especially the eating part).


Get your bread maker ready and let’s get started!

You will need the following ingredients for the dough:

  • water 220 ml

  • flour - ½ kg

  • yeast - 8 gr

  • a little oil, salt and butter

Instead of making your own dough you can get a pre-made pizza base from a supermarket…

And now what…?

  1. You put all the above ingredients in your bread maker (feel free to check the instructions of your bread maker too). As soon as the dough is ready, take it out and put it on a floured surface. Roll it out in a very thin layer.

  2. You put butter on a tray and put the dough on top.

(Alternatively: If you don’t have a rolling pin you can just push the dough with a spoon so that it covers the whole tray)

  1. You bake it in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. The surface of the dough should not get dark and it should be firm to the touch.

  2. You take it out of the oven (remember to keep the oven on) and let the fun begin!

  3. You then need to evenly spread tomato sauce on top of the dough, add sliced or shredded cheese, ham, mushrooms and any other of your favorite ingredients.

  4. Final touch: you slice green pepper into pieces and arrange them in the form of a geeko on the top of the pizza.

Alternative way for the geeko design: Use avocado sauce which you can easily make by beating up an avocado (after you have peeled it off) using a fork or your multi-mixer. You should add a little salt and oil to make it more tasty and if you want you can even add some smashed tomato or tomato juice - just a little bit, because we don’t want to lose the nice green color now, do we?

  1. You now need to put the tray with the pizza back into the oven for at least another 10 minutes (make sure nothing burns!)

  2. Take the pizza out of the oven and feed your geeko friends

  3. Yeah you did it! And you cooked it! Congratulations, you are now a double GPM: Geeko Pizza/Party Maker!

And now you can enjoy your 12.1 Release Pizza Party with your self-made Geeko pizza!

Don’t forget to send us photos and comments :)

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