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openSUSE 13.1 RC 1 Available: Time to Test!

October 11th, 2013 by

RC1 is here_black

It was a dark night, wind howling through the forest… Somewhere far away, a fire was burning and the smell …

Ok, forget that. RC1 is here, so stop watching and start testing!

The openSUSE 13.1 release is planned for November. In preparation, we today announce the availability of the first Release Candidate on software.opensuse.org. Grab one of the images and help us test!


As you probably saw last month, we organized a Beta Hackathon to fix as many bugs as we could. The event was quite a success and while the report isn’t out yet (soon!) we can already tell you that over 120 people fixed about 140 bugs and screened another 440! With such numbers, you can imagine we have great expectations for our upcoming release. But the work is not done yet: there’s testing to do as not every bug has been found; and there are still some bugs left standing.


As you might remember, we called for additional testing of btrfs specifically. It won’t be the default in this release but the next generation filesystem has been making steady progress and in the last month, over 25 bugs have been found and fixed. There is still more work to be done, but btrfs should be a safe choice for openSUSE 13.1 users and a good candidate for default filesystem for the next release.

A big thank you to the volunteers who tested BtrFS and reported bugs. We have seen an increase of 5000 users using BtrFS since Beta was released, 1000 of them during last week (30-Sep to 06-Oct)!

What’s new

As we’ve been in Freeze since shortly after Beta, most of the changes are bugfixes. A quick list of the major changes:

  • KDE-4.11.2
  • Gnome-3.10
  • Kernel-3.11.3 + load of btrfs fixes thanks to feedback from beta
  • snapper-0.1.7 (btrfs!)
  • nginx – finaly built properly
  • bluez5 – pulseaudio/gnome/kde integration to provide bluez5 is finally in place
  • plasma-nm – alternative gui for networkmanager in KDE was adjusted and now provides some sane usability
  • Tons of bugs fixed and closed
  • zypper dup from 12.3 should now not render the system unable to log in…


  • Fix calibre
  • Get the 4.1.2 release of libreoffice in
  • Include SDL2_ttf in distribution so 13.1 has a complete SDL2
  • And of course more bugfixing!


Being a Release Candidate, these images are supposed to work flawlessly. But we are realistic and know the world doesn’t work that way. So, we ask you to help us find those pesky issues so we can fix them!

Testers can find information on how to work effectively in the openSUSE Testing wiki. You can find the current list of the most annoying 13.1 bugs here. Please help us shorten that list by re-testing the problematic areas or by fixing bugs, and we love it when you help us find new important issues!

The openSUSE 13.1 Portal has been set up but still needs lots of work. There are screenshots to take, release notes to write, and documentation to update. We also welcome help with translating it all! If you want to help describe the features coming, add to and review the Major Features page.

Screenshots of 13.1 will have to go here. There is a bit of info on taking proper screenshots.

Help promote!

Promotion matters a lot, too. You can help promote our release by adding a release counter to your website. Pick a size, then link to the image with the usual tags:

Example tags:
<img title="release counter" src="http://counter.opensuse.org/small.png" alt="release counter"/>

You can also find social media backgrounds for g+, twitter and facebook – see for more info the article about promoting openSUSE 13.1!


We’d like to thank all the hardworking Geekos for their contributions to this release. It’s hard work, creating so much awesome and green! Usually the openSUSE team at SUSE blogs Factory stats but this week we’ll include our top-10 heroes here:

Spot Name
1 Raymond Wooninck
2 Stephan Kulow
3 Hrvoje Senjan
4 Dominique Leuenberger
5 Sascha Peilicke
6 Dirk Mueller
7 Michal Vyskocil
8 Matthias Mailänder
9 Denisart Benjamin
10 Richard Brown

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58 Responses to “openSUSE 13.1 RC 1 Available: Time to Test!”

  1. Hi !!

    Really good news!!
    All the Geekos are waiting for the stable version, now is more near!!

    As usual spreading the word for spanish speakers:
    . http://victorhckinthefreeworld.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/opensuse-13-1-rc-1-ya-disponible-para-descargar/

    Have fun!!

  2. Gol

    Do you plan to change design of the wallpaper or the plasma theme in new 13.1?

  3. Harald

    Will it be possible to update this RC to the final version once it has been released or will it require a reinstallation?


  4. Hennes

    Perfect timing.
    The weekend is just close and the new RC is on the way to my USB.

