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openSUSE 12.1 RC1 spotted in the wild

October 24th, 2011 by

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As was already blogged by Vincent Untz, a few weeks after our last milestone was released as beta 1, the first Release Candidate of openSUSE 12.1 is now floating over the web!

What’s new

The next release of openSUSE is expected to bring a large number of improvements and changes. Many of these are the ‘usual’ updates any Linux distribution offers. These include the latest Firefox, GNOME 3.2 and KDE’s Plasma Workspace 4.7. Under the hood, we have Linux kernel 3.1 and we expect to be the first to ship Google’s new programming language Go. We also overhauled our boot procedure introducing systemd and Grub2 (testing!) and of course we’ll ship the latest developer tools and libraries as well as all the sysadmin goodies openSUSE is known for!

But we also have some really unique treats. The coolest among those is Snapper, a btrfs-based tool which allows you to view the differences between current and previous versions of files on your system and lets you roll back the changes, bringing back lost files or undoing damaging overwrites.


The changes in underlying boot technology, the new tools like Snapper as well as the rest of the operating system need a good workout for the release! So now we need YOUR help! Go to the download page and grab your copy of openSUSE 12.1 RC1 and test it on your desktop, in a VM or on a laptop!

You can find information on testing on the openSUSE Testing wiki page which also includes a link to the most annoying 12.1 bugs. Help us shorten that list by re-testing the problematic areas or by fixing the bugs; or help us find new pressing issues!

Get openSUSE 12.1 RC1 from this page.

More information and other helping-out

The openSUSE 12.1 Portal page has been set up but still needs quite some work. There are screenshots to be taken, release notes to be written and Documentation to be composed. We also welcome help with translation!

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46 Responses to “openSUSE 12.1 RC1 spotted in the wild”

  1. How about we not keep reinventing the wheel and do something about the crappy hardware support, as we speak, alsa needs serious attention. I have a friend who’s a die hard OpenSUSE fan, but he won’t support any more Linuxes till the hardware issues get caught up, hardware mixing stinks, one application will work, whereas others won’t.. Pulseaudio needs serious attention too.. This is just my opinion.

    • disappointed

      Just last week I was trying to install OpenSUSE 11.4 on a ATI latptop. Total failure, black screen, text mode, network card not working, wireless not working… had a working text only system, without any options to update it to a working system.
      Reluctantly, I had to install Ubuntu, and all of that worked – graphics, sound, network and wireless. Out of the box SUSE is becoming simply uninstallable.
      I say this with big sorrow, since I use SUSE for more than 12 years. I have learned all the pathetic tricks with nomodeset, hand compiling nvidia modules, editing xF86Config and Xorg.conf by hand, one click install that messes up your system, black screen after kernel update, non-recognized monitors, hangups on screen saver, … 12 years of buttons getting ever more shiny and rounded and translucent, and yet we can’t get a working graphics screen and a network on a new computer out of a 4.7GB SUSE Linux DVD.
      The last 5 releases were utterly broken out of the box. So if you can’t get you testing process in place and make a usable product, at least make a remaster DVD with all updates 2 months after initial release, when the most devastating bugs have been fixed.
      And don’t bother making vote systems like openfate, if you manage to ignore perfectly sensible requests for 5 years, 7 releases of SUSE.
      Just do whatever you like and hope somebody will care.

      • Eve

        Anyone can go and make a post as above. I just find it humorous for someone who said him to be a SuSE user for more than 12 years.

        Albeit I’m not using (open)SUSE at the moment, that post is just an utter joke

        • disappointed

          My first suse was 4.4.1 and I have used every version since then. That was in summer of 1997. If you want to see the SUSE boxes, I can send you pictures.
          I have personally installed various versions of SUSE over 500 times.
          I am just tired of having same problems with network and graphics all the time.
          Now which part of my post is not true, humorous or joke?

        • KH

          Unfortunately not at all a joke for me – I copy every complaint “disappointed” is making. An I too switched to “another distro” (guess you got which one) after having been with openSUSE since 1996.

          My summary: things have gone broken when SUSE was purchased by Novell, and never gotten back to where they were before.

          • Eve

            Nothing personal (of course, I don’t even know you), but I just find it hard to understand that someone claims himself to be an user of a distro for 12 years, yet, struggle to get it work.

            I’m not using SuSe at the moment, not because it’s not working for me (it works fine actually, either in VM or my physical test PC), just because I like some other distros better for various reasons.

      • Why did you link to an irrelevant openFATE request? Since at least openSUSE 11.4 (perhaps 11.3), when I install a series of packages, all the packages are downloaded first before any of them are installed, thereby making that openFATE request useless. Losing a network connection in the middle of installing packages no longer breaks anything.

