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The weekly review: Cleanup after Perl 5.22, reading recommendations

September 10th, 2015 by

TumbleweedAfter an update to Perl 5.22 and adding Plasma 5.4, Tumbleweed had no snapshots this week but there is one expected within the next few days.

The Perl update to 5.22 required a lot of cleanup and much of the resources and efforts for builds were focused on Leap this week.

Last week’s release of Leap’s Milestone 2 was well received and contributors have provided feedback about filling the gaps for items in Leap.

The next important dates for the Leap roadmap are Sept. 20, which is the freeze date, and Sept. 24, which is scheduled to provide the Beta.

Other items that are trending within the openSUSE community are an education program related to the openSUSE.Asia Summit and the implementation of the openSUSE landing page, which should be published soon, and an openSUSE search page, which contributors can add new search engines to if they would like.

A topic we want to share in this weekly review is a reading list the SUSE Documentation team lead Markus Feilner put together about 10 books every Linux and Open Source newbie should know.

Top 10 books

  1. Linus Torvalds, “Just for Fun”
  2. Eric S. Raymond, “The cathedral and the bazaar”
  3. Richard M. Stallman, Lawrence Lessig, Joshua Gay,: “Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman”
  4. George Dyson “Turings cathedral”
  5. Neil Stephenson: “Cryptonomicon”
  6. Tom de Marco: “The deadline”
  7. Frederick P. Brooks “The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering”
  8. Gorko Adzic “Impact Mapping”
  9. Gunther Dueck,  “Schwarmdumm – So bloed sind wir nur im Team” (german only)
  10. O’Reilly, “Open Source – kurz & gut” (german only)

Another website read that is good is Tim O’Reilly’s Ten Myths about Open Source Software.

Please feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts. Have a lot of fun!

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8 Responses to “The weekly review: Cleanup after Perl 5.22, reading recommendations”

  1. Douglas DeMaio

    A new Tumbleweed snapshot was just released.

  2. Konrad

    Hi, when can we expect KDE Applications 15.08 in a Tumbleweed snapshot?


  3. Hi, great news…
    But what’s about this search page thing? I never heard we’re creating one; Is it designed as the default webpage for openSUSE browsers? And why is Google the default/only engine?


    • Scott Couston

      No Google isnt the only search engine and if you like install ‘Chromium’ web browser in software management as an alternative if you want to. Default FF should list many search providers by default. There are 3 or so web browsers you can install if you want from software management.

  4. Scott Couston

    When are we going to bite the bullet and Integrate Yast functionality into the KDE and Gnome control Module to have 1 and 1 only control centre. Surely the software of Kcontrol permits the our branding and dynamically adds ALL of Yast functionality likewise for gnome.

    To appear as a concise and unified product the two must be merged somehow as its been years being talked about yet no real plans to make this happen.
    Our product needs to be simple in concept, powerful and stable, continue to be supported by online updates as we can do things better and faster and with more scope and functionality than other operating systems still struggling with memory managers and demands on Hardware improvements to make their product acceptable.

    If only ever home or small business out their realised their Modem/Router runs a Linux Operating System hence their astronomical reliability and robust nature.

  5. Great reading list!

  6. Henne

    So, when there is the 20th of September for the freeze date, there is no chance for gnome 3.18 at the release of Leap 42.1, because gnome 3.18 gotta be released at the 23th of September?