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11. Dec 2014 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Geeko Xmas

Tis the season for Geeko hacking - Fa la la la la, la la la la! Whom wouldn’t get excited about this time of year? And as Christmas is about giving here is our selection of gift ideas for the jolly Geeko holidays.

A RepRap 3D Printer

The Prusa i3 is a dream for every Geeko that wants to explore 3D printing. Print your own toys, spareparts or christmas decoration. And best of all the RepRaps not only work well with openSUSE, but they are open source! The 700€ price tag might not come with a red bow, but a RepRap will have a Geeko feeling like a child. Prusa i3

A Kodi Media Center

WeTek could have Geekos vegging on the couch after tweaking with configurations to get the latest entertainment system. WeTek Play support booting of Linux XBMC or OpenELEC directly from Micro SD card. Keep WeTek Android running while Linux XBMC or OpenELEC run directly from Micro SD. Geekos can expand the usability of the system. The price has yet to be announced and the product has yet to be released, but Geekos won’t mind waiting to be the first to get a WeTek when it does come out, which should be next week according to our inside sources.

An Ouya Game Console

Gaming with Ouya and developing games for this open-source gaming system will expand Geekos’ creativity and hidden talents. Unfortunately the gaming console is sold out for those in North America, but all the 220 volt consoles are available.


A Pebble Smart Watch

Wearable gadgets are ready to explode onto the open source scene. At least that is our wild guess, the crowd sourced Pebble Smartwatch isn’t open source but it has an SDK that works nicely on openSUSE and there are plenty of applications for it released under a free software license!

Pebble Watches

A flying object

A drone is a great gift for a Geeko. Excuse me, an RPAS is a great gift for a Geeko. Wait, no – a UAV is a great gift for a Geeko. Screw it, we’ll just call it a drone. Drones these days are a wonder for hobbiests and who doesn’t want to attach the Chameleon with a Santa hat to the top of one of these and fly it around like an Amazon package. DIY Drones is a good start for Geekos looking to give a drone.

All of these gifts are always an options, but so is buying a holiday gear in the openSUSE Shop!

opensuse gear

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