Next snapshot getting Qt 5.6, oSC schedule released

18. May 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Since the last openSUSE Tumbleweed update, there have been three snapshots, but the next snapshot is the one many users are waiting for because it will include Qt 5.6.

The hold up has taken some time to be released because a minor fix, but any snapshot dated 20160517 or higher will have the Qt 5.6.

There are a few other exciting packages in staging that could soon arrive in follow on Tumbleweed snapshots like Plasma 5.6, Plasma Framework 5.22.0 and KDE Applications 16.04.1. The 4.6 Linux Kernel was also checked in to staging recently.

What has already been released in the repositories in recent Tumbleweed snapshots is GNOME 3.20.2 and Linux Kernel 4.5.4 from the 20160516 snapshot. Libzypp updated to major version 16.0.0.

Snapshot 20160514 and 20160512 had a few package changes that updated translations for many of the new package updates.

The live installer was dropped from Tumbleweed. People can get live images, but there is no installer.

openSUSE Conference News

The schedule for the openSUSE Conference was released yesterday. The schedule is not complete and is still subject to change. Any presenter who has an issue with the scheduled date and time of their presentation should email

Presenters who are not using a company or other project presentation template are asked to use the openSUSE presentation template for talks or workshops.

Release Engineer

openSUSE is looking for a Release Engineer. A job announcement was recently posted. The position description is listed as a release engineer. The position requires a proficiency in several major scripting languages like python, bash and perl. The applicant should understand open source communities and be passionate about Linux. The job location is listed in Nuremberg, but people who are interested in working remotely should also apply.

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