    By the way. Anyone know something about the new kernel 3.11 and the nvidia driver?

    • I’m using NVidia driver manually installed using patch I found on NVidia forums (don’t remember where exactly, but google found it quite quickly). I expect that as ussuall there will be binary drivers available after the release.

  5. Still the same problem with my sound card Realtek ALC887-VD. Again works only front speakers and I must editing configuration files by hand -> relative links are http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/fix-hda-intel-realtek-alc887-no-sound.html and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1720017

  6. ben

    Same Question as Harald. Will it be possible to update this RC to the final version once it has been released or will it require a re-installation?

    Getting my new rig this weekend and not really patient enough to wait ;)

    • Ludwig Nussel

      Yes, you can update. In general make sure to read the release notes etc before doing that.

  7. habernir

    i just don’t understand what the Word “Safe” mean.
    and what about performance issues?

    • If your refer to btrfs, ‘quite safe’ means that for normal users who stick to the features not marked as experimental, btrfs should be as safe for their data as the default (Ext4).

      The performance issues have seen a lot of work but I think that in general btrfs still does show lower performance than ext4.

  8. Vovochka

    Is there a chance that oS 13.1 will be released with Mesa 9.2.1?

  9. Thank’s. just for you teams

  10. Jarl Gjessing

    I would so much like to test.
    But the fact that the implementation of NVidia is as flawed as it is makes it impossible for me :-)
    Yes I have reported it as on bugs.opensuse
    Problem is that if I by doing a couple of “hacks” get to install opensuse it is by blacklisting nouveau which renders the laptop impossible to use on batteries :-(

    Also a user that is not able to edit grub files etc. will never be able to install opensuse if the implementation of NVidia is the same as on my laptop.
    And that is the arguments I hear from people like my brother, girlfriend, mom etc.
    I will not use Linux ’cause I’m not a nerd or it does not work etc.

    I love Linux and I could never think about using anything else, but the installation issues should really be cleaned op way better than they are today

  11. Bob

    Not sure if an official spelling for hackathon exists yet, but your “hackaton” sounds wrong to me. Correction only advised if this happens to be the “last remaining bug” in the 13.3 development :-)

  12. Your RC logo is just epic :-)

  13. PPK

    Hai ! Just a request for small information. Are there any plans to include infinality font patches in the official repos ?

    • They are not exactly sorted out patent wise. Also fwiw the adobe patches to fontconfig which we are shipping in 13.1 are nicer at least in my humble opinion :) Also this means by default the openSUSE will have really nice fonts.

      • Fisiu

        AFAIK, subpixel hinting in freetype2 is still disabled in compilation time by default. Fonts still look weird for me, even with those adobe patches. But after rebuilding freetype and enabling subpixel hinting fonts finally look fine for me ;)

        btw, infinality patch is not ready for current freetype2 version.

        • shumski

          It is indeed disabled, and afaik adobe patches have effect only for CFF fonts, which are not that much used…

  14. nice RC logo ;)

    I hope the final will have the promised nice-colored green theme, that black one from the previous 12.3 release was not very tasty at all.

    Perhaps a more enhanced configuration for KDE would be appropriate – the default one looks much too “empty”, with many features disabled. Of course, there are surely reasons for that, but many people might not be able to configure their desktop as e.g. I can do, but mine gets more “wow”-effects than others and is pretty much functional, nothing g33k-like, just good looking and fine by means of usability.

    • jonzn4suse

      Same here. I still like the boot screen for 12.2

      • CS

        Have to agree with the above. The 12.2 boot and splash screens are the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long while. The theme is clean, light and green (=SUSE). Also still sticking with 12.2 partly for that reason. The dark boot theme.. not so much! The fact that people do not fuss or complain about it, doesn’t mean people like it. And why complain about something when it can be easily changed to resemble something else.

  15. Chris

    Bluetooth is completely broken.

    • Ludwig Nussel

      Please file a bug report at bugzilla.novell.com with more details to help developers diagnose the problem.

  16. hopeful

    Why remove ReiserFS, which is stable and works for years, and push BtrFS which is not ready?
    Wasn’t Linux about choice?
    An how are these “unfeatures” (removal of features) decided in the first place?
    Since openFATE 316389 in not open, should we call it just fate?

