Travel Support Team to Provide Travel Sponsorship to Conference, Summit and COSCUP Attendees

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By Kevin Labianco on Flickr The openSUSE Travel Support Team is happy to announce that they are ready to process applications to sponsor community members to attend the openSUSE Summit and the openSUSE Conference as well as COSCUP. Thanks to the sponsors of both conferences, travel budgets are available and we call out for all participants to whom costs are a significant issue to consider applying for travel support. Read on to learn more!

Travel Support

The openSUSE Travel Support Program provides travel sponsorships to individuals who want to attend conferences representing or participating for openSUSE and need financial assistance. This year the team behind the TSP will, working with the conference- and summit teams, facilitate the travel support for our two major events.

Instructions on how to apply and further information about the Travel Support Program and eligibility can be found here

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The Important Dates

The openSUSE Summit will happen in Orlando, Florida - September 21-23, 2012 and the openSUSE Conference will take place in Prague, Czech Republic - October 20-23, 2012. The COSCUP openSUSE/KDE event takes place in Taipei, Taiwan, from 17 to 18 of August.

* The Sponsorship Request period for openSUSE Summit starts on July 10 and ends on July 20, 2012. Responses will be given before July 30, 2012.

* The Sponsorship Request period for openSUSE Conference starts on August 10 ending August 20, 2012. Responses will be given before August 30, 2012.

* For COSCUP the usual 6 week period is valid so you can send in requests until about the 5th of July.


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* A clear and complete application is faster and easier to process, so please read the wiki page carefully!

* We cannot fulfill all requests, keep in mind that there is no guarantee you will get sponsored.

* Sponsorship decisions are influenced by the history of the requester, like having followed the requirement of writing a report about a conference you attended with sponsorship or having send in the required paperwork in time.

* If you were part of Google Summer of Code as openSUSE student or mentor you should mention it in your application.

* If you submitted an abstract to be presented at openSUSE Summit, openSUSE Conference or to COSCUP you should mention it in your application.

The Travel Team sends a reply upon receiving your application. We will then wait for all applicants to send in their requests for the event and only once we have a full overview, responses will be given. Please do not send personal emails, always CC the travel-support team in your replies.

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