        Old, old news.

        Are all your other complaints based on old and irrelevant problems?

      • Kjetil Kilhavn

        It’s not “your testing process” – it’s “our testing process”. It’s one of the disadvantages of open source software, there’s not really anyone responsible for testing. Unless you test, and report bugs found – you’re as much to blame as everyone else.

        And even if you do report a bug, you can’t be sure it will be fixed – but that’s no different from any other software. With the SP3 update of Windows XP my HP scanner stopped working. Neither Microsoft or HP have any intentions of fixing that problem.

  2. Bob

    Still: changing monitor resolution provokes “screen effects”. System is rendered unusable. Virtual console with Ctrl-Alt-Del reboots – RC1 test completed, sorry. (Applies to both KDE & Gnome versions in 64bit; graphics hardware: NVIDIA.)

  3. zinc

    What’s with all the negative posts? Yesterday I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my Lenovo x120e and it totally destroyed the mbr. Then I made a live USB Fedora 15 and the thing refused to boot as well. Every distro has its own quirks. It’s just the current stage of Linux, we need more people to come and help.

    • Bob

      Try Mint (Debian editions). Might be the only satisfactory distro right now.

      • anamezon

        No, don’t try Mint Debian Edition if you have an Intel HDA sound, you will not get even a bleep from your system in contrast to OpenSUSE (I run both on the same laptop); and by the way, here issues related to the 12.1 RC should be discussed, not which distro you consider better; post your preferences somewhere else

        • Bob

          You might have a point here (or two). Thanks for the Intel info, this obsoletes my above post anyway. Actually, my preferred distro would be o’Suse. But without a miracle (from RC1 to 12.1) my hardware won’t share my personal preferences.

          • anamezon

            Fair enough, let’s hope the rough edges of RC1 will be smoothed out a bit before release :)

  4. siempre le di oportunidades a suse,pero como dice el amigo decepcionado,los problemas q a mi dio suse ,siempre fueron lo mismo ,la unica distro q no me da problemas es pardus y ya llevo 6 meses instalado y ningun cuelgue,kde funciona de maravillas,esta bien hecho ,hace poco instale ubuntu junto a pardus ,me decepciono un poco ,va bien pero el escritorio unity es lento y eso q tengo un procesador phenon x6 y 6 gigas de memoria,pero ubuntu va por el buen camino me gusta algunas cosas graficas ,pero falta bastante camino a linux pára consolidarse una opcion , hace dos años q uso linux y solo pude instalar a una sola persona q lo use,la gente no esat preparada para grandes cambios,pero no bajo los brazos,ustedes tampoco lo hagan, q leyendo un comentario me anime a usar y aprender………..

  5. always gave opportunities for suse, but as the friend disappointed, I gave qa problems suse, were always the same, the only distro q is not giving me problems and I’ve pardus installed 6 months and no crash, kde works wonders , is well done, recently installed ubuntu with pardus, disappointed me a bit, but the desktop is fine unity is slow and that I have a processor q phenon x6 and 6 gigabytes of memory, but ubuntu is on the right track I like some graphic things, but there is some way to Linux to consolidate an option, q two years ago and could only use linux install q one person use it, people are not ready for big changes esat but not under arms, neither you do, q reading a review encourages me to use and learn ………..

  6. kklim

    Different linux distributors have their own pro and cons. I did try out OpenSUSE 11.4 but it doesn’t impressed me because it’s too heavy. I run it on my desktop with intel core 2 duo 4 gig ram, dual boot with Window 7. Boot up time slower than Window 7. I think more changes were needed in order to come on par with microsoft window. And hopefully one day i can replace Microsoft Window with a Linux Operating System, hopefully the day will come.

    • bkone

      Have you heard of SUSE Studio? If not, you should check it out and then tell me openSUSE is heavy. Cannot believe you would compare SUSE to Windows 7…. I’ve been using my own custom builds of SUSE for months, only install what I need but could always include more with the package management tools like zypper. I like openSUSE but Gnome 3 hasn’t grown on me yet and I am not a KDE person. Other than that openSUSE has lots to offer!

    • Goffry

      I have installed in my netbook atom: windows 7 starter (native) opensuse, ubuntu, and centos: four system operative all ok

  7. I am looking forward to the 12.1 release. I switched from Ubuntu about 8 months ago after getting tired of tracking/reporting multiple bugs, with new ones piling in with each release. Have been very happy with the move to OpenSUSE. Tried out the 12.1 (KDE) beta in a Virtualbox for a few days and didn’t see any issues. Will do the same with the RC.

  8. disappointed

    Don’t click on software selection during installation or it will hang.

    • ooh, shocking, a release candidate with a bug!