    Before someone says it is not maintained, there is tons of open source software which is not maintained, actually the majority. But this does not mean software is bad and that nobody is using it.
    How did ReiserFS go from being default FS on SUSE, to so bad that it can not be included even as an option?

    • jonzn4suse

      What? No ReiserFS? That’s all I’ve ever used since SuSE 8.0 ;-( Let me download this RC and see for myself.

      • I just tried 13.1 within a VM, it is “still” black, althow this is a RC – will there be any changes in the next RC or at least in the final? I hope so, the 12.2 (which is still in use here) design & bootscreen was way better than that black one.

  17. meh

    btrfs is about 10 years away from being stable.

    Hopefully you guys will come to your senses by 13.2 and stop talking about it.

    • btrfs is very stable, if you use the basic features which are considered stable. We will ship btrfs with those enabled by default and the rest only available after booting with a specific parameter. This makes it about as stable as Ext4, according to the maintainer – perfectly fine for normal users, thus.

  18. Teo

    It would be nice if the patch for the CPUfreq governor from kernel 3.12 could be incorporated:




  19. x314

    There is a Problem with backintime.
    backintime-kde4 Version 1.0.20 crashes.
    Maybe Version 1.0.26 is better.

    • Please report a bug on bugzilla.novell.com so we can determine severity and track fixing progress.

      • x314

        I tried bugzilla first. But on Tuesday and Wednesday there was a server problem.
        I got strange pages, none looks like bugzilla.
        Now it is a report in bugzilla.

  20. Henne

    NFS didn´t worked correct.
    Can´t connect to my Nas anymore. System stocks on LSB start/stop request. At the moment….crap.

    • Ludwig Nussel

      Please file a bug report at bugzilla.novell.com with more details to help developers diagnose the problem.

  21. Martin

    The “openSUSE 13.1 Portal” link in the “Testing” section points to
    and the Counter to
    http://counter.opensuse.org/link/ which redirects to
    Is this really the intended behaviour?
    There’s not too much information at

    The homepage
    doesn’t show much “advertisement” to
    test the release candidate or about
    a new version 13.1 in general. And
    is quite hidden…

    • Ludwig Nussel

      The Wiki is usually updated rather late before the final release, feel free to help on that though. The release candidates and beta versions are targeted at developers and testers with technical skills. So we don’t advertise them too aggressively to users.

  22. I really wish the openSUSE team spent time making snapper do super sexy lvm filesystem snapshots or make a new filesystem snapshotting tool. Yes snapper is awesome but I really don’t consider btrfs stable or even remotely sane in terms of architecture based on how much they try to work around problems instead of actually fixing the problems they cause internally.
    XFS + Snapper = PERFECT, can’t the suse team work on this nirvanna instead of trying to push btrfs 5-10 years too early??

    • Snapper is open source project which has his maintainer (and openSUSE Team is not that :-) ), so try them or try to contribute ;-)

      • I could have sworn snapper was an SUSE product… http://snapper.io/development.html leans pretty heavy that it’s by SUSE. Also the maintainer is a Novell/SUSE employee which https://github.com/openSUSE/snapper/blob/master/AUTHORS shows and the specific direction to the YAST mailing list which snapper was made to integrate into?

        Anyway… the SUSE devs should make the snapper tool be more capable with other file-systems versus just BTRFS, because making that tool for BTRFS only makes them focus only on a BTRFS future instead of broadening the tool’s functionality to other file-systems if they are capable would help them stop pushing so hard on BTRFS which would really be nice.
        I’m sure I’ll love the future BTRFS but it’s just way too experimental still even when the BTRFS team says its “stable” to try and bring in new users as a lie because I guarantee they’ll need to change the disk layout again soon or dig their grave too deep to get out of from pressure to deliver. I even think ZFS is missing features like the lack of on-line defrag and re-balancing by not having block-pointer re-write capability of deduplicated and compressed blocks.

        Here’s hoping they get snapper working with XFS or even EXT4 instead of just BTRFS to release them from the 1-path future they are trying to get to a little too quickly and with lots of risk involved.
        ATM SUSE has put all of their eggs in 1 basket (snapper as being a BTRFS only YAST tool) and I’m trying to be as vocal, logical and as reasonable as I can without being aggressive or irrational.

