New systemd, Plasma 5.9 Arrive in Tumbleweed

2. Feb 2017 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Another busy week for openSUSE Tumbleweed brought several new packages in the rolling release along with Plasma 5.9 and systemd 232.

The most recent snapshot, 20170131, added several new features with KDE’s Plasma 5.9.

“In our ongoing effort to make you more productive with Plasma, we added interactive previews to our notifications,” according to the release announcement on Plasma 5.9.

Additional features like icon widgets being created for applications and document when dragged to the desktop and several other new features like streamlined visuals, global menus and a new network configuration module can be found in the newest Plasma 5.9 version.

The  20170131 snapshot also update KDE Frameworks 5.30.0, AppStream 0.10.5, libvirt 3.0.0 and libzypp 16.4.0.

Another big update in Tumbleweed this past week was the arrival of systemd 232 in the 20170128 snapshot. The new systemd version in Tumbleweed includes new options for RemoveIPC, ProtectKernelModules and more.

The 20170128 snapshot also enhances format image writer ImageMagick

In the past eight days, seven snapshots were released for openSUSE Tumbleweed users.

Snapshot 20170124 updated advanced text editor vim to version 8.0.194, which fixed errors and build fails.

Snapshot 20170125 brought more updates for user like the official 10.0 release of PulseAudio, which shares compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.0. The official 2.0 release of Wine adds support for many new applications and games. Wireshark 2.2.4 updated protocol support for IEEE 1722, IEEE 1722.1, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and many others. OpenVPN 2.3.14 refreshed some patches while XFCE4-terminal updated translations for Thai, Lithuanian and Chinese.

Snapshot 20170127 updated digiKam to version 5.4.0, apparmor to version 2.10.2 and yast2-installation, yast2-packager, and yast2-services-manager had minor version updates along with zypper’s update to 1.13.15.

The Linux Kernel 4.9.6 arrived in Tumbleweed with the 20170129 snapshot. Both Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird were updated to major and minor versions in the snapshot respectively, which added new features in 51.0.1 and bug fixes in 45.7.0.

Snapshot 20170130 improved some subpackages with the GNU Compiler Collection and a security release was made available for php with version 5.6.30.

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