      • disappointed

        I admire your sense of humor.
        Still, if that button was never clicked on RC1, one wonders how well the other functions work.
        Anyway, I was just trying to save 5 minutes of life to whoever wants to try RC1.

        • “Anyway, I was just trying to save 5 minutes of life to whoever wants to try RC1.”

          No you weren’t, you were adding to your list of complaints, which you started above. And anyways, the workaround for this is simple: accept the default package selection and save your changes for after installation.

          It’s not their job to test the functionality of the installer. It’s their job to fix reported bugs, and our job to test again to make sure there were no new bugs introduced. That’s why it’s a release candidate. Your call for “better quality control” of this free product is all in vain if you don’t do your own share.

  9. Paulo

    What about the font rendering problems Gnome 2 ???!! Still suported? Gnome 3 got the problem solved but i miss the notifications bar…

  10. Cam

    Have used suse since the early 6.0 days. Like any distro, it has its pro’s and cons. It has always been well-integrated system with one of the largest number of packages for whatever a user may need. Unfortunately, the downsides seem to be building and input from users seems to be largely ignored.

    Loss of sax2 to configure video without any real replacement was difficult to accept. The 11.4 release finally reached a level of stability where it is passable again. The 3.x kernel in 12.1 should give some speed boosts. The switch to systemd has the potential to tank the release if QA is not properly attended to. Skipping the x.0 release number under such circumstances seems like a misrepresentation and just a way to hype the distro. It should be advertised as 12.0.

    Also, I am getting tired of having to “install twice” in order to have multimedia functionality and to access drivers for hardware release under other license terms. Packman manages to put build such rpm’s and distros like Sabayon do not neuter functionality, why can’t suse pull this off and make life more convenient for its users. Sadly, the packman repositories only become fully stocked once the the GM edition issues. I and others like me are not willing to invest the time to try the RC’s under such circumstances.

    Despite the negative tone, I very much am looking forward to trying 12.1 and hope that it is well received.

    • My friend,

      We’re very open to user input – in the form of patches, fixes and any other help. But we’re almost exclusively volunteers and most of our developers only implement feature requests and such if they feel like it – imho exactly what they SHOULD do in their free time… Have fun!

      Unfortunately, most of us have a huge list of things we WANT to do and have simply no more room on our plate for new things. Surely we like things to work properly and we try to fix what we can but in the end we have only so much time. Help is more than welcome, you know…

  11. Thomas

    I have not tested RC1 yet but I’m looking forward to 12.1.

    I’m writing this comment mostly to present a view different to “Out of the box SUSE is becoming simply uninstallable.” I have been running openSUSE for years on 2 netbooks, 1 laptop, and 2 desktops, and the most I had to do was to install firmware for my wireless network card.

    To generalize my experience in the same sense as the quoted post: “Out of the box SUSE just works.”

  12. Stefano Martellos

    I have installed, and I am currently using, OpenSuse 12.1 RC1. Everything seems to be working during the installation process, but the software selection (you can modify / select new packages by using Yast when the standard installation is completed).
    I have howerver two problems:
    1. When setting a network card wih a static IP address, after inputing the subnet mask ( and committing the chages, it is saved as “\24” in the /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth0. I had to change it manually, because changing it in Yast don’t work
    2. Mic not working properly, it seems the mixer captures some part of the speech only (KDE)

    However, I’m looking forward to the final release.

  13. Hi, I’m looking forward to using 12.1 as my daily driver when it is released.

    Have improvements been made in smooth subpixel font rendering? The default fonts in openSUSE 11.4 are far inferior to those of Ubuntu without a patch from an obscure repo. openSUSE should have good font rendering by default, now that the patents expired on all of those questionable libs.

  14. So far I’m pretty happy with openSUSE 12.1. The only major issue is an upstream kernel problem with the elantech touchpad drivers. Everything else just works.

  15. Wolfgang Pechlaner

    I’ve tried, to install 12.1 64-Bit in a VM (VMware 3.1.3 build 324285) on Win7 prof 64-Bit SP1. It was only a disaster. No possibility to change the language and the keyboard layout. No possibility to select KDE or Gnome. Only the textconsole is present.
    Has I made an error, or is this not possible.
    With SuSE 11.4 I’ve had no error in installing in a VM and on dual boot on a real machine

    • Wolfgang Pechlaner

      I’ve found the error, I must remove the DVD. But there are no language and keyboard selections, and LibreOffice is only 3.4.2 (the actual version is 3.4.3 released 31.08.2011)

  16. S Hussain

    I am running 11.4 as a VM on VirtualBox on dual-core PC. After installing I found that openSuse
    * does not recognize that machines has dual-monitor support — i.e. two graphics card
    * installs USB drivers for only keyboard and mouse. Does not recognize that there are 2 more USB ports.

