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Beta 3 Release Updates FireFox, KDE Applications, VirtualBox

October 5th, 2016 by

The openSUSE Leap 42.2 Beta 3 was released today one day ahead of schedule and the last beta for 42.2 brought quite a few new versions for people to test.

VirtualBox was upgraded from version 5.0.24 in Beta 2 to version 5.1.4 and there were an enormous amount of fixes applied to this newer version, which was released in August.

KDE’s Plasma moved from its 5.7.95 beta version in Leap’s Beta 2 to version 5.8.0 in the Beta 3. Plasma 5.8 is new but the purpose of openSUSE Leap is to have well established packages and since Plasma 5.8 is a Long Term Support release, it made sense to have 5.8 in the distribution event though it is very new. Plasma 5.8 will be supported for 18 months, according to KDE’s release team. KDE Applications also have an update in the Beta 3 to version 16.08.1, which unifies the look of KDE and enhance the effects for users.

Firefox 49 was added to the Beta 3. Thunderbird’s has some security and edit fixes with version 45.3.0. Also in the new beta, YaST had storage and ruby updates and there was an installation fix for module crash in the newest yast2-installation 3.1.216 version.

A few libraries like libinput, libzypp and libstorage also have new minor versions.

Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Polish, Greek and Russian languages were updated in Beta 3. Translations through Weblate, which manages translations in a git repository a respective project, are still needed for many languages. Contribute to translations for Leap at Weblate.

Testers of the Beta are encourage to submit bugs they find on openSUSE Bugzilla.

Leap is a community-enterprise distribution that focuses on stability. Leap has hundreds of SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) Service Pack (SP) 2 packages and the thousands of community-built packages. The distribution gives developers and organizations an ability to bridge to the faster release cycles of openSUSE Tumbleweed or to a more Long Term Support enterprise solution with SLE.

Media who are interested in more information should contact Douglas DeMaio at ddemaio@suse.de.

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8 Responses to “Beta 3 Release Updates FireFox, KDE Applications, VirtualBox”

  1. Great!!!

    Spreading the word in spanish:

    ‘ve phun!!

  2. Spreading the word in português!!!


  3. kdeispieceofsh

    KDE – is bloated bunch of bugs. KDE – is infinite alpha!

    • slk

      I wish it was more stable and les resource hog

    • Rajat Pandita

      When was the last time you really used KDE? Which Distro did you use it on? . Even if you installed everything that Plasma-Desktop and Kde-Applications come with you will never cross more than a 1.2 GB. If you selectively install only Plasma-Desktop and not use KDE-PIM which is very much possible You never cross 400MB. So where is the bloat?? Can you do the same in Gnome? No you can’t. You have to live with the freaking bloat that gnome has become. The desktop is cohesive, Looks well put together, Gnome is good. But it is more bloated than KDE these days. Gnome as it stands to day is nothing less than a 1GB in Idle and you cant do anything to lower that. KDE on the other hand is much lighter and faster. Please grow up. Install Leap with 5.8 and You will be surprised.

    • Adrian

      KDE used to be my desktop of choice. Then it got bloated, then it got buggy. But I’m back to using it for the last four months with tumbleweed and have had very few (and minor) issues. It is bigger than some of the smaller, less feature complete, desktops and if resources are the top priority then choose something else, but “bloated bunch of bugs” is not the reality any more.

  4. KDE plasma 5 has been great so far, looking forward to 5.8 on tumbleweed. KDE Connect has pretty much made this the desktop for me, hands down.

  5. what will be the system gcc version. I noticed in the beta 3 it is still 4.8, which is rather old.
    Will it be updated to 6 (or at least 5 ) ?