The weekly review: Tumbleweed gets 4.1.5, TW-shirt at FrOSCon

22. Aug 2015 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

TumbleweedThis week Tumbleweed posted two snapshots in spite of the fact many developers with families had been on holidays before school begins.

In those two snapshots, there were changes to  PyQt4 and an upgrade to a newer Kernel.


No major versions were upgraded in the 20150819 Tumbleweed snapshot, but TW did update to Linux Kernel 4.1.5.

The 20150815 snapshot there were bug-fixes in PyQt4 for 4.11.4., 4.11.3 and 4.11.2. Added support was also applied for Qt v4.8.6 and there were several other updates.


This weekend, we are at the Free and Open Source Software Conference at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Jon “Maddog” Hall, chairman of the non profit Linux International and co-founder of the open source initiative, gives a Keynote speech titled “Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?

There are tons of development workshops at this event, so if you have never been to FrOSCon, we highly recommend you come or plan to attend one in the future.

Landing Page

The landing page is momentarily delayed and should be finished soon. There are still a few more things that need to be changed and feedback from the community has been helpful. The graphics increase the temperature of computers and use more than normal levels of RAM, so some slight adjustments need to be made before the new page is published.


On the Factory Mailing List, a discussion about new default fonts for Leap began and is moving along constructively.

One of the bigger discussions taking place about Leap is reviewing packages. Anyone who is able to review packages and wants to help can get involved with the review team. An option may be built into the Open Build Service to help streamline the process of the review team, which will send packages for review to a reviewers who specialize in a certain area. The details aren’t clear just yet, but expect to hear more about this in the future.

Asia Summit

Two days ago we found out that the second openSUSE Asia Summit will take place in at the National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan from Dec. 5 to 6. With Taipei 101 in the background of this summit, it is certain to be stellar. If you’re in Asia or the Pacific, come to the summit and see how you can contribute to the openSUSE project!

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