    Any suggestions on how to make dual-monitor work.

    I like openSuse better than Ubuntu for a VM hosted on Windows XP, specially with GNOME. (KDE is too heavy with widgets/gadgets that I will never use.)

    • Garbee

      You need to set inside the settings for the VM for it to utilize multiple monitors. It should be under the Display section.

      For USB support, you should link the drive under the USB section of the settings.

      If this isn’t that much of a help, RTM, the Vbox help manual is actually pretty good.

      Hope this helps.

  17. Regus Patoff

    I have used openSUSE for a number of years and I have found it to be as good as any distribution and better than some; however, when I started to install 12.1, I was repeatedly looped back to redo my disk layout. Once, I had that taken care of, I was not able to specify which software packages I wanted. I have found with previous versions of openSUSE, if I did not look over what was going to be installed and deleted some, I would have Tomboy, Tasque, ed, joe and any number of packages I didn’t want. Good things, it recognized my wifi card and connected without a problem, my display worked with out a problem. I was using 12.1 rc1 live CD on an EeePC notebook, which is currently running openSUSE 11.4.

  18. John M

    I have used SuSE / OpenSuSE since SuSE 6.4, an SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (Novell) since SLES 9. For the most part I have found it to be out of the box install an clean. I found some quarks that have been easy to resolve. I continue to use the SuSE brand due to its Yast administrative tools for task such as LDAP, an Samba.

    Have yet to play with 12.1, but look forward to it. An I will probably favor 11.4 till 12.2 comes out. The great news is that this means SLES 12 should be out with in the year, an look forward to what innovation is brought to that. Still looking for a Roaming Profile system such as Window$ where the profile copies from server to client on logon an from client to server on log off. Maybe store the remote home dir in LDAP??? These are the reasons I use an stay with the SuSE/Novell brand.

    Keep up the work, an to all the users who help with the testing, thank you.


  19. yester64

    is btrfs now in a stable state?

  20. In installation openSUSE 12.1 RC1 on laptop ASUS K51A, can not selected software, standing of the page “software” and can not continue installation.

  21. Volker Bause

    Have been using openSUSE for over 5 years and have always been happy with its general performance and reliability. For sure it has had it’s share of problems and quirks but which OS hasn’t, especially one as cutting edge as openSUSE has always been.

    For those badmouthing openSUSE: Badmouthing the product on forums instead of reporting bugs or asking for help never helped anyone! I personally have posted help whenever I had the time. If you don’t like it simple don’t use it (Move on)! It’s that simple! If you don’t like the shampoo you are using to wash your hair with you get another brand, don’t you? You don’t go out of your way to bad mouth the shampoo you didn’t like. Why then do some people think it is acceptable to bad mouth a specific Linux Distribution? Do you have anything to gain? My opinion is NO! If you don’t like openSUSE get another brand (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, whatever) which suites your needs and tastes. Linux and any distribution thereof is about making a choice! Now, if you were out to promote the product and lay claims as to why you don’t like other products such as Microsoft or Apple, that is a totally different thing. Only by positively promoting the Linux product you like you will bare a positive influence on Linux as a hole. Opensource is about competing for the best product and a poor product simple fades into oblivion.

    I use openSUSE because I like and love it. Just as I have my flaws, so does it. My partner still loves me despite all of my flaws. openSUSE and Linux is a product developed by the people for the people and nobody is perfect, hence no product is perfect. Never forget that! Talking down the efforts of thousands of developers, many offering their free time and resources to change the future of computing is the dumbest thing I have ever heard or comes accross. If you don’t have anything good to say about openSUSE, simple don’t say it and move on for the sake of Linux. If you are a Mac or Microsoft fan, that I can understand. You see, with companies like Microsoft it is not about their product but their mentality. They are always in your face. Microsoft’s OEM deals / scams have hurt Linux a lot.

    Now, have a good day and remember: Be Good! If you talk about any distribution of Linux, remember to talk positive, unless you are a Microsoft of Mac fan!

  22. Volker Bause

    By the way, I tried openSUSE 12.1 LiveCD and it worked great except for some minor glitches. Haven’t tried the installation CD yet as Internet here is terrible. Will take 2-4 days just to get a copy via download. Fact remains that within 5 minutes I had openSUSE LiveCD running with some minor customization and in my opinion it already worked beautifully.

    NB: I have openSUSE Linux running on at least 5 of my clients machines and they have all been running flawlessly for years. I on do upgrades if and when I consider them necessary (i.e If they add value by plugging leaks, fixing bugs or giving new functionality that I might take advantage of).