        So hopefully SUSE will make the right move here and take back the crown of desktop distros back after Ubuntu stole SUSE’s thunder a few years ago but now, Ubuntu are killing themselves off with unity and are in a rapid decline with their shenanigans so SUSE has a real chance to be desktop king again even above Ubuntu only if for releases they go PR heavy and keep customers stable, up-to-date and working great without future BTRFS upgrade lock-ins.

        Sorry for the super long post, I only want to help SUSE succeed :)

        • Done by SUSE, but SUSE is quite some people and teams with sometimes different priorities. My point was, that openSUSE Team can’t help you with that, and the proper channel is to fill in feature request in proper channels (bugzilla? upstream tracker?).

          Apart from that, I would guess that LVM implementation will be harder and less safe (ensuring consistency of mounted filesystem at random time without it’s cooperation) as feature set of btrfs is quite nice for this setup.

          And filesystem format is already not considered unstable and even when it was changed migration went unnoticeable for users ;-) And I had no serious issues with it in last three years.


  23. Hey guys!

    Some applications are not updated yet. Additionally, “Favorite … Leave” icons are so ugly. Doesn’t suit openSUSE!

    Thanks a lot.

  24. Aleksey

    When will come HHVM https://github.com/facebook/hhvm to SUSE?

  25. EmpireITtech

    I’m using a laptop with Ubuntu on it currently. Been wanting to try out openSUSE with the new GNOME 3.10. Anyone know of any issues using an AMD CPU and Radeon 7520G graphics card?
    Main reason for trying: with any version of Ubuntu (regular, Mint, Lubuntu, etc) my laptop with not “Suspend” correctly. Basically it can never return from sleep. Let me know before I try this out, thanks!

  26. Apache OpenOffice has matured to be a great Productivity Suite! When will it be integrated into openSUSE?

    Many businesses have chosen OpenOffice due to licensing concerns, and these companies do NOT use LibreOffice.


  27. JohnDragonFly

    I’ve installed the openSUSE 13.1 yesterday on my HP Pavilion g7 core i5

    1.the fixes
    – the Battery icon is fixed and it’s showing a real configuration for the battery usage and percentage in the last openSUSE 12.3 it was always indicating a not plugged sign
    – I have 3 USB ports in the laptop it’s all recognized and functional… back in 12.3 only one was functional and the 2 other port was not

    – Display driver still having problems it’s ATI Catalyst Radeon(TM) HD 6470M and still not working properly there is no 3D support exactly the same as 12.3
    – Bluetooth adapter still not recognized the same like 12.3 and the Bluetooth device is Broadcom 20702 bluetooth 4.0 Adapter
    -Wireless Wifi its showing in the Network Manger that’s enabled but it’s not capable of showing the available near by WIFI netwoks the same like 12.3 the Wireless Driver is Broadcom 4313 GN 802.11 b/g/n 1×1 wi-fi adapter
    -built in web-cam not recognized same like 12.3 and it’s HP Webcam -101

  28. 3rcv

    suse don’t make a good system sice years. after two month from the release day it works but no more than that. is still a jungle to find and put to work everything. i’ve wanted to update libre office. somewhere was written go to the page x and press the button. it was nothing because after that the system told me that it neeads a lot of dependencies. the wireless bug is also not something somebody wants to see in 2013. 8 month of development are not enough sice years! make it one year and LTS for 5 years. suse has a lot to learn from ubuntu. i don’t know why is so complicated to take from everywhere the good parts and put them together. linux without ubuntu will be a system for a very little comunity. suse is not well organized and don’t have a plan. with one word is nothing. it has a lot of potential but not the mind to think about a plan and to make it happen. with kubuntu after the install time of 7 min and pass for wireless i can take the programs i need and this is very simple. to have updates for everything is also very easy. i spend no time to mentain the system and i can do my work without problems. this is the only system to replace windows today. i can’t say the same about suse. over 100 distros for nothing in the linux world.

  29. Павел

    есть ошибки о которых почемуто никто не упоминул,
    1)При наличии разделов NTFS и FAT загрузчик устанавливается, но не видит операционную систему
    2) после установки и перезагрузки выдает черный экран, при переходе в текстовый режим – там написано что произошла ошибка видео-драйвера, ручная переустановка драйвера результата не дает. Видео карта – GeForce 9500 GT

  30. Павел

    Мне очень нравится эта ОС, и надеюсь что эти ошибки будут устранены и наконец то можно будет нормально пользоваться этой ОС